Editor’s Note– When we think of the Middle East, we all see a complexity of issues that have spanned most of our lifetimes, and to the young, their entire lives. With so many viewpoints, so many stake-holders, so many levels of understanding, it is easy to get confused, to jump to conclusions, and worst of all, believe a narrative that is simply not true. Actually, identifying the problem is rather easy, solving the problem of course has been most difficult. Why?

Dennis Prager

The answer to that questions is easily summed up by Dennis Prager in the video below. There he identifies a stark reality:

If the Israelis relinquished all their weapons, they would be wiped from the face of the Earth in days. If the surrounding nations, and the ‘Palestinians’ dropped all their weaponry, peace would breakout over night.

Arabs, Islam, Palestine, and Israel explained in just six minutes. The truth is easy to understand if learned accurately, and with truth the simpleness of the problem cannot be denied. This is not about land, it is about truth.

From Prager University