A systematic takeover of democracy has occurred. It was swift and decisive. It happened right before your eyes while you still doubted its possibility. You may or may not be familiar with a Color Revolution, but it is happening on U.S. soil. All the signs were there, everything was put into place, but no one stopped it. This was in the making for decades, you just didn’t see it. (Related: Former Special Forces Officer 

Where do we go from here?

Well, while some of you sat in your home full of fear, confusion, and disarray the left used your shattered reality to push their agenda. The level of fear was just enough to get Americans under control, and the virus was the perfect weapon to knock you further off-kilter. They stole not just one election but two.  Noone stopped them. President Trump was just a means to an end. It wasn’t about him, he is for the people and the country,  but he stood in the way of their integral objective and there was no stopping them now.

Leftest Democrats, RINOs, large corporations, combined with big tech all control what you hear and what you say.  Ask Alexa. Networks like NewsMax and OANN,  like us, are all under attack. They want to eliminate people like Tucker Carlson, Josh Hawley, or anyone who stands up to them. They will destroy careers, shut down accounts, and will not stop their vengeance until they have destroyed the lives of anyone who supports President Trump.  They will continue until they have the power and control they feel they are entitled to.  So ask yourself this:  “Who in the government is standing up for our rights, you know that thing we have called a Constitution?” Well, let me answer that for you, “A very small minority” and the threats of violence, etc they are up against are unprecedented. We’re next.

Believe it or not, Marxists have infiltrated the democrat party and are aligned with foreign governments. The end game is to fundamentally change our county. They will do whatever it takes to stop anyone who gets in their way. None of this was about president Trump. It was about us and an attack on our beliefs, our Constitution, our way of life all of which they despise. President Trump got in the way, he was not part of the swamp and he would not comply with their demands. So, they found a way to get rid of him. You. American’s who would be fed information day in and day out by every media station, social network, corporation who had a vested interest in removing the current president. They attack those on top first before they get to you. Don’t think for one second that you’re not next.

So, to be clear, the cancel culture who is really the Marxist left is out to CANCEL our entire way of life. All the things we as Americans take for granted like free speech, or simply asking questions which normally would bring people together, to the removal of all freedom as you know it will all disappear. This all started slowly under the disguise of “tolerance” as I told you many years ago and it evolved into what you see before you today. There was never anywhere for it to go except the direction it has taken because there hasn’t been a politician in the swamp to stand up to them. Think about this, “How many people could sustain the abuse, outright lies, and ridicule President Trump and his family have had to sustain?” Don’t you wonder why they are going to all this trouble to get rid of him? Doesn’t it make you just a little bit curious when they tolerated every other president ( well RINO) prior to Trump?

The fact of the matter is the left is playing head games with you. They have been doing it for a long time.  RINOS are and always have been a part of that game. Those of you who believe there were two parties are wrong. Democrats and Republicans have been part of the deep state for decades. That should be clearly evident to you by now. These people who are in control of our government, along with all the others previously mentioned all want you to feel bad and guilty about things you had no control over. You weren’t even alive, none of us were. Remember Genghis Khan or the Roman Empire? What about General Custer and the decisions he made? Are we responsible for them too?

Why are some of you feeding into their demands? Why don’t you see it what’s happening? Stop the white privileged garbage, it’s racist. All lives matter not just some of them. The left started the whole concept of White Privilege, yet it is the very thing they say they are trying to end, which is discrimination. They are engaging in the one thing they are claiming to dissolve; are they really that stupid? No, they are not, they no exactly what they are doing and they need division across the country for their plan to work.  Ironically, the pathological liars on both sides have labeled Trump supporters racists, white supremacists, etc when they, the democrats were the ones who are aligned with racism from the beginning. They are the racists and always have been. https://www.conservativedailynews.com/2020/08/the-democratic-party-racists-from-the-beginning/

They want you to hate your country the way they do. They want you to be ashamed of the greatest country in the world. They are out to destroy the United States, Did you really think it was about social justice or events that transpired before you were even born? Many of the statues they destroyed had nothing to do with slavery. What did churches and religious icons, retail stores, food stores, small businesses, etc have to do with the civil war or social justice? Yet they were destroyed and while BLM thugs did their early Christmas shopping via taxpayer money, Democrats did nothing to stop any of it. Do you get it yet? They are allowing crime to escalate.

This is not about freedom for all, it is about taking away your freedom.  It is nothing short of tragic how the entitlement generation, combined with Marxist democrats and cowardly republicans, conspired against anything good, just or decent in our country. So many people chose to surrender their rights, while hiding in fear over a virus. Many people believed, for some reason, that the individuals running the country were smarter then them and therefore they welcomed the directives.  Some people turned into obedient little sheep, allowing their masters the wolf, to lead them into submission. Sadly, some politicians are so complacent they are already trying to find way to take taxpayer money and give it to freeloaders in the form of reparations and you, the taxpayer, have no right to speak up.

So, as I said before, they had everything they needed to implement a color revolution right here in the United States, the greatest democracy  in the world. They knew what they were doing,  it was planned after all: Former Secretary of State John Kerry attended the Alliance of Democracy panel in Copenhagen labeled the Democracy Summit. At the Summit when asked about his experience losing the 2004 election and whether he thinks Trump would leave office “in the manner we’ve been accustomed” if he loses the election, Kerry drew a comparison between the potential unrest that could come if Trump were to be reelected to the Revolutionary War. Keep in mind, Kerry was involved in the color revolution of many countries:  Bahrain (Pearl Revolution), Russia (Snow Revolution), Macedonia (Colorful Revolution), and Armenia (Velvet Revolution) to name a few and now we have the U.S (D.C. Revolution).

Do you understand what a color revolution even is? Let me say this again. A Color Revolution is a fundamental process implemented to overthrow a duly elected government, which they did. Now their goal is to change the entire country and if they succeed, you know that feeling you get when you feel like your living in the Twilight Zone? Well, that feeling will never go away, because it will become your new reality. Take a listen at the viewpoints of Beijing Biden and the other Marxists Democrats.

So, November 3, 2020 President Trump was re-elected for a second term, then the left went to work in the wee hours of the morning and conned you into thinking Beijing Biden won.  For some reason some of you cannot look beyond party lines and realize that the both parties were one in the same for a very long time.  You have the RINOs on one side and terrified Democrats on the other, combined with the new Marxist democrat party, but all are a part of the deep state. If you think about all the various departments within the government and SCOTUS you have to wonder what the deep state has on individuals to keep them in line the way they do. Some of us ponder the possibilities of how they can exhort so much control over the other swamp creatures in Washington, but in the end being a coward, the way so many of these politicians are is really just an unacceptable, inexcusable ploy . You have to wonder, especially now, if any of them will be held accountable for all their criminal, treasonous behaviors?

You don’t have to take my word for any of this,  just do your research, use your intelligence to sort through all the information to determine what is fact and what is fiction. Then and only then will you see who is lying and who is telling the truth. You would also have to apply common sense. Listen very carefully to what all politicians are saying. Open your mind to the idea you may be one of the people who has made a mistake in your thinking. Either way it won’t change or fix what has happened so all Americans along with their children, grandchildren, and so on will have to live with whatever comes next.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? We might as well start with the China virus although you need to keep in mind the revolution here started long before the China virus.

The China virus helped to expedite what was already in place. It provided, if you will, the point of no return or at least not at the moment.  Seems a bit intentional doesn’t it?  I mean China creating a biochemical weapon, like the virus, and unleashing it upon the world, is that possible?  Have you also noticed how now the covid mandates of left-wing politicians have  suddenly taken an unusual turn as well? Imagine that.

Initially: The China Virus hit the world. There was so much controversy around it and with WHO and their alignment to China. The lying from all sides was, for some, blatantly obvious. That said, next the politicians, with use of government-controlled media, began their reign of fear and terror. They ordered everyone to stay home. They said we have to flatten the curve blah, blah, blah. Remember that? You were there, you know all garbage they fed you. While you were distracted with all the riots, and hiding in your home because of a virus, they were able to move forward with a coup d’état; an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a political faction, the military, or a dictator, a color revolution.

Democrats and Republicans, along with others gathering in the swamp we call D.C., are quite good at distorting the facts.  Lying for some of them is second nature. Of course none of the idiot politicians in this country thought to just tell the truth about the virus, which was to say, “It’s a new virus, we don’t know what to do so we are trying different things.”  Instead they saw it as a way to test just how easily you, the sheep, would follow their mandates. They found out, probably even to their own amazement, how quickly so many individuals would surrender their rights. An insurmountable amount of power over the masses became a reality for hungry politicians.  Presumably, that power probably made them feel similar to Julius Caesar after he won a battle, euphoric. Their already inflated egos were now probably ready to pop. Who would have imagined how easily people would give up their rights, the Constitution, yet so many people did it without even batting an eyelash.  So many surrendered to the ideals of politicians who had no right telling you what to do. They pretended to have your best interests in mind and, well, so many actually fell for it. They got control without a fight. Fear has a funny way of forcing people into submission, doesn’t it?

While mandating the need to stay home but realizing you have to get necessities they said: if you must go out, cover your face, keep your social distance, your children aren’t allowed to attend school, businesses need to close, etc. From this point your elected officials (keyword – elected) determined what (who) is essential and what (who) is not. At some point they implemented online studies for your children – which served another purpose, now they can get better control over or should I say continue the brainwashing of your children.

Meanwhile while people sat home complying with their orders politicians went on vacations, ate in fine restaurants, traveled, got their hair done and so on. A lot of people defended or ignored their blatant disrespect. Some people may have been to busy snitching on their neighbors like good little brown shirts to even notice or care.

An interesting observation you may or may not have overlooked was this: elected officials who got the virus were immediately hospitalized, given treatment, and seemingly most or all survived. You on the other hand, got the virus and were told to stay home and quarantine; well, unless of course you were on your last leg and we all know how that goes. And don’t you wonder how Andrew Cuomo (NY) put covid positive patients in with the elderly, in nursing homes, thousands of people died, yet there is no accountability?

Okay, so, you know the story with regard to the virus, but do you see how it was politicized? If you don’t get it yet, listen to the latest comments given by dictators like Gavin Newsom (CA) or Andrew Cuomo (NY) plus others.  You have to at least see sudden flip from previous statements made by democrats across the country?  After months of their draconian control and driving away masses of New Yorkers and Californians, just to name two states, they are currently saying, “New York must reopen its economy.” To be perfectly clear the leftist politicians who forced you to stay home, destroyed small businesses, allowed looting, rioting, and a surge in crime in their cities and states stole not one but two elections and are now suddenly saying businesses need to open after destroying them intentionally since this started. They knew what they were doing from the very beginning.

The election. Well I’m not gonna go there; you would have to be a moron to ignore all the evidence obtained across the country to show we have a fraudulent president along with his side-kick. But in the event you still believe Beijing Biden won the election then ask yourself this: How does someone who sat in his basement refusing to discuss anything of any intellectual value or substance and was told by Hilary Clinton months prior to the election, “Under no circumstances concede,” and who had minimal followers at best, win an election?  How does a man accused of illegal dealings with China, who has been in the swamp for forty plus years and accomplished nothing win a presidential election? C’mon, be honest.

It really doesn’t matter what side you are on just try to look at the facts. Until the left shoved all the garbage down your throat didn’t you like your neighbor and love your country? Didn’t you see yourself lucky to be in a free country where you had the ability to achieve your dreams? You seriously don’t have to be Einstein to see all the nonsense you are being spoon-fed by fake news, democrats and so on.

Cities and states, most run by Democrats and who have DA’s who were bought by George Soros, well, they took things to a new level.  They tested people to see just how much they would put up with. As a result, crime rates skyrocketed. Catch and release programs along with other defund the police policies were implemented. Meanwhile police officers are portrayed as villains although they are the only ones who stand be between you and criminals . In what world does that make sense?

Next, they plan to eliminate the NRA and take guns from law-abiding citizens. They already took away the first amendment, time to move forward on the second one. Now, this important and something you might really want to think about: As the rush to defund the police and disarm American’s moves forward, and as they push the rhetoric they want you to believe there are a few things to keep in mind:

First, they know you will never read the bills they implement, just like the one where you got $600 and billions of dollars went to other countries for worthless things that shouldn’t be our problem. Then, and this is really important so pay attention here, once they defund the police and take away your guns who is there to protect you?  Only Antifa and BLM and criminals will have guns. Also, note while you will no longer be allowed to protect your home or your family, politicians will continue to have their taxpayer-funded security keeping them safe.

On a different note, they are using the incident at the Capital in their Academy Award-winning dramatizations to hide the truth from Americans. Of course, they continue to distort the facts. Capital police called for help six times and were ignored. Why do you think that was? Next, combine that with their silence regarding who were the real criminals at the Capital?  That was Antifa. So now ask yourself, “Why are we turning the country, especially D.C. into military zones?”  After all Trump supporters are not violent they were never involved in any of the rioting, looting, murders, destruction across the county.  So what is the end game, why such a strong military presence when they ignored all the violence and destruction all summer? If it was a legitimate election by the people then why would Beijing Biden and his sidekick need protection from the people? It makes no sense. What are they really planning?

So, do you still think it’s politics as usual? It isn’t. You think the division across the country is something they don’t’ want? They want it; they are its creators after all. There is nothing normal or usual about any of this.

Start paying attention and reading all the new policies they want to put into place. Listen and read the Bills very carefully, as if your life depended on it, because it does. They are on a mission to destroy everything this country stands for. There is no room for silence, no room for violence, and no room for complacency.