By Andrei Dergalin
Sputnik International
Republished by permission

Having funneled billions of dollars’ worth of supplies to Ukraine, probably one of the most corrupt countries in Europe, the United States government suddenly had an idea to look into exactly how this money is being spent by Kiev.


A new team established by the US Department of Defense’s inspector general is going to be tasked with monitoring US assistance to the Zelensky regime. The team will be based at the US embassy in Kiev, it has been reported.


Paul E. Vallely, a retired US Army major general and chairman of Stand Up America US Foundation, told Sputnik that this move was primarily caused by the fact that the White House and the DoD “have not released any audits of the foreign aid to Ukraine.”


“The same criticism was made in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems they want to deny specific use of the money,” he said. “Billions of dollars into Ukraine to date have gone into corrupted officials/oligarchs’ pockets and have been fenced into real estate, expensive cars. Now after much criticism, they want to establish a monitoring team to satisfy the media and American people.”


He noted that the people of the United States “know that their tax dollars are being wasted in the Ukraine-Russia conflict – as they say, another unnecessary war,” and that they are aware of the fact that “much of the military equipment the US generously supplied to Kiev has ended up in other countries/cartels.”


According to Vallely, the support for Kiev in the US “is waning now,” though Democrats and some Republicans, for the most part, will continue to support Biden using the motto ‘we are seeking freedom for Ukraine’.”


Vallely also remarked that it remains to be seen exactly how effective this DoD mission to Kiev turns out to be, with the retired major general saying: “We do not expect the truth but maybe we will be surprised.”