Editorial Note – Stand Up America enjoys the friendship and association with many great groups across the globe. One of the premier freedom loving groups is the Guardians of The Cedars led by Abu Arz AKA, Etienne Sacre.

True Lebanese peoples, those with roots that go back thousands of years, unlike the interlopers foisted upon them, seek to regain their national pride and return to the supreme beauty of its land, the peaceful gathering and living standards of its people, the abundance of its fine foods, the prestige of its capital, and the ouster of those who have wrecked hell upon all of these aspects that once earned their fair city the moniker “Paris of the Mediterranean”.

Please read their latest letter to all True Lebanese peoples, across the globe.

The Guardians of the Cedars Party – The Movement for Lebanese Nationalism issued the following message:

The Syrian people are to be commended for their astonishing resilience. They lose dozens of casualties every day – dead, wounded, and detained – but they do not retreat, they do not tire, and they do not falter, rushing to the squares and the streets day and night, defying the death machine with their live flesh, and the bullets with their chants. Their will is one: topple the regime, as they face one choice: either death or liberty. The regime has left no avenue unturned in its attempts to break the back of this revolution; yet, it is not broken and it has not quieted. Indeed, if anything, it has escalated in intensity and fire.

The world has not done justice yet to this stunning popular revolution, and it has not supported it as it deserves. The international community has merely stated positions that barely go beyond denunciation and condemnation, and has imposed a few economic sanctions that may hurt the people more than the regime, particularly since the latter has been quite adept at tricking and deceiving the international community since the era of Assad the father.

In contrast, and while the peoples of the region are rising against their rulers and marking historical feats of heroism to rid themselves of chronic dictatorships, we find the Lebanese people silent over their own plight and accepting of their dire reality, watching the uprisings but not rising up themselves, leaving the temple merchants bartering them like a commodity to be bought and sold in the political cattle market, as if stricken with the disease of resignation and apathy.

If the Syrian people have been reeling under one dictator who dominated them since the early 1970s, our people in Lebanon have been enduring several dictatorships that are by far more pernicious and dangerous and which have dominated their lives for many decades. Foremost among these dictatorships are the abject leaders that continue to grow and prosper at the expense of good leaders, leading people like herds of sheep that never question or complain. Second, the dictatorship of the religious sects and factions that have torn our people into warring tribes that prospered at the expense of unity and the supposedly secular state. Third, the dictatorship of political hereditary feudalism that transfers leadership from grandfathers and fathers to sons, grandsons and sons-in-law to the detriment of competence and merit. Fourth, the dictatorship of moral and social decay, and administrative and political corruption that are rampant throughout Lebanese life and that continue to drive people to disgust and despair. And fifth, the dictatorship of subservience and national treason whereby the allegiance of Lebanese leaders to outside powers is now the norm and the rule. Indeed, each of these dictatorships requires more than an uprising to eradicate it from the root, beginning with the dictatorship of apathy, despair, and resignation, against which our people must first rise before targeting the other dictatorships.

In the context of the subservience of the political leaders to outside powers, it is imperative to denounce those who are fighting the Special Tribunal for Lebanon for no other reason but to gain the favors of their masters. In their desire to please their masters, they become more royalist than the king himself.

These fake leaders who are beholden to the outside are responsible for bringing Lebanon to this abyss of political disgrace and moral turpitude. To evict them, the Lebanese must first awaken from their slumber. But when will they do so?

Lebanon, at your service,

Etienne Sacre – Abu Arz