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Editor’s Note: Originally posted in 2012. Yesterday’s news was some thing. History is re levant.

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Important note: The third gun was planted. For a reason.


Source: A Line of Sight
June 15, 2012

Via San Antonio Express.

The Shape of Things to Come: “South of the Border Down Mexico Way”

By MG Paul Valley (US Army Retired) and Tom Marin, Contributing Editors and Bob Beauprez, Editor-in-Chief

At the Intersection of Fast & Furious: Crime, Big Money, Drugs, Radical Islam, International Socialism and Infiltration

The absurdity of the current policies of the White House, State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice, clearly indicate aiding and abetting sabotage against our country by enemies, both foreign and domestic, in order to destabilize and incur harm on our country, each state, and all our citizens as well as reduce our overall ability to respond to critical events as an entirely alien system of government is implemented.

With the recent news reported by the Washington Examiner of the Obama Administration’s sealing of the court records of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder case we can only conclude that this blatant act is a cover which by doing so, sounds an alarm that more conspirators are involved and larger agendas for sabotage and subterfuge of the American way of life are in play. It is quite clear that the international sharia socialists (ISS) in the WH, State, DOJ, and DHS engaged in the cover up as the history of their acts of omission in their process of sabotage combined with this recent act of commission violates the oath every law enforcement and public official take.
What is amazing is how this recent news lines up with Hillary Clinton’s small arms agenda at the U.N., the rise of Iranian insurgency via the drug cartels in Latin America, and the embracing of the Muslim Brotherhood as a key component of both American Foreign and Domestic Policy.

On the day he was murdered, Agent Terry, walked into a much larger conspiracy to undermine the safety and security of the United States of America and the freedom loving people of the world. In his death, Brian sent a clear message to us where to look, and he was sold out by his own management and the cover up became “political.” That is criminal.

How did we get here and where are we going on the road to nowhere? The answer is the same: the way Mexico has arrived, only they are in the last stages of the plan for control and internal and outside forces are actively involved.

History points to the same game plan: The Zimmermann Note was a telegram intercepted by British Intelligence from the German Foreign Minister, Arthur Zimmerman, to the German Ambassador to Mexico on January 19, 1917. At that time, the world was already engaged for two years in WWI and was divided into multinational allegiances. The goal of the German strategy was to neutralize the USA either by subjugating commercial shipping to massive submarine warfare or have Germany bankroll a Mexican insurgency into the USA.

The Zimmermann Note reads:

“On the first of February we intend to begin submarine warfare unrestricted. In spite of this, it is our intention to endeavor to keep neutral the United States of America.”
“If this attempt is not successful, we propose an alliance on the following basis with Mexico: That we shall make war together and together make peace. We shall give general financial support, and it is understood that Mexico is to reconquer the lost territory in New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. The details are left to you for settlement.”

“You are instructed to inform the President of Mexico of the above in the greatest confidence as soon as it is certain that there will be an outbreak of war with the United States and suggest that the President of Mexico, on his own initiative, should communicate with Japan suggesting adherence at once to this plan; at the same time, offer to mediate between Germany and Japan.”

“Please call to the attention of the President of Mexico that the employment of ruthless submarine warfare now promises to compel England to make peace in a few months.”

As in “Mahmoud Zimmermann” – Judging from the recent Iranian Naval warfare maneuvers in the Straits of Hormuz with the goal of disrupting worldwide economies, one can clearly hear the voice of Dr. Gordon Prange stating history is relevant and history repeats itself. We can conclude that it is the same blueprint being used for a 3rd time, and who knows where the road goes?

Current events now draw a direct parallel to a well-funded strategy of infiltration to destroy the social, political, and cultural fabric of nation states worldwide in order to implement a new economic blueprint and management system of control.

In addressing a recent meeting of The World Affairs Council of San Antonio, Mexican Newspaper magnate and CEO of the Mexico’s largest newspaper, Grupo Reforma, Alejandro Junco del la Vega stated that “systematic breakdowns in Mexico’s society and institutions underlie the violence that mars daily life in that nation and the same breakdowns prevent democracy in Mexico from fulfilling its promise of freedom and hope for Mexicans, building a mentality of despair that fuels the drug trade and organized crime” as reported by David Hendricks – San Antonio Express-News.

In his testimony before Congress on October 4, 2011, Updating US Policy to Counter Threats of Insurgency and Narco-Terrorism, DEA Intelligence Chief Rodney Benson stated that “Of the Mexican Drug Trafficking organizations, the Sinaloa cartel has the broadest reach into Europe, Australian and Asia. With over 43,000 deaths, Mexico is in the fifth year of war against the drug cartels, with the Sinaloa cartel, led by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, striving to consolidate his cartel’s power over the Zeta, Tijuana, and Gulf Coast Cartels. It is very apparent that the Sinaloa Cartel intends to become part of the international supply chain for product and services and that requires financing operations.

So what did Agent Terry walk into on the day that he was murdered? Maybe we should look into what Zimmerman “noted”: the financial funding.

Maybe Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, can shed some light as to where all these drug running “entrepreneurs” bank. Could it be Holder’s favorite, Wachovia, and others?

On March 16, 2010, Wachovia Bank entered into a Deferred Prosecution Agreement with the Justice Department and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency including $160 million in assessed penalties. In the agreement Wachovia admitted to years of violations of the Bank Secrecy Act, used to track and deter money laundering by the drug cartels, which requires that financial institutions file reports and notify the Treasury Department of all financial transactions over $10,000 (31 CFR 103.22).

In the plea agreement, Wachovia admitted to willfully failing to maintain an anti-money laundering program from 2003-2008. During this time period Wachovia failed to monitor more than $420 billion in financial transactions with the Mexican currency exchange houses. It should be noted that in the court documents, Wachovia was aware as early as 1996 (there’s that magic year again) of its risk exposure and allowed the wire transfer of funds to worldwide recipients.

Also, the criminal investigation uncovered that Wachovia, Bank of America, American Express International, and HSBC financed logistical operations for cartel narco-trafficking. Furthermore, notification must be given by filing a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) (31 CFR 103.24) if the value of any account in a foreign country in which each person or bank subject to the jurisdiction of the US exceeds $10,000.

As part of the Obama Administration’s “plea deal” and special treatment for the banks that suffered under TARP, the charges against several banks were consolidated under Wachovia which later merged into Wells Fargo. What happened to the criminally negligent executives? Why were none of the individuals that approved the laundering of hundreds of millions of dollars prosecuted? With all their expertise, fiduciary obligations, and experience, were they just unaware?

Agent Terry was the one who was actually unaware as he walked into one of many international business transactions involving the Main Street Mega-Banks of the U.S. that have been converted, “changed”, since 1996 and are now part of the new Banking and Financial corporatism that fully supports the global supply chain for the largest conglomerate to supply “controlling substances” (WMD) in the new global system.
In any good “partnership” with common agendas, side agreements can be easily implemented and bolted on to existing revenue streams to increase the ROI and provide for better risk management in order to control costs. As reported by Fox News, a third gun belonging to a confidential informant inside a cartel was recovered at the murder scene. What was it doing there? The court records have been sealed as well as the judge’s order. This blatant obstruction of justice in regard to a criminal murder investigation points directly to aiding and abetting “criminal elements” in a foreign country for a much larger agenda.

This agenda includes interfering in the internal domestic affairs of a foreign country for the purpose of assisting in the movement to consolidate the power of the emerging Sinaloa International Conglomerate with its banking and financial partners, as well as to assist in Hillary Clinton’s U.N. Mothership Agenda21 and the implementation of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty by manipulating the numbers like any good “trader” would do.
It should be noted that the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel’s wife, moves about freely across the borders and recently gave birth to twins in Los Angeles and have attained US citizenship through the provisions of the 14th Amendment. It seems to be the same modus operandi as the Red Chinese “baby flights” to California.

Agent Terry probably was also unaware that forfeiting our American identity for a one-world-government U.N. identity was the real objective of this Administration. Maybe this explains why Hillary Clinton is silent about the Fast & Furious scandal and Agent Terry’s assassination?


It is quite apparent that narco-terrorism has become an “unofficial” international business that is being used successfully as a tool to infiltrate the institutions that del la Vega warned about. Agent Terry and the history of German Intelligence Operations point to something much larger…a new economic blueprint and a new system of management and control brought to you by your very own government and other related third parties.
Paul E. Vallely (MG, US Army Ret) is a Contributing Editor to A Line of Sight, CEO of NEMO Arms Inc. (New Evolution Military Ordnance), and Chairman of Stand Up America.

Tom Marin has spent his life as a student of history and foreign policy; working to implement its lessons and avoid the mistakes. He has successful careers in the private sector, specializing in telecommunications, and also distinguished service at the Pentagon. He is also a member of Stand Up America.




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