Ukraine-Russia Update

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Ukraine Gets Tanks: The CIA’s Bill Burns’ visit to Zelensky saw in its wake assassinations, resignations, dismissals, travel bans, and criminal cases of Ukraine’s top hierarchy, combined with the sudden reversal by European leaders on sending tanks to Ukraine. It appears to purge all those whom the US Embassy in Ukraine suspects might not be loyal to Zelensky. There are reports of ethnic purging taking place in dissident areas of Ukraine (Transcarpathian). In any event, the purge further consolidates Zelensky, who is beholden to America. But to what purpose?

What they are sayingThese recent events (the supply of tanks in particular) are European and US militaries. This professional Ukraine is losing, and the supply of tanks will not change the outcome. However, the worry now –amongst the military cadre – is centered on the prospect of further escalation and the war engulfing eastern Europe. The tanks have nothing to do with their calculus about the war outcome. They know the Abrams (doubtful they ever appear) or the Leopards will neither change the course of war nor will they arrive before it is too late to alter anything east of the Dnieper River.

The west of Dnieper concerns the German military class. They worry that a failing Ukrainian army might fall back to the Polish border – and even beyond it – before the tanks are delivered. The Polish military would then absorb the tanks (unlike Ukraine, which has the logistics and crews to man Leopards). There is a thought in European circles that this might be the US neocons’ ultimate intent. Poland is already mobilizing a 200,000-man military force, which might become the new NATO proxy – and Poland is the new theatre for a European war against Russia.

Hush HushThe underlying German fear is of there having been a stich-up’ by the US and some European powers, in which the old Polish-Lithuanian former empire that dominated western Ukraine for centuries, gets a revamp in west Ukraine – which, were that to happen, would transform Poland into a military belligerent, versus Germany (as well as Russia). One pointer is the sudden Polish Reparations demand, and another is what is afoot in Transcarpathia, where ethnic Hungarians are being forcibly conscripted to fight in Donbass and sent to ‘certain death’ deployments. (Hungary has a rival claim Poland’s part of today’s Ukraine). This Kyivs to the Kiev purge: It is the nationalists amongst Zelensky’s circle that traditionally loathed the Polish aristocracy, which once ruled in Kiev in earlier times (when Poles were viewed as the enemy, more than Russians – by leaders such as Bandera). Such a plan – if true – would radically shift the power paradigm in the EU.

Trump – Ukraine Writing on the Wall: “First come to the tanks, then come to the nukes. Get this crazy war ended, NOW,”

 said Trump.

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