Editor’s Note – As we approach the running of the first Boston Marathon since that horrific day last year, security has been elevated to unprecedented levels. Just in time for this event, the Congressional Homeland Security Committee just published their investigation of the bombing at the hands of the Tsarnaev brothers.

From this new report are some key takeaways, one of which is very worrisome, there has been a clear reversion of law enforcement, at all levels, including that of Federal agencies, back to a pre-9/11 mentality.boston-strong

The 9/11 Commission Report, after a comprehensive investigation, offered many solutions to fix the gaps, one with special regard to immigration, but to date, Federal agencies have not completed those system repairs.

What is worse is that major walls have once again been erected, a return to the silos of old if you will. There is a clear lack of cooperation and collaboration between agencies as we know contributed to the horrors of the first 9/11.

What was confirmed in this report was that the Russians had provided a major tip to the FBI about the Tsarnaev family and the radicalization of their two sons.

Additionally, the Russians asked that if anyone in this family were to travel back to any part of Russia, that our Customs and Border agencies and/or the FBI to notify Russian intelligence. Our agencies could not even do that.

The last major item in this report is the FBI, per the Department of Justice, has refused to turn over documents and has demonstrated a crass lack of cooperation with the Congressional investigation committee.

The question is why? The answer is, another report would be drafted that demonstrates the failures of agencies to keep America safe in the matter of National Security.

We cannot forget that under the Obama administration, we have had TWO attacks where people died; the Ft. Hood shooting and the Boston bombing plus a number of other events where dubious explanations were all that were provided.

It is clear, no one is safe from peril or injury at the hands radical Jihadists thanks to the Department of Justice or the Department of Homeland Security.

Read the report here or click on the screen capture below, but the introduction is a must read: