Released by the Stand Up America US Foundation

May 15, 2020

Recommended Actions by President Trump and the United States Against the Communist Chinese Party (CCP)


  • End the operation of all CCP media including newspaper, on-line publications, radio, TV, social media in America, send the Chinese staff back to China
  • Investigate all the Chinese media infiltrated by the CCP, such as World Journal, Tsingtao, Phoenix TV, etc.
  • Prohibit any American media from accepting funding from the CCP or its agents (the CCP is reportedly spending at least $10 billion a year on overseas propaganda)
  • Prohibit any American media from spreading poisonous pro-CCP propaganda.
  • Shut down all the pro-CCP personal accounts on all social media, online publications.
  • Prohibit any pro-CCP propaganda on YouTube and other online publications
  • Support anti-CCP media to spread truths, provide essential funding and resources, such as public TV/Radio channels to these media


  • Investigate Chinese/American employees within American companies that steal technologies for CCP
  • Prohibit all American tycoons, businesses, executives, and employees from accepting bribery and recognitions from the CCP and its agents.
  • Demand all the financial institutes to bring all the investments in China back to America
  • Bring essential manufacturing plants from China back to America
  • Prohibit essential business in America from being acquired by the CCP or CCP’s agents


  • Shut down all Confucius Institutes in America, send all the staff/faculty members of Confucius Institutes back to China
  • Shut down all the music Confucius Institutes in America, e.g., US-China Music Institute at BARD in State of New York.
  • Prohibit the Chinese classes in all schools (from pre-schools to colleges) from using textbooks donated by the CCP. Use textbooks prepared by Chinese Americans who support American values or textbooks from Taiwan (must make sure it is not infiltrated by the CCP)
  • Investigate all involved in “Thousand Talent Programs”
  • Prohibit all American colleges/universities/institutes from accepting funding from the CCP
  • Prohibit all American scholars from collaborating with the CCP or publishing pro-CCP works
  • Prohibit all American scholars from accepting funding, recognitions, and appointments from the CCP in any manner
  • Investigate all American scholars who have been performing pro-CCP work
  • Disband all the Chinese Student Associations in American colleges and universities. Investigate CCP spies hidden in these organizations. Send student spies back to China


  • End all the sister-cities with the CCP until the CCP collapses
  • End all the collaboration between American cities and the CCP cities until the CCP collapses


  • Prohibit all American politicians, influential, lobbyists, and staff/experts in think tanks from accepting any funding/bribery, recognitions, invitations to visit Chinese consulates/embassies, or China from the CCP or CCP’s agents until the CCP collapses
  • Prohibit all American politicians, lobbyists, influential and staff/experts in think tanks from giving recognitions to CCP agents or cultivating a friendship with the CCP or CCP agents until the CCP collapses.


  • Prohibit all CCP’s performing arts shows, art exhibitions, tourist expos, etc. in America until the CCP collapses.
  • Prohibit all pro-CCP performances in America. There are many pro-CCP artists residing in America who still work for CCP and put on pro-CCP performances
  • Prohibit publications and sales of pro-CCP books, magazines, videos, CDs, etc.
  • Prohibit all the American performing arts companies from collaborating with the CCP and CCP agents until the CCP collapses
  • Prohibit all the American theaters from collaborating with the CCP and the CCP agents until the CCP collapses
  • Prohibit all the American theaters, venues from hosting pro-CCP shows.
  • Investigate the key CCP agents promoting CCP’s performing arts shows in America. Yuan-yuan Tan in San Francisco Ballet is a typical one.
  • Prohibit all American politicians from giving recognitions to pro-CCP’s artists in America

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