Editor’s Note – Funny thing about President Obama, he tells us exactly what he is going to do, but most of his statements are so outlandish, so out of the mainstream it is hard to believe him, until it’s too late.

He told us, “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. “So, if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, it’ll bankrupt them.” Idiocracy-e1372009319430

This quote is not new, it is from a January 2008 interview between then-Sen. Barack Obama and the San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board.

We are watching Obama actively destroying our great nation and it appears it is only going to get worse in his waning days.

This is all to achieve his end goal, reduce America’s clout to level the playing field of the community of nations.

The ‘Warmest-in-Chief’s’ ‘Clean Power Plan’ comes at a time when the economy can least afford it, but that is not as important to the uber-leftist goals by spouting ‘junk science’ that will have zero impact to the world issue of pollution.

Ruin America so we appear like we are leading? Simply, stunningly idiotic; ‘Idiocracy‘.

Democrats competing to make it too expensive for you to heat your home

“You will never be able to afford to heat your home, run an air conditioner or drive a car ever again.”

By Daniel Greenfield, Front Page Magazine

The Lame-Duck-in-Chief has been the first out of the gate with an illegal plan to make your energy bills go up and save the planet from an imaginary threat. Here’s what Obama’s disastrous Warmist plan will mean.

With the US recovery still sluggish, President Obama is taking an enormous risk with his tough line on climate change. Low energy prices have played an important part in making American businesses competitive during the global downturn. They also helped keep living costs relatively low in a period when the real incomes of poorer Americans have been falling.

Cheap energy isn’t just the result of the shale-gas boom. In much of the US, the power industry continues to rely on coal. Consumers in Kentucky, where over 90% of electricity is generated from coal, enjoy electricity prices roughly 50% lower than in the UK – an indication of the huge potential cost of Obama’s plans.LibertyBeach

Indeed much higher bills are almost inevitable now that the US is adopting EU-style policies. Carbon emissions from the power sector will be cut by an ambitious 32% by 2030 (compared to 2005 levels). Worse still, the ‘Clean Power Plan’ will favour expensive renewable energy over the relatively low-cost option of cutting emissions by switching from coal to natural gas.

Intermittent wind and solar capacity will have to be backed up by fossil fuel plants that can be switched on and off to balance supplies. And massive expenditure will be needed to link up the power grid to geographically dispersed wind and solar farms. If biofuels form part of the mix, yet more land will be transferred from growing food to producing ‘energy crops’.

Higher energy costs will not only mean hikes in utility bills but will also translate into higher prices in the shops. At the same time, there could be downward pressure on wages as firms attempt to mitigate the impact. US productivity growth is also likely to be lower as the returns from investing in energy-intensive, labour-saving measures are reduced. Fuel poverty is likely to increase dramatically, as it has in the UK.

Fuel Poverty in the UK meant senior citizens dying in their homes because they couldn’t afford heat. Then activists of the left blamed oil companies when their environmental garbage had raised prices.

As bad as Obama’s plan is, the next wave of Democrats really want you to die. The worst plan is Martin O’Malley’s, the guy who taxed the rain back in Maryland and the former mayor of Baltimore.

Martin O’Malley’s plan can be summed as, “You will never be able to afford to heat your home, run an air conditioner or drive a car ever again.” Also don’t count on using the toaster much.

In his own words… minus any nonsense about giving back to the middle class

I would take aggressive executive action and fight for legislation to slash emissions and put our nation on track to be powered by 100% renewable energy within 35 years.

President+Obama+Signs+Executive+Orders+Close+0NiLdOi86S-lAs President, I would fight for federal legislation for a cap on carbon emissions from all sources…

On Day One, I would reject projects like Keystone XL, deny new permits for drilling in Alaska, the arctic, and off our coasts, and increase royalties and emissions fees for fossil fuel companies currently drilling on federal lands, investing the proceeds in jobs and skills training.

I would increase royalties and emissions fees for fossil fuel companies currently drilling on federal lands…

Directing the Environmental Protection Agency to take aggressive action to limit greenhouse gases, expanding rules to other large sources of emissions beyond power plants…

So forget about the toaster and don’t think about driving anywhere. Of course Martin O’Malley isn’t a serious candidate, he’s being outpolled by lunatic Socialist Bernie Sanders, but he may well become Hillary’s VP and his agenda is a very scary one for middle class families.

Hillary Clinton is offering the Big Green Lobby, whose corrupt billionaires have generously subsidized her, her own plan to screw over American families.

Clinton called the plan “the floor, not the ceiling,” and said she would go further.

Her plan contemplates using executive orders if Congress tried to block her proposals.

Clinton’s plan would boost wind, solar, and other renewables so that they’d provide 33% of America’s electricity by 2027.
For Renewables, read expensive and unreliable energy sources which you will be paying for, no matter how often Dems claim that they’ll be giving back to the middle class. It’s a simple formula. If energy costs more to generate, you will pay more for it.

The only people who might be exact are the Welfare Class that is the Dem voting base, but that just means you’ll be footing the bill for them too.