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Writer & Editor: Ray DiLorenzo
The heard voice perishes, but the written letter remains.
Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific.
Welcome To The Twilight Zone
Ray DiLorenzo
One of my favorite episodes of The Twilight Zone is Monsters Are Due On Maple Street. On a peaceful suburban street, strange occurrences, purposely caused by hidden aliens, stoke the residents’ paranoia to a disastrous intensity. Once friendly neighbors start accusing one another and then, inevitably, begin killing each other.
We are now living in a sort of twilight zone, a science fiction horror movie. Many of us are being told to spy on each other, monitor one another, report any deviancy, take pictures. We have been ordered to close our churches, our schools, our restaurants, our businesses, no family dinners or get-togethers, use social distancing, practically everyone needs a haircut. Our president, who is not totally immune to misinformation, is actually being advised that the economic lockdown and the social distancing should continue until 2022. My God, is everyone nuts?
People are getting $1000 fines for playing catch with their children. Police physically drag people out of buses for not wearing a face mask. The greatest economy in the world is being destroyed before our eyes. We are being told to trust the government and be suspicious of everything and everyone else. Neighbors have locked themselves in their homes, occasionally peeking out a window. The government and the media are selling fear and we’re buying it.
The misinformation coming out of our justifiably maligned press is legion. The news media we so trusted as young adults are now gone. Institutions of learning and medicine we used to revere are now propaganda machines. You have to dig deep or go underground to get reliable information for what is really going on.
We are supposed to be relieved that millions of people are being tested…tested for what? The CDC and the FDA both admit the COVID-19 test kits suffer from false positives and false negatives. What they are not telling us is the rate of false results. The coronavirus spectrum test kit is at best 20% accurate. The false-positive rate is 80.33%. Of those who tested negative 85% are false. If you have had a flu shot, chances are you will test positive for the coronavirus. People are getting tested in their cars with a swab for DNA. These polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests were developed in the 1980s and were never designed as a virus test.
The death rate? Who knows? Just about everyone who dies today is deemed deceased by COVID-19 whether the patient died of it or just with it. Causes of death are being altered. Doctors, on March 24, were told by the National Center for Health Statistics that COVID-19 should be listed as the cause of death when it is ASSUMED that the virus was the cause or a contributing factor in the death…assumed? Some patients have even been listed as dying multiple times. Will the government pay more to hospitals for COVID-19 patients? Yes. Medicare will pay an additional 20% to the hospital for a COVID-19 patient during a public health emergency…a monetary component, for sure.
Are there any lucid people out there? Or, is the government deep state, the powers of the dark places of government more apparent than we can imagine? Is this their justification for the tyranny we are all experiencing?
Some brave medical professionals are beginning to step up, getting on soap boxes telling anyone who will listen that the scientific and medical communities have tossed out their knowledge base, the basic scientific principles of physiology they know to be true. Why?
There are almost no independent physicians left in this country. They are now tied to hospitals or large medical groups. They all toe the company line or they are out in the street. Medicine now speaks with a corporate voice. There are very few independent thinkers. If we were to institute socialized medicine, it would speak with just one voice, the government. And it’s a one-way conversation.
There are currently two polar opposite world views living side by side in this country. One is trying to preserve what has been built these last 244 years and the other is doing their level best to destroy everything we hold dear.
What we need to come away with is that (1) We have no idea how many people are infected with COVID-19. We have no idea how many fatalities have been caused by COVID-19. (2) The Chinese Communist Party cannot be trusted. They desperately want economic and military domination and expect us to pay for it. Many of their products and much of the food they produce is garbage. They lie as easily as they breath. (3) Asia and Africa are virus machines. They produced the last three major virus epidemics and they need to be held accountable. (4) We should never have allowed China or any other foreign nation to be our major supplier of medical supplies and other items deemed important to national security. (5) Government intervention and/or government control of our health care will be detrimental to all of us. It gives them an element of control they should not have or be entrusted with. (6) The Left is working hard to use this pandemic to their political benefit, spreading fear and misinformation. And finally… (7) Did this pandemic warrant the closing of our economy to a point of collapse and costing trillions?…NO! The prediction by Dr. Fauci and others of 2 – 4 million deaths, knowing that the president would make policy decisions based on their guess work was totally irresponsible and possibly political in nature.
This pandemic will end up killing the average number of people during a typical influenza outbreak in the USA, up to 80,000, as we saw in 2018. Remember, Dr. Fauci predicted in 2017 that President Trump would have a pandemic on his hands during his first term. How did he know?
Are we saying that COVID-19 is not real? No, it is real. People who are susceptible need to use common sense. China has deeded us with another in a series of seasonal viruses that will kill thousands of American citizens now and in the future. They must be made to account. Unlike China, we care about our people and this pandemic has put our medical establishment off center. It has allowed an always devious political left-wing to arrange a never-ending supply of political stratagem.
The media quickly jumped on the bandwagon, displaying the number of world-wide coronavirus deaths on the screen dozens of times a day. Worldwide, 2,573,020 people have died of cancer so far this year. 2,381,000 children under the age of 5 have died so far this year. Deaths of mothers during childbirth, 96,836 so far this year. 423,892 people have died from car accidents this year. Abortion has killed 13,320,552 babies this year. Seasonal flu deaths this year are 152,425 so far. The number of deaths from all causes this year as of this writing is 18,427,675. If the media were to display every day the deaths from all causes, you would not get out of bed. Yes, the world can be a dangerous place, but as FDR said, it is fear that is to be feared.
If we don’t get a handle on this fear and get our economy back on track very soon, we will have much more than a virus to worry about. We can write an ending to this horror movie, let’s make it a good one.