Editor’s Note– As America remembers 9/11 and rightly holds many ceremonies in recognition, the rest of the world rambles on as if 9/11/01, or ten years later, 9/11/11, were just another day on the calendar. Why, because many outside our borders were not all innocent, not by a long shot. They were in most cases complicit, and/or they cheered at our grief and loss, or just plain ignored it as a “the big brute takes one on the chin” sort of thing, so what! This happens all the while Mr. Obama calls for a National Day of Service and Remembrance as is orchestrated by the Corporation for National and Community Service on America’s most infamous date of grief!

In Tehran, Cairo, and multiple other locales in the Middle East, the enemies of America are fully involved in the ‘Arab Spring’ and all its tendrils. We say enemies, because even though we (America) supported the so-called Libyan rebels, these people were our enemies not long ago, and likely still are. As many revel in their abandon, here and abroad over these events, a serious change has occurred there, and its Israel again who is feeling the reverberations first!

As SUA continues to report from sources outside our main stream media, our enemies and those of the civilized western world are quickly taking steps to take over the power in the new vacuum of toppled governments, and to allow old, and continual hate to take firm hold. Again, the ‘can of worms’ was kicked over and it was more than worms that emerged!

Now Palestine’ takes the reigns of the Arab League; things do not bode well for Israel as the violence in supposed ‘democratic’ efforts now reveal the true intent of those who will emerge as the new leaders of these ‘Arab Spring democracies’! Please read below and pay close attention, its about to get very ugly AGAIN:

Iran voices support for Egypt Rain on Israeli Embassy

From FARS:

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior member of Egypt’s Unity and Freedom Party said that the seizure of the Israeli embassy in Cairo encouraged other Arab nations to raid and seize the Zionist regime’s embassies in their countries.

“The Zionist regime’s mission was seized by the Egyptian revolutionary youths during the Egyptian nation’s revolution and now a same thing will likely happen in the other Arab countries,” Seyed Mahmoud al-Jaber told FNA on Saturday.

Jaber reiterated that the Egyptian people’s seizure of the Israeli embassy resembles a similar raid by a number of Iranian students on the US embassy in Tehran in the early days after Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

November 4 marks the takeover of the former US embassy in Tehran by Muslim students following the Imam’s line in 1979. Since the 1979 takeover of the US embassy in Tehran, Iranians have been celebrating the occasion every year by holding rallies on the anniversary and marking it as the National Day against the ‘Global Arrogance’.

A similar move by the Egyptian people forced the Israeli ambassador to Egypt to flee Cairo, a few hours after demonstrators stormed the Israeli embassy.

Yitzhak Levanon boarded a plane before dawn on Saturday morning.

The brave move by the Egyptian revolutionaries intimidated Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak so deeply that he called US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in the early hours of Saturday morning Tel Aviv time, and urged Washington to help protect the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

Egyptian protesters stormed the embassy on Friday, destroying a part of a barricade wall around the building in the process.

Egyptian police used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The Member Nations of the Arab Laegue

‘Palestine’ – the un-country to take the reins at the Arab League


CAIRO (Ma’an) — Palestine took presidency of the Arab League on Sunday as the council met for its 136th session in Cairo.

Palestine’s representative Barakat al-Farra replaced Oman’s representative as president of the Arab League. On Tuesday, Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki will take over as president of the ministerial council.

Al-Farra said he hoped the 136th session would meet the Arab people’s ambitions, the official PA news agency Wafa reported.

“Everybody is looking forward to this session which coincides with major events in the Arab world, namely the Arab Spring, and so it should meet ambitions,” Al-Farra said.

Regarding Palestine, the session should offer political support to the upcoming bid for full UN membership, he said.

Al-Farra highlighted that Arab countries should support the PA financially as the government has struggled to pay civil servant wages. The Arab League should support Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem, he added.

“Arab countries that have not fulfilled their pledges made during the successive Arab League summits should pay their dues, and there should be extra financial aid to thwart Israel’s threats to cut off tax revenues to the PA,” Al-Farra said.

The media in Arab countries should help the PA to spread a clear message to the international community confirming that the Palestinian right to self-determination is inalienable and guaranteed by UN resolutions, he added.

Permanent representatives, foreign ministers and the Arab League follow-up committee will hold meetings on the sidelines of the council’s session.