By Scott W. Winchell 

Wayne LaPierre is interviewed on the Fast and Furious debacle by Ginny Simone.

NRA - Wayne LaPierre

He calls for Holder’s resignation and it must go all the way to the top. It is a cover-up, and he says Obama should order Holder and his staff to come clean. To not do so is tantamount to Obstruction of Justice. Holder lied, and a Border Patrol Officer died!

Its about creating a climate to increase gun legislation on long gun registration. LaPierre has said:

“This is the biggest cover-up since Watergate and it’s time to ask the Watergate question. Who authorized Fast and Furious and how high up does it go?” LaPierre asked during his speech.

He is also on record as saying:

“President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder shrug their shoulders and say, “I didn’t authorize it. Don’t ask me,” LaPierre said.

“They ran a massive campaign out the Department of Justice and the White House to manipulate public opinion and encouraged the media to slander the reputations of honest gun dealers—when they knew the truth all along.”

Please watch the video and digest what he is telling us – its a perspective the media is not talking about: