Trump: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb


March weather, according to folklore, comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, although late March often has its share of nasty winter storms where I live. Donald Trump’s presidency has followed a similar pattern.

He came to the White House four years ago like a lion, handily defeating the “smartest woman in the world” that virtually every pollster confidently predicted would win the election. Trump’s agenda was that of a lion king.

He built a wall on our southern border. Mexico did pay for it, not literally, but through renegotiated trade deals. He restored the military, cut taxes and regulations, appointed scores of conservative judges, moved strongly toward peace to the Middle East, and made America a country to be respected, if not feared, by our foreign adversaries.

Trump accomplished all of this while corrupt agents of his own executive branch lied and conspired against him and his administration, with bogus claims of Russian collusion. There were active plots to overthrow his constitutionally legitimate presidency through nonsensical impeachment and discussions of invoking the 25th Amendment.

Lions, although the king of the jungle, travel with an entourage, their pride. Trump’s only pride, and joy, is his family. His own party is part of the pack of hyenas eager take the lion down, as in the Lion King movie. The hyena pack is huge, including the entire Democrat party, much of the GOP, media, sports, Hollywood, finance, and most of corporate America.

Trump was a lion for most of his four years, campaigning for reelection with far more energy than the last dozen or so presidential candidates could muster combined. The 2020 presidential election was filled with irregularities, anomalies, and statistical impossibilities that might lead one to suspect that it was stolen in a coordinated manner, although the word “steal” is verboten, the new S-word not to be mentioned in woke society.

A reasonable investigation and airing of irregularities and accusations would clear up this matter, but the verdict was delivered without benefit of judge or jury, leaving half the country believing fraud was likely.

Trump raised his concerns before the Georgia Senate elections where, to no one’s surprise, similar electoral hijinks produced a similar outcome to the presidential election. Trump’s team of lawyers cried foul, but no one wanted to hear it, not the media, courts, nor legislative bodies. For his efforts to raise the issue of electoral integrity and encourage his supporters to “peacefully patriotically make your voices heard” by members of Congress, he was quickly impeached, again.

He now awaits a Senate trial to remove a sitting president from office, which he is not. So what? In Washington, DC, a tax is a tax until it is not, like Obamacare and Chief Justice John Roberts’ interpretation illustrated. Impeachment is whatever Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer deem it to be. How soon until Baron and Melania are impeached and convicted for the unforgivable crime of living with the Orange Man?

Trump exited the national stage like a lamb, a couple of classy and dignified speeches, dutifully ignored by the media who were busy gushing over Biden’s Rolex watch, perhaps a token of appreciation given to “the big guy” by some foreign interest. Where was the lion of four years ago? Did he finally concede to the cackle of hyenas surrounding him with bared teeth?

We were promised a “storm,” not just some rain and wind but something “biblical.” It was to be the “greatest show on earth,” a “great awakening” with “panic in DC.”  But then again, we were told to “trust” Sessions and Wray. How has that worked out? They said, “the hunters become the hunted” and that “nothing can stop what is coming.”

That last statement was prophetic as nothing did stop what was coming, from a dodgy election and impeachment, to a senile grifter occupying the Oval Office systematically undoing all of Trump achievements. Was the past four years all for naught, a short blip in the steady decline of America? Was it like a few warm sunny days in mid-January when everyone comes out to play before hunkering back down for the rest of a brutally cold winter?

At least 75 million Americans are awake, perhaps many more if anyone cared to investigate, but to what end? We no longer have “government of the people, by the people, for the people” as Abraham Lincoln promised in the Gettysburg Address. Instead, we have government by and for the elites, the ruling class, the “big club” of which none of us are a member.

Spygate conspirators are living large, facing none of the promised “indictments coming.” James Comey is teaching at Columbia, Peter Strzok at Georgetown, the latter’s wife, perhaps as a peace offering for her husband’s dalliance with Lisa Page, named an acting director at the SEC.

Kevin Clinesmith, who falsified evidence for Carter Page’s FISA warrant, received a slap on the wrist of a year of probation and hours of community service. Compare that to how Michael Flynn was treated for misremembering an irrelevant date.

Spygate is going out like a lamb, no indictments, no punishment, no reckoning, only promotions, and rewards. The big club is taking care of itself.

Does Trump still have a trump card to play? As time passes, this glimmer of hope is fading faster than our freedom of speech on social media. It’s not in his nature to lose, especially in such fashion, exiting the biggest stage in the world like a lamb.

He has hinted at things to come, as when he mentioned in passing while golfing, “we haven’t finished yet.” I hold out hope, although dwindling, as without hope there is nothing. Is the lamb actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing? We’ll see.

The corruptocrats have certainly not finished. We have doctors telling us we should wear not one, but four masks. Never mind breathing through a dozen layers of fabric or mask shortages. Or Black Lives Matter, after violently destroying neighborhoods and cities last summer, being nominated for a Nobel “Peace” Prize. The only distinction between protests and insurrection is whether Democrats or Republicans are involved. Up is down and down is up. If this is the new normal, America is finished.

The lion left the building like a lamb, and the only storm is one being unleashed on those not in the “big club,” punished and castigated for supporting the lion in his quest to make America great again. Instead of a steaming cup of coffee, all we are left with is a flaming bag of disappointment and dwindling hopes.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, is a physician and freelance writer. He is on sabbatical from social media.

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