The Woke War to Overthrow America


Edward L. Haugland

Guest Editorial

Released and Distributed by the Stand Up America US Foundation.

Why is President Biden Killing Americans?  Not only President Biden, but his Vice President Kamala Harris, many of his cabinet (like his DHS secretary Mayorkas), and senior Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Tim Kaine, and the Squad – to name a few.

This is fact, not fiction. Nor is this a hyperbolic question.  It is a given, it is reality – whether Americans wish to acknowledge or not.  First, just think of President Biden’s statement [about the social media giants] “They’re killing people.”  I rarely agree with this President, but he was spot on.  His mistake was leaving out himself and others in his party who are literally – through their policies, ignoring U.S. laws, and actions – killing thousands of Americans (e.g., of all races but disproportionally Hispanics and Blacks). We must also give credit to his enablers, our once free and mostly unbiased press, and big social media – whom I refer to as propaganda whores.  Many of the latter live in their own bubble of self-anointed elites, while the masses suffer.  I’m all for ensuring people get proper credit for their actions – accountability is indeed key.  So, let’s begin with taking account of actions and deeds.

First, we must ask, why, in the middle of a pandemic, would anyone in his right mind allow two million or more illegal immigrants, from across the world, non-vaccinated, with high infection rates, non-masked, to invade the United States? No one.  And that gives you a pretty good clue about the mind of Joe Biden.

First, they stuffed them like sardines into holding stations that were massively overcrowded.  The conditions deplorable and inhumane, with tens of thousands of young children abandoned by their parents, stuffed into cages.  By definition – the DHS and HHS facilities enabled super spreader events.

Then, in the dark of night, they were put on buses, planes, trains and secretly transported across America to red states like Florida and Texas and multiple cities. And now we’re seeing a surge of a new version of the virus.

While you’re thinking of that, why are we also seeing a surge in liberal progressive, teacher’s unions, and almost every democrat driving mask mandates again?  They didn’t follow the science before, and the science actually contradicts their intent to vaccinate and force the young to wear masks. Once again, their sole motivation appears to be control – as they once again prepare appear to be driving towards new lock downs.  One action (massive infected illegal migration), feeds another (secretly moving tens of thousands of infected and other illegals to your hometowns), feeds and other (new mask mandates, control, subjugation).  Not coincidence, but purposeful.  Why else ignore our country’s laws willfully, end policies that were working and precluded mass illegal migration, and concurrently telegraph free health care, education, and other benefits for illegals?

Yet, most conservatives in Congress, and Americans, think of these as separate and distinct activities.  No, we must realize this is a well-planned and purposeful attack on democracy, our constitution, our laws, our systems of governance, and our republic.

It includes the slow but sure seizure of control of our school boards, to local elected offices, to prosecutors, judges, etc. who are now purposefully indoctrinating our children, driving education policies that rewrite history and push racist theories, while undermining our justice system, our rule of law, our police, and societal norms.

What conservatives, and many Americans, do not realize – is that we are in a war, an ideological war, a woke war that seeks to forever change the foundation, constitution, and norms of our society – to benefit a few self-anointed elites while subjugating the majority.  I refer to this war as the Cognitive War, being fought in the most critical of all domains – the Cognitive Domain[1].


We have seen this same type of Orwellian, dystopian, utopian narrative of lies play out numerous times in history.  Do we wait for the next psychotic dictator to rise again, or do we act to defend, defeat, dismiss the ‘woke” before they murder millions more in their quest for absolute power?

I refer to the “woke” as “Comufascists” – as they blend the tactics, techniques and narratives of the Marxists, Communists and Fascists to achieve their goals. Communism and Fascism, after all, are two ends of the circle called tyranny.

We apparently have a degree of cognitive dissonance, or we’re just damned stupid, to not see history repeating itself.  Did we not see like revolutions and pandemic just one-hundred years ago?  Do we have to see another several hundred million people murdered, yet once again, before we fight to retain our freedom, democracy, and independence?  It’s time to wake-up, to the woke war, that is ongoing to overthrow America.

I must give the far left, the comufascists credit their due. They play the long game, are true strategists and planners, and constantly outmaneuver, outwit, and run circles around the complacent, compliant conservatives.  In this case not just the RINOs like Romney, Sass, Kissinger, Cheney are so stuck on stupid and naïve that one wonders how they cannot comprehend how they are being played like a fiddle by the woke comufascists.

But then, we don’t have to look far to find like-minded useful idiots – or lemmings of the left.  Remember just a few months ago when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and former Secretary of the Army – Milley and Esper – not only bought into a false narrative but advanced it greatly by becoming part of the false narrative when they both “apologized” for standing with the President of the United States of America when he demonstrated resolve.  Perhaps their spines went limp, their ability to discern propaganda from truth lost, or they bought into the propaganda?  As a side note, one must ask, Trump used 100 or so national guard members to quell major civil unrest in Washington D.C., as an attack on the White House was deemed eminent or underway and the church next door was on fire. Trump was eviscerated by the propaganda media whores for his saving of D.C. while the mayor went out painting murals of BLM on the streets.  Yet concurrently, young black children were shot in the head during numerous weekend shootings.  Yet MIlley and Esper “apologized” for standing next to the President? Did either of these “leaders” later apologize for the division of 26,000 plus soldiers deployed around the Capitol because of 40-50 real miscreants entered the Capitol?  Remember, thousands more marched peacefully, or just walked peacefully into the Capitol.  Only a few rioted.  Yet these two were silent on the deployment of an armored division.  I must guess they were also silent about the $2billion in damage from looting, arson, assaults, murders, etc. across other major liberal progressive cities?

One must note – the anarchy, murders, assaults, arson etc. sure as hell didn’t happen in any conservative run cities. Clue. Pay attention here! Who actually cares for the poor, the disadvantaged, whether black, Hispanic, or other?  Obviously not the liberal progressives, for many neighborhoods were decimated by BLM, Antifa and the anarchy.  And the media propaganda whores played the arson, assaults, destruction as “peaceful demonstrations.” They occurred in liberal progressive cities, who’s leadership defunded police, who passed the most restrictive gun control laws, who preclude disadvantaged blacks from attending charter schools, and who now enable mass looting without prosecution.  Why are we not realizing this is a woke war to overthrow America?

Well, we see a majority of conservatives, and the American public, continue to believe in the best intentions of their fellow man and women in congress and of those in positions of power.  It’s time to stop playing make believe, and time to see the evil and reality for what they are.  It is not hard to discern evil.  Look at the acts and intentions of the liberal progressive comufascists.

With six-hundred thousand dead, and thousands more dying from the China Flu, opioid overdoses, fentanyl use, and increased murders and violence – it’s time to realize the liberal progressive left do not care about black, white, Asian, or other lives – what they care about is absolute power.  I believe they view, as all despots do, that the deaths, murders, assaults, arson, looting, and chaos are necessary collateral damage to advance their totalitarian fascism, Marxist control of the minority over the majority.

They stuff, secretly, tens of thousands of new illegals from the nearly two million in the last several months, and tens of millions over the last four decades, into our inner cities, conservative bastions, etc. They do so, knowing full well, that they can not take care of, support, or enable these masses – leaving them to defend and make a way for themselves. To better understand the level of planning, strategy, and coordinated level of implementation that is occurring in this “woke war” to overthrow America we must assess the efforts of the comufascists efforts to create a climate of chaos, to institute further controls, to advance their goal of gaining absolute power.  They are doing so via a variety of ways.  Let’s list some of them – as the list is endless.

  • Ignoring our national laws and constitutional duties – open borders
  • Preparing for massive civil unrest, looting, arson, anarchy, and chaos upon Trump’s re-election – which turned out not to be necessary due to the highly questionable results – but we must not forget they were prepared to act, and will do so if called upon
  • Locking up hundreds of people who “walked peacefully” into the US Capitol on 6 Jan ’21 for six months in solitary confinement, while forgoing prosecution of thousands who caused $2Billion in damage – the difference – the demonstrators on 6 Jan ’21 came close to Pelosi’s thrown[2].
  • Changing local prosecution and laws to allow for chaos, crime, and mayhem
  • Changing local election laws, in contradiction to their state constitution, to advance ballot harvesting resulting in the 2020 election
  • Advancing education and propaganda programs that divide America along racial lines, to include Critical Race Theory, the 1619 project, and other reverse racist theories like “White Rage”
  • Portraying all conservative as sub-human and therefore not worthy of life as the Washington post cartoonist did by portraying Republicans as rats (less we forget that’s how Hitler and Stalin along with ISIS depicted Jewish people)
  • Destroying the livelihood and jobs of anyone who opposes the comufascists efforts via a mob like cancel culture enabled by school boards, woke industry executives, etc.
  • Advancing the so called “social justice” of the likes of Antifa (truly fascist), BLM (Marxists), and others like environmental terrorists
  • Enabling our adversaries to control our allies (Russian pipeline, China belt and road initiative)
  • Opening our borders to flood drugs, human trafficking, and criminals across America
  • Moving millions of illegals secretly across America by using the U.S. military while blaming Conservatives for the increased infections due to a few “anti-vax” messages
  • Ending American energy independence and sending oil and gas prices up 70-150% by cancelling the Key Stone pipeline, concurrently sending millions of dollars to get oil from Russia and Iran
  • Demanding “you” follow the science, while they ignore the science or change the science to support socialist unions
  • Pushing for vaccine passports – and when that failed – pushed businesses to impose such restrictions
  • Dividing America to stoke discord and hate – by promoting propaganda such as the 1619 project, Critical Race Theory, demanding reparations, stating all white people have “white privilege”
  • Passing HR1 that would enable massive cheating – not security – in our elections
  • Standing up a commission to review the supreme court (e.g., justify stacking the court or ending life tenure) despite working well for over two hundred years to fix what they can’t control
  • Pushing funding via our education department under Biden pushing funding to support Critical Race Theory – and Marxist propaganda from such organizations as the “Abolitionist Teaching Network”
  • Blaming ALL police for a dozen corrupt who wrongfully killed blacks – while ignoring tens of thousands of blacks murdered over the decades in liberal progressive cities, that have the most restrictive gun laws, with multiple children gunned down while playing, to justify mass riots, looting, murders, chaos, arson in the name of “social justice”
  • Deploying 26,000 troops around the throne of Nancy Pelosi for fear of a non-existent boogeyman, while opposing the use of the military to stop billions of dollars in arson, looting, anarchy caused by Antifa and BLM while supporting the fascist and Marxists groups
  • Coordinating with big social media giants to censor the people, the truth, and attack those who oppose their leftist policies
  • Advancing a propaganda lie over four years of Russian collusion against a sitting president knowing the basis was opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton purchasing Russian propaganda.
  • Using our most trusted national security elements of the DOJ, DNI, CIA, FBI, DOS (national security power and positions) in an attempted coup against an elected President.

Using the same corrupted national security organizations to unfairly, and without equal application – raid the homes, handcuff, then financially destroy any who oppose the comufascists agenda

The list is endless, as are the variety of strategies, tactics, techniques, and efforts the comufascists are using – in this “woke war to overthrow America.”  It is critical to start realizing that these are not separate and distinct events. They are all part of a well thought out strategy and implementation plan by the comufascists.

Taken individually, which is the intent of the comufascists (which includes members of congress, the media, our national security leaders, billionaire liberals, etc.), each of these seem like separate non-related events.  As one must stand back from the trees to see the forest, one must stand back from the daily chaos to see reality.

The latter examples paint a picture of a well thought out strategy, implementation plan, and disinformation campaign to advance efforts that would drive massive civil unrest, fear, panic, and chaos – in order to justify use of a police state to then “save” us from their own well thought out plan.  The plans are not new. They’re pretty much out of the same play book of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, ISIS, etc.

So again, I must ask why – as we see a massive surge in China Flu cases with the new variants – does this President and his lying Secretary of Homeland Security, and others in his cabinet ignore their oaths of office – their primary duty to ensure the security of our nation?

What we’re witnessing is a true insurrection from within – a “woke war to overthrow America.”  We’ve touched on the massive increase in China Flu infections, which can likely be correlated to the massive influx of unvaccinated and infected illegals into our country.  We’ve only touched on the massive influx and surge in drugs, murders, MS-13 gang members walking across our borders undeterred.

Concurrently, we’ve only touched on the fact that while we see such surges in infections, crime, murder, and drugs, we see the Democrats – the comufascists – to deny and continue to push to defund the police, disarm law abiding Americans, while they fail to prosecute, do away with bail, and let criminals, rapists, murders, and other criminals out of jail – bond free.  And as we see in the daily news from across the U.S.A., we see them go right back to commit assault, arson, murder, robbery, and other felonies without concern.


The woke are hard at work.  Their efforts enflames and advances distrust in our government – which I view is part of the comufascists strategy and intent.  We’ve seen the left’s continued flips, flops, and Fauci’s about covid, restrictions, and cures.  The comufascists propaganda is resulting in a counter psychological backlash in which more and more people are likely to not get a vaccinated because they no longer trust our government.

Rather than protect America from Covid (China Flu) spread and ensure the sanctity of our borders, they’ve accelerated a left-wing progressive march to destroy our country, and like all dystopian leftist regimes in history, care not who dies in advancing their quest for power.

Hyperbole? No. It is just too surreal for the average American to believe that those who are in office, legitimately elected or not, would undermine America to advance an ideology that is anathema to America. Yet, we’ve seen this belief repeated throughout multiple times, as we watch legions who believed in the utopian dreams and statements of their leaders, end up in tyrannical nightmares and slaughtered like sheep.

Americans tend to put faith in our leaders, faith in their belief they will uphold their oath of office, and faith that they will act in the nations’ best interest over their individual ideological and personal interests.  Wrong!  In just a few short months Biden’s shown how willing he is to undermine our national security, borders, and economy.  Is he compromised?  By comparison to Trump, he and his son have a lot to explain from billion-dollar deals, to tapped statements of coercion to drop investigations, to videos of sex with Chinese prostitutes. Together with the Russians and Chinese, the squad and Biden administration make a perfect set of partners – to drive America into irrelevance and obsolescence.

We must ask why our President why he is taking actions – impeachable actions – that counters his oath of office?  Yet, he’s not alone.  Let’s look at his party – the Democratic party – and comufascists who are their army.

One must take an apolitical stance, and truly try to be the objective observer, to assess the impacts and what is happening.  When one objectively looks at the events, statements, and actions over the first six months of this presidency, one must question if this president is willfully, along with the progressive left’s comufascists, destroying our country?

Is he and his leftwing surrogates purposefully spreading the pandemic, purposefully pushing unvaccinated illegals into major cities and towns of mostly Republican states – to then blame those conservative governors for the subsequent rise in China flu infections?

Or are they knowingly infecting a population that is 40% vaccinated to increase deaths in those conservative states, while pushing millions of illegals into their communities?  Too many acts, to aligned, to impactful to ignore.

So, what to do?  We best start asking the right questions. While it is human nature to ignore evil, as it is easier to pretend it does not exist, than to realize it lives vibrantly next to us each and every day.  We must begin to see the whole of efforts and strategy of the far left.  People who live in freedom tend to see the best in our neighbors and take our freedoms for granted.  But the left leverages know this and is taking advantage of human nature and our good will to advance their efforts to destroy our country – literally.

We must counter with a well thought out strategy that seeks to define the America we want for the next two-hundred years, and the implement a plan to realize that vision to sustain our freedoms, independence, and republic – less we defer to the comufascists who are fulfilling their vision.

The “woke war to overthrow America” is real.  We must act, and return America to a united country, for divided we shall surely fall.


© Copyright 2021, Edward L. Haugland All Rights Reserved


p.s.  –  The following appendix[3] provides some detail on immigration numbers and how such efforts impact your voting rights. I’ll leave the reader to interpret them.  Just note the magnitude of the rise after the “amnesty” by Regan. Over the last forty years, after the democrats lied and reneged on the border security agreement in return for amnesty, which was promised in a bipartisan agreement between Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil – we’ve seen tens of millions of illegal immigrants enter a country without borders – the USA.


U.S. Immigrant Population and Share over Time, 185. |

In 1980 – 14,079,900 million.

1990 – 19,767,900

2000 – 31,107,900

2010 – 39,955,900

2019 – 44,932,922

A difference of 30,853,022.  That equates to 1,543 NEW cities of 20,000 people, being created!  Another way to look at is, the equivalent of 31 new cities per state, across all 50 states, each having 20,000.  Now let that sink in.

And let’s say half of those are women, and extrapolating, we see between 20-26 million women having on average 2 kids. Now we know that lower income women tend to have higher birth rates. But let us stick with the 2 kids per women. That is anywhere from 40 to 52 million additional children – now US citizens as they are born in the USA – through 2010 – not counting the 7 million plus illegals added since then (5 plus million added up to 2019, 2 million added up to Jan ’22).

That is an additional 40-50 plus million US voters, not counting how many of the immigrants were naturalized, given the cutoff date of 2010 – and assuming a reproduction rate of only 2 children per family (1.7 for US in 2019) Fertility rate, total (births per woman) – United States | Data (  Now they are all of voting age.  Given the fact that most of these immigrants are illegal, not just 11 million as the left wing wishes you to believe, the demographics have moved significantly.  229.5 m in 1980 United States Population 2021 (Demographics, Maps, Graphs) (;   14.9 million immigrants in 1980, which is .06% of the population.

332.9 in 2020 United States Population 2021 (Demographics, Maps, Graphs) ( – that 40-50 million equates to about 12-15% of the US population – a percentage that speaks to significant impact given the 2020 election hinged on far less percentages.  If we add the 20-26 million immigrants on top of that – we see up to 33% of the US population being changed. Do you think that has an impact – on who is elected?

The point being the left seeks to advance illegal immigration to advance the production of a wholly new underclass of servants in America. Given the Democratic party, the party of slavery lost the civil war, they seek to reinvent the notion of slavery, subservience, and servitude – by enabling tens of millions of illegal immigrants to come into the US, knowing it will be hard to send them all back, and who cares if they do, because by the time they are sent back, given an average birth rate of 2, there will be tens of millions of new voters, with a massively high dependency on US govt welfare – a constituency that is beholden to the establishment.

Now add to that the fact that the current illegal immigration is bringing in 10 plus % covid infected and dispersed to US cities – many red states as well. It appears the democrats are doing this purposefully for a couple reasons – first, to increase voter rolls, 2nd be advancing easy voting without id, to ensure democratic votes, 3rd by providing so called “free health care, child tax credits, etc.” to illegals and others to greatly expand that group of govt dependents, creating an ever-increasing class of servants, servitude, and a new form of slavery.  Why is it that few to none of the tens of millions of illegals and other immigrants are relocated into the “elite” neighborhoods, but rather sent to liberal progressive and other red state big cities and others which are overwhelmed in dealing with poor education, lack of school choice, etc.  make no mistake, they are purposefully building a new plantation of servants, while they remain in their gated communities.

The COVID-19 Delta variant is now dominant in the U.S. See the states where it’s most prevalent | Fortune

Think this isn’t being orchestrated?

Delta variant: Here’s a map showing where low vaccination rates meet high case counts as infections surge (

Now look at where the new infections are happening, and ask where are the illegals being resettled? 

San Diego, California; El Paso, Texas; and Brownsville, Texas – are three cities Biden admin seeks to release illegal among others – These Are the Three American Cities the Biden Admin Is Planning to Start Releasing Migrants In by Julio Rosas (

Continuing forty-year trend by democrats to ignore border security, ignore our constitution to build a new underclass.  Does anyone think the abuses of child sex trafficking, sexual abuse, drug abuse, poverty, incest, etc. ends because they moved to the US?  Does poverty magically disappear?  Do all the cities overloaded by this mass influx magically create more teachers, doctors, police, and taxes to pay for the services?

2020 Update: How Many Illegal Aliens Live in the United States? (


The Facts on the Increase in Illegal Immigration –

For above chart US CBP look at the years democrat vs republican were in charge.

Legal Immigration to the United States, 1820-Present |

[1] I define the Cognitive Domain as: The domain of the human mind – ideas, ideology, function, reason, etc.  The Cognitive Domain encompasses all other domains – the umbrella under which mankind operates, functions, learns, advances or regresses.  All other domains – Cyber, Air, Land, Sea, Subterranean, Space, Sub-surface – are all one operating domain, not separate.  We, as humans, have mentally segmented these domains so as to operate and function in them.  And as we learn, we add new operational and/or functional domains. Yet, the most important domain, the Cognitive Domain, remains an afterthought.

I define the Cognitive War as: A primarily an ideological war, between tyranny and freedom, control and independence, subjugation, and democracy.  It is a war fought primarily in the cognitive domain, using various means to influence (e.g., academic, economic, to agriculture, social, etc.), but which can include irregular warfare and kinetics. It is a war that’s been ongoing for more than a millennium. It is timeless as mankind exists. The cognitive war is truly an existential threat that is global and domestic.  In today’s U.S.A, few understand it, can defend against it, can compete in it, or win it.  It can be won, but not if we are unwilling to change.  Read more – The Domestic Cognitive War – a path toward tyranny, January 25, 2021 The Domestic Cognitive War – a path toward tyranny (

[2] For their part, congressional Republicans find appalling the two-track prosecutorial practices engineered by their Democratic antagonists. Accordingly, Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado and 10 Republican colleagues have pointed out the glaring inconsistency in a July 20 letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland.  “DOJ’s apparent unwillingness to punish individuals who committed crimes during the spring and summer 2020 protests stands in stark contrast to the treatment of the individuals charged in connection with the breach of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.,” reads the missive.  “Whether it is a mob breaking laws in D.C. or a mob in Portland or Minneapolis, the standard of justice should be the same in America.”  The comparative toll from the violence is startling. During the 2020 riots, one federal officer was killed, and more than 700 officers were injured; 81 burglaries of licensed gun dealers occurred with 1,116 firearms stolen; and 876 arsons were tallied, according to the Republican text. An additional two-dozen murders of civilians and as much as $2 billion in insured property losses were not mentioned. During the Capitol riot, one trespasser was killed by U.S. Capitol Police and medical emergencies caused four deaths; and the building suffered $1.5 million in property damage, according to news reports. Washington Times, 23 July ’21 Comment and Analysis titled ‘Hypocrisy, the destroyer of amity”