By Andrew P. O’Meara, Jr., Col., USA (Ret.)

The rise of corruption in Congress did not happen overnight. It has been a long time coming. It has accompanied the long march by the radical left through the academic community that has corrupted American values, dishonored American heritage, and defiled American exceptionalism.


In the last Century, we have witnessed a dramatic rise in opposition to American heritage and the American Dream. Educators have led the way in changing traditional attitudes by championing Socialism and Communism. Socialist doctrine contains ideas hostile to free market economies, which Marx labeled Capitalism. The Marxist critique of the American free-market economy has been accompanied by the fabrication of a false narrative fostering hatred against our heritage to justify the destruction of the American Republic.


The academic community has led the way in popularizing Marxism. Socialist beliefs have found their way into college classrooms and K-12 education. As socialist beliefs have gained in popularity, faith in traditional American values has declined. American heritage has gone from being the source of universal pride in American exceptionalism to being considered a hated patriarchal system of oppression of women, workers, minorities, and Native Americans, as taught by Karl Marx. (These Marxist ideas are rooted in error but have been adopted due to students’ abysmal knowledge of history, a weakness fostered by disloyal educators.)


The result has been declining nationalism and increased popularity of globalist thinking promoting international governing bodies such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Changing attitudes have transformed America, including journalists, entertainers, government employees, and members of Congress. Today, intellectual elites holding radical socialist values dominate the fields of journalism, entertainment, big business, and federal agencies.


The shift in popular attitudes has seen the rise of the administrative state, known as the Deep State, in which federal and state agencies are staffed by employees loyal to themselves or international governing bodies rather than the American people. Global elites with allegiances to One World Government, international courts, and tribunals reject the will of the American people. These sophisticated graduates of exclusive schools and colleges look down upon the American people, who are seen as rustic relics of the past clinging to their guns and Bibles (Barak Obama). Hillary Clinton has referred to us as deplorables.


Regrettably, attitudes hostile toward middle-class Americans have become so widespread members of Congress have adopted them. Influential Congressional leaders, including the Speakers of the House, have demonstrated disgust for the ordinary people, seeing us as unworthy of self-government.


These prejudiced public servants have sought to decouple Congressional representatives from the will of the American people. Those responsible are known as Republicans in Name Only (RINOs). RINOs joined with jaded Democrat crooks across the aisle and highjacked Congress, separating the people from their elected representatives. It was a treasonous act removing the reason for being from the Republican form of government.


House Speakers such as John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and Kevin McCarthy have turned their backs on middle-class Americans, handing their loyalties to traitors they considered more deserving than the common people. In short, they have used the power of the purse to divert taxpayer dollars from the people into the private bank accounts of corrupt Congressmen. Accepting bribes, kickbacks, and legislative favors to create a rogue Government of corrupt Congressional officials, they have trashed the Constitution and dismantled government by, for, and of the people.


How do we redress the wrongs done to the American people, who have had their tax dollars stolen by Congressional crooks? How are we to understand the crimes committed by our elected representatives, who have singlehandedly overthrown the rule of the American people, destroying the Republican government in the process? Fortunately, we needn’t look far for the answer.


Major General Paul Vallely has done us an excellent service by clarifying what constitutes treason. (See the attached article.) In times of national crisis, when Antifa insurrections are carried out with impunity, when Federal courts and agencies have established a two-tiered system of Justice, and when attempts to nullify free speech are commonplace, we, the people must defend the Constitution. Performing our duty demands we be able to recognize when the line has been crossed from participation in party politics to acts of treason when actions are initiated to overthrow the government.


Why? Because the Republican government is fragile. Because we, the people, are the last line of defense. We must thwart the overthrow of our government, lest we watch helplessly as the destruction of our Constitutional Republic is carried out by Congressional traitors because treason has already occurred in our midst.

The Constitution created the legislative branch composed of the House and the Senate. The House is composed of representatives of the people, whose duty is to carry out the will of the people by passing laws to enforce the people’s mandate. By this means, the founders established a Republican form of government based upon government by, for, and of the people.


The House of Representatives is fundamentally bound up in service to the citizens of the Republic. Diverting the loyalty of the elected representatives from the will of the people splits the House of Representatives from its purpose as written in the Constitution.


Members of Congress take an oath of office to defend the Constitution. By ignoring their sworn duty to represent the people and plundering the people’s tax dollars, Congress members have turned away from the Constitution’s defense and the Republic’s preservation. Such repudiation of sworn duty destroys the representative functions of Congress. Such acts betray the people, destroy the Constitution, and utterly negate the Republican form of government. Their criminal conduct serves to overthrow our government and distinguishes members of Congress as traitors – domestic enemies of the American people – who have committed treason.


Make no mistake. Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarty is a traitor. He has committed treason. He has collaborated with other members of Congress (RINOs and Democrat crooks) to overthrow the government. Now he would walk away from the scene of his crimes and retire from public service without being held accountable. That must not happen. For the sake of the Republic, he must be charged with his crimes, tried, found guilty, and punished to the full extent of the law.

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