From Hackread

The internal IT & server system of US Navy is facing 110,000 cyber attacks every hour, 1,833 attacks a minute. 

According to a report published by HP during an event in Frankfurt, the software and IT security providing company confirms that US Navy is under constant cyber attacks by the hackers from different countries.

The official blog of US Navy Seals writes that:

HP provides the network to US Navy for 800,000 men and woman in 2,000 locations around the world, protecting them against 110,000 cyber attacks every hour,” Mike Nefkens, head of enterprise services at Hewlett Packard, told

“This means the attacks average out at about 1,833 per minute or 30 every second.”

The blog also reports that HP is playing a vital role against the cyber attacks for US Navy since 2010, it is also managing Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) and its transition to a Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN)  for worth $3.3 billion deal.

Earlier the US’s former spy chief warned about cyber 9/11, I also updated you about how American financial giants are attacked by hackers and how few attacks can cripple down the whole US economy, today HP came up with such reports proves that US needs to secure its cyber defense rather then wasting its expertise and wealth on war on terror.