United We Stand – Take Back America!


Edward L Haugland

Guest Editorial

October 14, 2012

Americans are the most privileged citizens on earth. Period! Regardless of whether one gained their citizenship by birth or naturalization – if you are an American, you are one of the most, if not most, privileged people on the face of this earth. Yet that is not what we are told by our so called “ruling class,” the self-anointed “elites,” who call themselves progressive?

The purpose of this article is to speak to the actual reality – that “we,” as a nation, are truly not so divided. That we share much in common each day. And one of those things is our belief in our country, our constitution, our freedoms, and our fellow man. The radical left’s efforts to divide us, and long-term efforts to indoctrinate our children with false narratives about our history, are aided and abetted by the propaganda pushed daily by their allies in mainstream media. And compounded by the socialist – not social – media companies that push their own propaganda campaigns, censor the truth, and use your data to manipulate you. Why? It is their pursuit for control, power, absolute power. It is part of an ongoing domestic cognitive war.

A famous saying states the obvious – “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is those good men do nothing.”  The objective of this article is to reinforce the ongoing efforts of Americans who are now fighting back, shouting back, and pushing back against the police state, the dictators, and the nuts to “take back America” by good men, women and children doing something. Attorney General, the exemplar of these nut cases, these people are NOT domestic terrorists’ you moron, they are patriotic Americans.  Do your job and protect, do not prosecute innocent Americans. We do not need another Henrich Himmler or Feliks Dzierżyński in this world,

Dividing America: A minority of radicals has pushed false narratives to try and divide and disrupt our nation over the last for decades. Their biased media friends, whom I not so endearingly refer to as “propaganda whores,” aid and abet their false narratives. It is so blatant that just this week Pelosi blamed the media for the lack of public support for the multi-trillion socialist, communist, fascist spending bill – they call human infrastructure. I call it – a pile of manure. But no one in the media noted the irony of the biased media propaganda whores being told they’ve not serviced their masters – the leftist looney progressives – well enough. Those in the once-free press who provided oversight, now serve as the Goebbels of the left. Bad media, bad! Even the dictators of China and Russia are not so bold in their proclamations to their media servants.

Destroying America: These lemmings and progressive radicals of the left came into office with a vaccine, declining covid cases, energy independence, strong but fair relations with US allies, a secure Afghanistan, a closed and secure border, a growing economy that was benefiting all (minorities, women, and Americans in general), restricting Chinese efforts to collect data and steal our secrets, and precluding Russia from using oil to hold western Europe hostage.  And remember, they promised “unity,” a new relationship with our allies, and to bring this country together.

In less than nine months, we have seen what they have brought us. They brought us increased deaths, massive mandates, and purposefully spread covid across America by releasing infected undocumented immigrants into multiple states.  All while they forced mandates on you, which are now resulting in massive labor shortages. They closed our oil production and pipelines – moving us to dependency. They concurrently opened our borders while paying millions a day to not construct a border wall. They committed treason by ignoring our laws, our constitution, the public, and their oath of office. Concurrently they pissed off not only our allies but our neighbors by canceling the keystone pipeline and ongoing efforts that resulted in the USA being a net exporter of energy.  The French, who kissed their behind, were met with a wonderous submarine deal to Australia – say la vee! They pulled out of Afghanistan without telling our allies and left behind thousands of US citizens and Afghanistan allies as hostages for the terrorist Taliban. They left the terrorists in control of Afghanistan well-armed with our military equipment. They did so while focusing on finding extremists in our military, understanding white rage, giving interviews to reporters, while indoctrinating our troops and children in Critical Race Theory. A bankrupt, truly racist theory, which says minorities are too stupid to succeed, and whites are holding them back and naturally racist. They continued with their destruction by reversing multiple national security decisions to stop China including the bans on TikTok, WeChat, use of Huawei telecommunications, and use of DJI drones. They rubbed salt in the wounds of the US and world economy by approving the Russian pipeline to western Europe. Not satisfied, they ignored the science and began expanding covid mandates while the opposite actions proved of more value. How surreal the last nine months have been! But expect it all to get worse as we now watch these public servants try to upend our voting rights by passing a law that would perpetuate fraud, pass massive spending bills that would perpetuate and expand a dependency on the state. This is as they use our FBI, DOJ, and Treasury to label parents as terrorists, track your spending, let criminals go, prosecute the innocent, and intimidate you into silence. Enough of this nonsense.

They are Public Servants – NOT elites nor a ruling class: These radical left progressives are not a ruling class – and we need to stop calling them that. FYI – for the ill-informed (and it appears uneducated media) they are in fact “public servants.” They are also not “elites,” as they only think of themselves in that way. How demeaning of an attitude is that?

These miscreants we call politicians are elected to serve you. But they do not. They serve themselves. Ms. Pelosi is an exemplar holding an all-white, rich, dinner party at her mansion, while served by her black and brown constituents. How antebellum of her to re-enact the days of the confederacy at her home. No irony in that picture. Buy that should not be a surprise given her family’s roots and her being from the party of slavery. Pelosi and her progressive lemmings of the left do not serve you, and they do not serve the public, they are leeches who live off your blood, sweat, and tears to feed and line their pockets. All while trying to divide you and put you into your place – into their predesignated buckets of identity politics.

These so-called “social justice warriors” constantly demand minorities bow to them, praise them, fund them, and comply with them. As their leader Joe Biden, an old white privileged male (from a slave state) noted in a stern warning to a black man “you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me.”  How obscene is it that? These lemmings of the left and their Marxist and fascist friends like BLM and Antifa, do not advance civil discussion or unity – but intimidate, divide, threaten in mobs, assault, attack, and destroy anything and everyone in their path to absolute power. The old terms of communist and fascist no longer apply, as they are two ends of the same circle of tyranny. Hence, I coined a new term – I call them comufascists. As better reflects the reality of their tyrannical ideology. But you can call also simply call them just plain nuts.

These so-called elected leaders took an oath to serve, defend, and protect our constitution. But they act more like leeches, leftists, fascists, and dictators as they strive to divide and tear our country apart, demean us, our history, our republic, our Constitution, and divide us in ways to advance their gain power – absolute power. It is disgusting, and it is time for us to “take back America!”

We are not divided – they are:  In today’s surreal world of Orwellian dystopian propaganda and disinformation, we are told how bad we are, how racist we are, how hateful we are, how divided we are, and how awful our country is. But by who?

Not many. These loud-mouthed comufascists, or nuts, are indeed a small violent, radical, and minority of real extremists – that is who. They have taken control of the democratic party. They have divided their own party, as they now follow them into bathrooms to. Ask them and call them right-wing for not abiding by their Marxist dictates or supporting their extreme socialist legislation. They exemplify extremists. They hate America and despise what it stands for. Yet they leverage its freedoms, independence, opportunities, and democracy to undermine the same. They are cowards. They are deceitful. They are liars. They portray themselves as caring yet have no qualms in sacrificing thousands of lives to sustain and advance their efforts for absolute power. They are in simple terms – evil. They include Pelosi, Schumer, Warner, Kaine, Waters, the Squad of incompetents, Swalwell, Schiff, Cheney, Romney, and so many others.

In plain English – these people try to con you into believing they love America, but through their actions, show us how much they despise America. They speak in Orwellian terms, constantly changing the meaning of well know words to hide and obfuscate their obscene efforts and intentions. They do so while professing they are only seeking positive change. They use the term “equity” to promote active racism and division. They use Critical Race Theory to portray minorities as dumb and incapable of thinking for themselves while blaming anyone who is white as inherently racist. It is intended to divide, foster hate, and upend peace. These comufascists are intolerant by nature. Their tolerance extends only to the subservient, the compliant, the useful idiots.

Such a disgusting view yet passed off as pro-minority. Those who buy into this horse crap – are indeed “useful idiots.”  They are the carpet baggers who wed themselves to establishment politics. They betray their true intentions – which is not to help you or unite America – but divide America in ways necessary to keep their positions, their power, and advance their power and position as “self-anointed” elites. For they are not elites, and all should cease calling them such. They are the leeches of society. Looking for what you and the country can do for them, not what you can do for your country and fellow man.

They are led by those who have demonic souls, like mommy dearest Nancy Pelosi. Yet, they are joined by the dumfounded, brain dead, compliant and complacent like Romney, Cheney Flake, Kasich, and others. These miscreants slither and slide just like their left-wing counterparts Schiff, Swalwell, AOC, Sanders, Schumer, Pelosi, etc. They do not serve you the people – they serve themselves. They are not dumb, and in fact are smart, as they constantly maneuver and push false narratives to hide their ineptness, their weakness, while advancing their station in life, their power.

It is Time to Cease and Desist: We must stand up against those who seek to change America from the land of opportunity, freedom, and guardian of humanity to the land of subjugation, subservience, and apostate progressive lemmings whose God is the establishment. They must be confronted head-on.

As noted in the beginning of this article, we must cease and desist in calling these losers “elites,” as they are not. They are self-anointed incompetents who liken themselves to being better than you or I. They are comufascists and extremists.

Stopping these ecofascists does not require a silver bullet or some magic. It only requires sustained resolve, will, integrity and belief in our country, our constitution, our freedoms, our independence, and our republic. Unfortunately, some of our so-called conservative leaders have not figured this out. There are too many incompetents who seek only apologies, undertake endless and useless investigations, rather than acting. We can take a page from progressive left radicals and prosecute, persecute, confront, shout down, push back and condemn these damned lemmings of the left in their attempt to destroy America. It is time to tell them to cease and desist – or face society’s wrath.

Bullies Are Cowards:  If we let the weak establishment politicians take the lead, we will all be dead, incarcerated or murdered by the radical left before we realize this is a blood sport for the soul of our country by a radical group of extremists. Telling the bully, you will gladly pay them Tuesday for a mallet in the back of the head on Monday does not count but enables them.

The radicals’ extensive efforts to prosecute anyone within the radius of the 6 January demonstration at the Capitol – most who peacefully walked or were let into the capitol – while ignoring the billions in damage, police assassinations, murders, arson, and anarchy of the “summer of love” only emboldened the bullies. Who runs around with bats, chains, metal bars, helmets, shields, while dressed in all black and faces covered? The BLM, Antifa, and radical left comufascists are not the Little Sisters of the Poor coming to collect. They are thugs, hooligans, arsonists, hell-bent on intimidating others with their legions of bullies. They must be confronted, stopped, prosecuted for illegal acts, and imprisoned.

The bullies come in many forms – Antifa, BLM, the Squad, Hollywood, big tech, senior government national security leaders, and of course our media. They are efforts include character assassination, censoring facts, and pushing disinformation like a drug kingpin pushes opioids and heroin. But they operate only in groups, as individually (like any bully) they are in fact cowards.

They are traitors to our democracy – and include those we used to call the free press. A press that now succumbs to Chinese communist influence and bribery. A press that publishes full-page ads or sections in major newspapers, without caveats or other warnings, which espouse and echo pure communist propaganda. There are no disclaimers. They print the garbage China pays them to print, like the prostitutes they are – hence, the moniker I gave them – they are propaganda whores. They enable the bullies by hiding the truth of their destruction.

They include most of our mainstream media and socialist media companies. One big echo chamber of radical leftist loons. They perform a daily circle jerk that makes the most perverted purveyors of propaganda blush, yet they do not worry about consequences. As we have seen they will even allow their own to masturbate on video in front of office mates and remain employed. They cover up for those that abuse others sexually, the pedophiles, the misogynists, and predators – if they are part of their “self-anointed” elite club. The list is too long of those who have lived off and abused others, for which the left praised, loved, and glorified – and then attacked, abused, and belittled those that had the courage to finally call out the evil. Ahh, but the “self-anointed” elite mostly get off with an apology, even when one gets off on camera in front of others. Sadly true.

Today’s press is worse than pornography. At least the porn industry is honest as to who they are, and their purpose. Today’s press lives off the blood and sacrifice of millions of Americans who stood for freedom, truth, independence, as they slither from lie to lie – covering up, censoring, and hiding the lies of their liberal self-anointed elites.

They applaud the three stooges – Brennan, Comey, Clapper, and the fifty former “senior intelligence officials” who all stated the Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation?”  Really? The same who told us in public that Trump was colluding with the Russians, but in private and under oath had no evidence. The same who used a political operative’s dossier, without validation, to smear, undermine and try and undertake a coup of a sitting president. Amazing that a few dozen FBI and DOJ senior agents were fired, but none of their leaders were held accountable. Not a coincidence in that the facts were hidden or censored, the lies perpetuated and pushed like cocaine to an addict, and the disinformation passed on as fact – by those who are the guardians of democracy. Not any longer. It is time to push back on the bullies.

Stop Cowering – Push Back – I could go on, but you get the point. So, what is the solution? Well, it is simple, but one must have the will, fortitude, and presence of being to counter and hold these miscreants to account. It is time we stop coddling the comufascists and think they will act reasonably. It is time to start holding them accountable for destroying what is good and replacing it with that which is bad. It is time we hold these miscreants to account – this minority set of extremists’ who seek to advance their move towards absolute power.

Concurrently, it is time to remind Americans of the truth about America and Americans – that we are a giving and kind people, that we typically respect our neighbors and support them regardless of political affiliation – and call upon them to act. We must act and reject those who hate America. We must hold them to account. And we must and push back strongly, and if necessary, violently, to preclude their success in undermining our country, our values, and our history. The mobs and bullies only respond when confronted by a stronger force.

Unfortunately, history is replete with examples of such miscreants succeeding. We have seen too many times the tyranny of a violent and intimidating minority become the reality that rules.  And along with such dictators, we have seen a history that is littered with hundreds of millions of dead, murdered, tortured, beheaded, raped, burned, and more.

Hence, if necessary, we must meet the violence, intimidation, and assault of the minority with something they can understand. Bullies tend to wither like crying babies when they meet resistance. Just like we have seen videos of Antifa, and BLM cowards caught alone without the support of their mob and subjected to arrest…they wither, cry, and wet themselves. As with bullies, the leftist extremists are NOTHING without their mobs. They are individually cowards.

To ensure most peace-loving Americans do not succumb to a minority of radical left extremist bullies, we must stand up to them – and with overwhelming brute force if necessary. We must be willing to close our accounts with the socialist media companies. We must be willing to order our supplies from other vendors than the woke leftists who buy in bulk from slave labor camps in China, receive millions in advertisements from the CCP, and serve as useful idiots for dictators.

Think for a moment, these people live off the blood and sacrifice of millions of Americans before them. They grew their businesses successfully due to values America stands for – opportunity, independence, and freedom. Yet now, they turn against democracy, our values, our freedoms, independence, and opportunity as they have whored themselves out to tyranny. They now receive millions from dictators and communists, pay pennies on the dollar for slave labor products, and have the gall to censor you and others for not saying what ‘they’ say is the truth!

Peace by subjugation and intimidation is not peace, it is called tyranny. To have peace requires the will to ensure peace. That is why we have a military – peace through strength. We can no longer allow the tyranny of the minority to succeed – because people are being intimidated, assaulted, threatened, and Americans are being divided, labeled, and worse by these extremists.

We shall no longer sit by idle, silent, or calm, while you denigrate our country and demean our friends. We’ve watched for several years as these true extremists  – supported by corrupt political leaders on the left – have used such measures such as violence, arson, looting, intimidation, character assassination, labeling, varied dystopian and Orwellian terms, and other means to divide us and change our great nation into some type of retarded, left-wing, a utopian society where a minority of privileged lazy hypocrites tries to rule the majority of honest, caring, hardworking, and truly proud Americans.

We must also dispel the use of the term “elites,” and “ruling class” there is nothing elite about these miscreants or public servants. The reality is they are cowards, leeches on society, weak of mind, hypocrites, and miscreants, with demented dystopian views, and exemplify the ideology of true extremists and zealots offering only hate, divisiveness, and evil in the land of the good, the free and the brave.

We are thankful, we are givingwe are Americans! And we should be damn proud of that.

Americans live free, independent, and have incredible opportunities. Race or position does not matter as if you wish to live the American dream you can. What holds anyone back is the will and the reality of circumstance.

The difference is will and reality of circumstance. What do I mean by the reality of circumstance? If one understands the truth of their circumstance, then one only needs the will to achieve their fullest potential. In this country, if you are poor, it does not preclude you from success. If you are rich, it does not preclude you from failure. America is the land of opportunity, not the land of free and easy.

As I stated at the beginning of this article, if you are an American – you are one of the most privileged human beings of billions on this earth, if not the most privileged. By being an American citizen – you are living in the greatest country on earth – whether by birth or as a naturalized citizen of the United States of America – you have more rights, freedoms, opportunities, potential than anywhere else in the world.

Americans are also very caring and giving people. When a crisis arises, they donate, they said, they come to the rescue of their neighbors, and in times of trouble open their wallets, their homes, their hearts to support other Americans. The same is true every day – as we see Americans support and reach out to help others in need. It matters not the race, religion, or other – what matters to Americans is that someone, some people, need help.

Injured and disabled veterans, first responders, flood or hurricane victims, murder victims, poor and elderly peoples in our country or in foreign lands, refugees from Afghanistan, or undocumented immigrants – the list is endless, as Americans, we give.  We give not just money or goods, but the lives of our young for others in many wars to support freedom, security, and peace for this world.

Just look at the major sporting events as of late. Do we see mobs of people hating one another? No. We see Americans celebrating their country, their team, their sports, their champions. We see Americans pushing back on extremists, radical education, wokeness, and the hypocrisy of those who call themselves or act like socialists – like Schumer, Pelosi, Bernie, AOC, and others– but who are well off and, in many cases, multi-millionaires. Just ask them a simple question – “if you’re a socialist, how in the hell can you be a millionaire, or be so well off?”  Socialists gave “their” money away, not mine or yours.

In closing this article, we will end with a pertinent example of the bullshit that is being pushed to divide Americans – income. The false narratives, disinformation, and propaganda of the comufascists tell you that we are a racist country with white privilege driving the wealth gap.

So, let us look only at the facts. We need only to look at the average incomes of varied ethnic groups – where in fact whites are lower than many minority groups. Over sixty different nationalities, including many people of color, have average incomes well ahead of the average white American[1] while African Americans and many others outpace the average income of black Americans. Why is that? It is simply an exemplar of those who come to this country realizing the American dream is real, alive, and well. And it is also an exemplar that many of our fellow Americans who are born here and already citizens, buy into the horse crap of the comufascists, that they are incapable, need assistance, and are disadvantaged. When the reality is – they, as natural-born citizens, just like the legal immigrants who are at the top of the income ladder and now citizens, are in fact the most privileged people on earth. Only the natural-born Americans seem to have been educated, or should I say re-educated into believing the horse crap.

It is time to reinforce the fact that America is united, and it is time to take back America!

© 2021 Edward L Haugland, All Rights Reserved



[1] List of ethnic groups in the United States by household income – Wikipedia