What Has Happened to our Senior Military Officers?

BY MG Paul E. Vallely US Army (Ret)

The anti-Trump political moves by disloyal left-wing (Democrats) retired Generals and Admirals is wrong and should not be tolerated. Enforcing and endorsing the WOKE movement through the ranks is the latest example.  These are the same senior officers that could not win a war. America lost so many of its proud soldiers, sailors and airman and thousands wounded because of their flawed war-fighting strategies and policies (all documented). They have destroyed their reputation and credibility among the ranks and the Constitutional Patriots of America.

It became clear to many of us that the Obama administration (with some help from Bill Clinton’s presidency) had seeded the Pentagon with leftist generals whose allegiance was to the Deep

State, to cultural leftism, and to the infamous and profitable “military-industrial complex” that Eisenhower warned about in 1961. Now Biden is following the same path with a “purge” of the ranks of so called “extremists.  In only five years, Obama had conducted a major Pentagon purge, firing almost 200 senior officers who held the oldfashioned belief that the military exists to protect America and should not be a social justice institution with limited firepower.

The upper-level officers who remained were hardcore Democrats.  Several were assigned to our Military academies at US Military Academy at West Point, The Naval and Air Force Academies. bringing their liberal, left-wing philosophies with them. All the above says there is something rotten happening in the Pentagon.  The implications are not just in the past.  They are also in the future.  Michael Anton has written the best article spelling out the fact that the Democrats are openly planning a coup if Biden doesn’t win.  One of the crucial points about this planned coup is that the Democrats have been explicit about military involvement.

The statement “using the military to fight Americans” was clearly misstated and misinterpreted by a few of these senior officers, especially General Milley, the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff. Cities, businesses, private property, and innocent civilians were being attacked and citizens being maimed and murdered by Antifa forces and other insurrectionists. The Governors and Mayors backed down as well as senior police chiefs and were not the enforcing laws. Cowards and lambs to say the least! The President simply said to America, “if the Governors and Mayors could not control the insurrections, he would take action to Federalize the National Guard and insert Active Duty Forces to quell and neutralize the insurrections and criminals. By the way, the President of the United States has all the right and duty to protect the American people.

Consider the options the President had to assist the Governors and Mayors and local police.  What would you do if you were in his position? Stand by, do nothing, or plan and execute viable solutions to neutralize the insurrectionists.? If the local police and sheriffs could not control the situation, the President’s duty would be to provide Active, Reserve and Federalized National Guard units/troops to assist State and Local Police.  Believe me, the outcomes would be different, and the insurrections of 2020 would be neutralized.

Some charged that The Constitution was under threat from the President.  Another General stated Trump was a threat to National Security when in fact, the President was trying to enforce

National Security. Even weak and RINO Republicans jumped on the bandwagon to attack the President.  One said, “our Republic is under attack from the President” and that President Trump was working to destroy the nation”. Fabrication and deception by the media and Socialist were prevalent, thus, adding confusion among the American people. Do not believe for a moment that our international enemies were looking on and would take advantage of a weakening America. And why would General Milley need to apologize for accompanying POTUS to a Church that was set on fire by rioters walking distance from the White House?

The press would blather about racial injustice when it was the rioters and insurrectionists who set the fires and destroyed millions of dollars of personal and government properties.    The President and his national security team were tasked with the mission to develop solutions to the crisis. They call it “crisis planning and management”.

“Enough is enough” America!  The Deep State is still filled with anti-Trump political appointees, senior Generals and Admirals, and staffers, and needs to be removed from the ranks. Patriotic

Americans know in their hearts what is needed to keep the Republic from crumbling. We have a

President now who fights for them and this great country and will not permit anarchists and Socialists to destroy what our forefathers created.

We recommend that the President convene a meeting immediately at the Pentagon and attended by the senior Defense leaders, Secretaries and four-star Generals and Admirals. The President can then determine and sound out their concerns. He can, then, determine their loyalty and commitment to the Trump team. Those than cannot commit to the President should be asked to submit their resignations by close of business. Selected Retired Generals and Admirals who are apart of a Trump coup should be called back to Active Duty and tried by Court Martial.

The laughable Atlantic article about Trump disrespecting the military was intended not just to get military votes on November 3, but to get military coup participants after November 3.  Critical Race Theory training and eight years of Obama’s social justice policies appears to have shifted many of the enlisted ranks from strong conservatives to equally strong Democrats. Released by the Stand Up America US Foundation.

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 Released by Investigative Reporter Lara Logan!

Donald Trump is facing an unprecedented assault to deny him a second term.

But one form of opposition is leaving Trump and his supporters stunned.

And now a Fox News reporter just blew the whistle on this military plot to remove Trump. In recent days, multiple former military officers spoke out against Donald Trump and demanded he be removed from office.

Retired Admiral William McRaven, Retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, retired Marine General John Allen, and former Secretary of Defense James Mattis also publicly attacked the President and shattered the American norm that the military stayed out of domestic politics. Fox News reporter Lara Logan said these former Generals and Admirals were waging coordinated information warfare against President Trump.

Logan cited Allen specifically for ties to the left-wing Brookings Institute.

“He heads a think tank now that is constantly taking shots and waging information warfare against the president for the election, and you can map it out. New America is one of the organizations, the Lincoln Project — that is a whole bunch of Republicans who are running attack ads and pushing out a constant, constant stream of anti-Trump propaganda,” she said.

Logan also claimed the other former military commanders were connected to the McChrystal group which is linked to a Democrat SuperPAC.

“And all these people, and many of them connected with the McChrystal Group and General. Stanley McChrystal — who has made no secret of the fact that he is partnered with an organization called Defeat Disinfo, which is a Democratic SuperPAC, and they want you  to think they are defeating disinformation, but what they are doing is propagating it,  and they do not even hide it,” Logan added.

In the interview, Logan delivered one final warning.

Logan explained that these former military officers waging information warfare against the President would not leave the election results to chance.

“What [intelligence sources] see is an information warfare campaign that is designed to set the stage to ensure that the election delivers the results that they want if they wait that long . . .

what they are doing is creating the problem, civil unrest, civil disturbance, in which they can be the solution,” Logan concluded.