The Real Extremists – SECDEF Austin & CJCS Staff Mark Milley


Their Lemmings of the Left

By Ed Haugland

Guest Editorial

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley testify during a hearing before the House Committee on Armed Services on June 23, 2021, in Washington, D.C.

So, we’ve seen Milley proclaim his concern for understanding “white rage.”  We’ve also seen this hypocrite partisan proclaim how he worried about President Trump – a duly elected President – was going off the rails.  So, what gives this single, political partisan, moron the right to then bypass his chain of command, and spend his time talking to the left-wing ideologues like Pelosi, Schumer, and the Chinese military Communists about how to stop the President from doing something he, nor anyone else was contemplating?

Furthermore, we previously saw this sorry partisan general “apologize” for standing with the President, as Trump showed resolve and will to ensure American’s safety against the massive left-wing riots, anarchy, arson, assaults, and assassination of cops – the so-called “summer of love” that resulted in over two $$$BILLION dollars in damage.  Remember, the church next door to the White House was burning due to arson, riots, and anarchy in D.C.  Yet Milley, along with a dim-witted Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, exemplified weakness, spinelessness, and political correctness as typical bureaucrats by not only repeating the false narrative of the left but becoming the false narrative.

Esper, obviously bought into the false narratives of the left in undermining Trump with an apology. Milley, after his recent acknowledgments regarding his actions during the Trump administration, now seems to be more of a willing partisan, left-wing, narcissist as he totally ignored his oath to the Constitution, ignored his chain of command, and took it upon himself to “save” America from a duly elected President.  Taking actions that were likely treasonous, without letting the Acting Secretary of Defense Miller, or his boss, the President of the United States, know that he was purposefully suborning the Constitution.

The only remedy for this schmuck of a political hack general is a trial for treason, absolute treason, and criminal insubordination. Milley should be stripped of his role, rank, and pension. He should be tried, prosecuted, and given his treasonous behavior – potentially hung by his neck until dead – for his actions.

We should also consider his acolyte McConnel, the current Chief of Staff of the Army, who so quickly buried his head up the rear end of the Biden administration by seeking to find the “extremists” in the ranks to be of questionable integrity.  His actions unfortunately were so quickly echoed by the now obvious politically biased and left-leaning Association of the United States Army (AUSA).  It was stunning how quickly AUSA fell in line with the PC propaganda and disinformation, which strongly suggests the current legion of generals in our Army are not apolitical, and at a minimum, politically correct star chasers who’ve lost their ability and integrity to lead.

Even the sorry hypocrite, loser, and whinner LtCol Vindman – who testified basically that his feelings were hurt because a sitting President didn’t follow his amateur and ill-advised script in talking to an ally.  Vindman, half brain dead, still realized Milley’s actions were and are unconstitutional and that the political CJCS broke the chain of command.

Let’s add to this deck of jockers Lloyd Austin, the current Secretary of Defense – whom the President never seems to remember his name. Probably because Biden probably still doesn’t realize that he’s black.  Nevertheless, old Austin, like his political neophyte general Milley, spent the first half of the administration pushing Critical Race Theory and looking for “extremists” in the military ranks.

Sadly, the only task they had at hand to identify the “real extremists” in the military – was to look in the mirror.  Austin and Milley exemplify the real extremists. They are left-wing ideologues. They seem to not care about the constitution, the all-volunteer force, but rather seek to push politically correct crap that divide our military, sow distrust, undermine the chain of command, undermine our constitution, and do so while abandoning tens of thousands of allies, Americans, and Afghanistan civilians who served or supported our efforts.

It is surreal watching how our DoD, CIA, ODNI, FBI, DOJ, IRS, DOS, and the federal executive branch is weaponized – not unlike the fascist and communists – to undermine America’s security, destroy our relationship with NATO and our allies, and position their heads up the back-end orifices of our adversaries like Iran, China, Russia, and the Taliban.

The Biden Administration, and his lemmings of the left like Austin, and a disgusting hypocrite and likely traitor Milley, all deserve only one award – the brown star award!  For there are no great set of lemmings of the left, true exemplars of hypocrisy, who strive so hard to attach themselves to the rear exit of those in power.  Five stars – that is five brown stars – are awarded to acknowledge such an attachment to the crap hole of power, vice supporting that which they took an oath to uphold and defend – our constitution.

© 2021, Edward L. Haugland, All Rights Reserved