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Undermining the Nation’s Military Will Have a Cost

 Max Dribbler 5/7/2021 1:01 PM

New Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) Lloyd Austin (General, US Army, Retired) is stumbling like-well, a drunken soldier-right out of the blocks. In addition to undoing a number of things that seemed to be going well after much consternation and personnel change at the Pentagon, his decision to highlight social justice issues and self-flagellate his cohort over “extremists and white supremacists,” only served to embarrass the people he is charged to lead, as well as himself and his staff. He made it his top priority to dictate all personnel under his charge have a “down day” within his first sixty days to address the problem of “white supremacists and extremists” in the ranks. 

This apparently critical issue to address an out of control “scourge” of a problem that is such a major issue that the SECDEF-a leader so talented and so uniquely qualified for the job that congress was willing to waive the waiting period that normally applies to military retirees-while agreeing to forego the bedrock principal of civilian leadership of our armed forces-highlighted it as one of his first priorities in the job. Many aren’t familiar with government service. For those who are you know that entire groups of subject matter experts and trusted advisors are behind these decisions. And yet with all his unique and outstanding talent, Team Austin was unable to properly define, identify, describe, etc., what the “boogey man” of white supremacy and extremism looks like, nor provide his underlings sufficient guidance to properly execute a “down day” to address this most critical issue among all assigned departmental mission challenges apparently degrading and hindering our armed forces. His determination to boldly go after this issue as his top priority, coupled with the amateur hour hand wringing that accompanied the execution, is just embarrassing. 

But it gets worse. After the down day period completed, the SECDEF had to acknowledge that it was a challenging task to define and identify the attributes that bound the problem: one wonders how it came to be a top priority yet lacks sufficient definition to identify it. Or how such an apparently uniquely qualified individual somewhat rushed into such a lightning rod issue so ill-prepared. Worse yet, recently two of his top commanders, Transportation Command Commander Army Gen Stephen Lyons and U.S. European Command Commander Air Force Gen Tod Wolters testified before the senate and were asked point blank by Senator Bloomingfool of Connecticut, an admitted liar about his “Vietnam service,” to put a percentage on the number of white supremacists and extremists in the military/their commands, insinuating it is “around ten percent.” Both General’s responded that was nowhere close, as that would translate to some 200-250 thousand service members. Both stated it was certainly less than one percent in the military and neither is aware of any in their commands. 

The same scenario played out in the house, only with a deeper explanation. Strategic Command’s Commander ADM Charles Richard explained that just about every service member in his command has a top-level security clearance. Which means they filled out burdensome security paperwork (known as the Department of Defense form 398,) listed references, were interviewed extensively by a federal investigator who talked to those references and solicited additional people to interview. The most sensitive clearances involve verification via the additional step of a lifestyle polygraph. The process typically takes six months to a year to complete. Any questionable activity or extremist views would have to be explained by the applicant and adjudicated by the Central Clearance Facility in order to qualify for a top-level clearance. And make no mistake about it, such views would be disqualifying. 

You would think the military community would be somewhat closing ranks on this ridiculous notion, but that is not the case. The total rag Military Times reported that just because someone has a clearance, that does not weed out extremists, citing a case of a Navy Contractor with a secret clearance who has been charged for the 6 January events at the Capital and been classified as “a white supremacist/extremist.” However, if Military Times is in the business of honest reporting, or supporting military personnel, this is a strange way to show it by: (1) undercutting the military’s senior most commanders (2) using an example of a contractor who is not in the military and therefore, not the subject of this discussion (3) disingenuously touting a secret clearance which is based on a short form application, and a National Agency Check that can be accomplished in a week (4) while engaging in a discussion to undercut senior military leaders, as well as the forces they lead. 

And of course, it gets worse, as one day after the four-star military commanders told Congress they do not have problems with extremists in their ranks, Bishop Garrison, the top Pentagon Extremism adviser on these issues to SECDEF Austin, who certainly would have been involved in and culpable for the failure to define the problem they were seeking to remedy, took a different view and stated plainly that he-incredibly-“believes the opposite.” It is not surprising to find that most race hustling zealots have job titles associated with their hustle… 

With his recent retirement from the Army, these are in effect the SECDEF’s peers. To state a blinding flash of the obvious, the Secdef brought in an advisor who apparently believes he knows more about the military than four of our most senior active-duty commanders with over a hundred and twenty years of experience between them! Given his long record of military service, we have to take Secdef Austin at his word that he believes our military is tainted by this “extremism” disease (that he is unable to define.)  

Austin was a General officer prior to his retirement with significant input and capability to influence Army and military policy, particularly considering his position leading United States Central Command. Which begs the question of when he came to these views on the state of our armed forces and the indictment of the American military comprised of our sons and daughters? Where has he has been on this issue over the long years of his service? An officer doesn’t tolerate those who lie, cheat or steal, nor those who do. Is it credible that this was never a problem during his entire career, and then all of a sudden it dawned on him that it was? Or did he ignore problems over the years so as not to make waves-and to make rank? The implications of one or the other are staggering-and disqualifying. 

With the continued amateur hour, hand wringing, inability to intellectually and honestly deal with supposed “big issues” challenging our military-right out of the gate-a force we depend upon to support and defend the constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, one shudders to think how such inept social warrior bumblings are going to degrade readiness as they ripple through the force. 

Plus-these buffoons are talking about our sons and daughters! Recruitment is going to be very challenging if this is the public view the SECDEF approves of as his stated top priority. What parent is going to support military service if serving involves being tarred with such a broad brush. Are warriors now expected to give up one of the bed rock issues the military fights for-including the constitution and free speech? How ironic will it be if service members are now expected to fight for these rights around the world-but not enjoy them at home?       

And forgive me for digressing again, but how could our new SECDEF of such great talent and truly unique skills and Army experience at the highest levels apparently go through an entire military career and all of a sudden realize how bad things were? Apparently not so bad that it prevented him from necking through the process. And then stumble right out of the gate in such a public way with his self-inflicted “extremist” down day??? And come out of it with little to nothing to show for it, while the “under the audio line” complaints trickling out from attendees indicate the training failed to discuss or present any information whatsoever about specific groups that have spent the better part of the last several years burning, destroying private and public property, killing people, etc.? Would not such a serious matter include identifying elements on all sides of the issue and political spectrum?
With his elevation to SECDEF, Austin is now responsible for everything the services do or fail to do. Is he up to the task of leading this issue to get it right? 

One is reminded of what happens on a world stage when our leaders are not viewed with the respect and dignity we expect, given their stature as our apparent best and brightest, uniquely qualified for these positions of responsibility having necked out of the pack of over 330 million people! You would not anticipate these leaders being publicly humiliated and getting their butts handed to them-for instance-in an initial meeting with the Chinese. But as American Thinker’s Andrea Widburg pointed out, “The Chinese know very well with whom they are dealing” (and he’s an empty suit.) 

Or for our SECDEF to finally meet with our closest ally in the Middle East, albeit, after a little White House “gamesmanship” or delay in that perfunctory, but mandatory (obligatory) first phone call post inauguration. With our uniquely qualified Secdef having little to no information going into the meeting about a major operation destroying a common enemy’s nuclear efforts. If you wonder if and why it appears that brinksmanship and shenanigans are suddenly back in fashion with the US-Israeli relationship, you are on to something. 

Consider that the culminating, unprecedented last act of the BHO’Linsky and Biden administration actions related to Israel-after weighing in for the opposition party in his re-election bid, calling Bibi Netanyahu out as the impediment to Palestinian Peace for not agreeing to allow themselves to be marginalized, showing him the back door of the WH, notifying the press for a photo op, calling him “chickenshit” on the record because of his intransigence on the Iranian deal, you know, those little diplomatic irritations between friends-was to stab Israel in the chest (in DC your friends stab you in the chest) by having UN Ambassador Powers sustain on behalf of America on another in a long line of tedious UN Israel condemnations, a first for American diplomacy undercutting Israel. 

And this just in: Israel was apparently right in their distrust, as it was recently reported that “Old Bolt Neck” John Kerry allegedly shared covert Israeli actions with his social and dinner party elite friends, the Iranians. Stay tuned, all stories for another day.
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