Melting Pot to Boiling Pot


The Radical Left’s Identity Politics and Path to Genocide


Ed Haugland

Guest Editorial

3 22 2021

America invited the world to come to its shores, to assimilate into a new culture, and it is worked incredibly well for centuries.  People from all parts of the earth seek to come to America for its freedoms, to be themselves, and to create, innovate, and take advantage of such an incredible opportunity.  Over the decades since our founding, we have had varied issues with different ethnic groups assimilating whether the Germans, Poles, Ethiopians, etc. but for the most part – people coming to America have succeeded, thrived, and excelled most when they have become part of the American fabric.

Over the decades of my service to our country, I nor my fellow colleagues in the military or civil service viewed each person by race, religion, ethnicity or other – we viewed them as fellow Americans.  We saw the country unite in such form after 9-11 – we were, and are, Americans first.

But that faith in the American dream, in each other, and in our freedoms for some reason is deemed a major threat by the radical left.  The radical left sees common values, freedom, shared experiences, camaraderie, and unity as an existential threat. But why?  Because united we stand. While the radical left seeks to divide us – so that we fall.

Dividing to Conquer

Their march to divide us began back in the 1960s and the era of civil rights, feminists, then LGTBQ, and other ways to segment and define us not as Americans, but as subgroups to be pandered to, divided, angered, and disenfranchised – despite the fact we all live with the same freedoms, opportunities and in the same neighborhoods.

I have friends across many of the latter groups – but I do not look at them by their “identity,” I look at them as my friends. Friends who sometimes agree with each other and other times do not. But we do not fight, hate each other, call each other names, undermine, or demean each other etc.  We do – as many Americans do – help each other, look out for each other, and care for our neighbors.  We are the most giving nation in the world. And we have seen this time and again in multiple disasters.  No one asks what race, religion, etc. you are when giving to help, aid, and assist. No one!

The left then began to drive ever-greater divides in politics. They did so by demonizing conservatives, their opponents, fostering character assassination of nominees and private citizens, demeaning the religious beliefs of Christians, demeaning middle Americans as hicks and stupid, etc. Remember, anyone who did not bow to the false god of Hillary was “deplorable.”  Then those who fostered such division and hate – brought other false narratives accusing conservatives of wanting to kill seniors, etc., and then began their constant drumbeat that all conservatives were racist. It did not matter if you were black – you are an Uncle Tom or traitor. Remember Biden telling a “black man” that if he did not vote “democrat” that the “black” man was not black!  This is all part of their propaganda campaign and false narratives they have been purposefully driving.

Creating the Boiling Pot

 So why is it now that Biden, Harris, and the democrats created a massive false campaign against police in the last years, painting them all as racist, systemic racists?  The propaganda they spewed stated the “police” murdered thousands of unarmed blacks. All a lie. In reality, out of the millions of arrests or engagements, less than a dozen black men were killed or murdered by police.  Each travesty was, or is, being dealt with in the legal system.  Yet while the democrats blamed police they enabled, applauded, funded, fueled, and bailed out fascists, racists, anarchists, Marxists, arsonists, murderers, and others from BLM, Antifa, and other groups – domestic terrorists (as defined by the FBI Director).  They did so as they also ignored over sixty years in which thousands of blacks were murdered. Where? In their liberal progressive cities’ democrats controlled and still control.  They saw the unnecessary murders of children, grandmothers, sisters, brothers, husbands, and grandfathers.  But did they do anything? No, they did not do anything to decrease the murder rate of blacks.  And with the BLM and Antifa support, they have significantly increased the number of murders and crimes.

Yet they did not stop there.  The radical left – today that encompasses the majority of democrats – then began a massive propaganda campaign after the stolen election.  They decided to paint “all Trump supporters, any conservative, and anyone who didn’t instantly say they had the white privilege (black, Asian, or white it didn’t matter – they had to renounce white privilege) or they were “labeled” racists, white supremacists or worse.  They also labeled them all – domestic terrorists, using a few hundred to paint the tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators similarly.  Yet, they say nothing of the billions of dollars in damage and thousands of murders, etc. from BLM and Antifa domestic terrorists.  Those terrorists – get a pass due to civil rights and free speech.

But when that effort started to peter out, so they brought in the cancel culture, and now the Asian racist attacks.  Yes, it exists. But like the police lie, the paintbrush being used is the same.  Now to further fan the flames, divisiveness, etc. the liberals have added reparations, increased welfare, debt forgiveness, and another insulting, racist, bigoted, and divisive policy.

Ah, but we are not done.  We then see the first black Secretary of Defense go after domestic extremists in the ranks. But not all, only those who may be conservative. No mention of Antifa, Communism, Marxism, BLM, or other groups that are proven, domestic terrorists.  But we go on. We then saw the abuse and use of the military in a banana republic fashion to surround the capitol to install the illegitimate, then forgo the advice of the head of the national guard and override his decision to keep troops in DC around the capitol.  But for what reason. Likely for the crisis “they,” the radical left intends to create.

Now the radical left, while feigning calls for unity, abuses tens of thousands of Hispanic children so that it can paint others as “racist” while it hides everything that is happening at the borders from cameras, reporters, and places a gag order on all federal employees. So much for the most transparent – progressive administration.  Lies, deceit, and Potemkin Villages.

Remember, how “kids in cages” was racist under Trump, yet now with tens of thousands of children – without parents – are now across the border but put in the same “cages” that Biden and Obama built. They are putting the kids, adults, criminals, and China Flu infected all in pens, cages and hiding them.  Hmmm. That seems inhumane, racist, xenophobic, etc.  But – since they are mostly “white” Biden “democrats” that is ok, we know they are really nice racists.

Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and the lemming of the left have opened America’s doors to a massive flow of drugs, human traffickers, cartels, and potential terrorists – while they thought they would stuff in a few more million illegal immigrants while labeling anyone who opposed upholding our laws and constitution as “racists.”  But why not? More Chinese spies to sleep with. More Chinese illegal fundraisers for Democratic candidates.  Why just today, Friday 19 March, Harris revisited for some reason the WWII internment camps of Japanese (forgetting to note that it was under a DEMOCRAT president who interned our Asian neighbors) and spoke about racist attacks on Asians (not noting that disproportionally those attacks are predominately by varied races) – as if there was a massive surge – mostly pure lies and fabrication.

But all of this is now exploding in their faces.  The masses at the border are testing up to 50% positive for covid (China Flu – not racist, fact).  The BLM and Antifa clashes continue as the number of crimes, assaults and murders soar across the nation. Through their purposeful fanning of flames of racism, propaganda, and disinformation – they are incentivizing the extreme elements from all sides.  Ignoring the violence on the left, while calling out false boogeyman such as QAnon – that may be – as reported involved in some activities.  But why?

Identity Politics and Genocide

 Does anyone else see the pattern here? It is the same pattern that Hitler used to exterminate the Jews. The same pattern that we saw in the ethnic cleansing between the Bosnian Muslims, Serbs, and Albanians. The same pattern we saw with imperial Japan and ethnic Chinese.  The Turkish slaughter of the Kurds. The blood bath divisions we have seen most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the divisive slaughter by ISIS.  Let us not forget the Rwandan genocide and massacre by the Hutu population against the minority Tutsis.  The pattern used by Stalin and Russian communists to get the peasant farmers to slaughter the so-called ‘rich” kulaks who had very little more land. But a small difference leveraged to divide, massacre, and conquer all. The Cambodian communist’s genocide captured in the film the “killing fields.”  The list is long, the numbers staggering[1] beyond human cognition. Not millions, but hundreds of millions.  And in all cases, the purge, the genocide was conducted to gain power, absolute power – and fueled by hate and absolute power.

So, if we did have an honest fourth estate – a truly free press, rather than this biased heap of propaganda whores, we would be seeing massive warning signs.  If we did have awake conservatives, who took a strategic view of issues, we would see alarm bells and actual push back.  If we were awake, we would see that remaining the silent majority is as useful as a bag crap – because silence feeds tyranny.

 White as the Snow

 Before I close this article.  Pay attention.  Pay close attention to a very revealing fact.  Every time a left-wing radical yells racist – take a closer look at who is doing the yelling.  Yes, now, and then you get the usual lemming left hypocrites like the sour Lemon and joyless Reed – but you will notice the majority of those calling conservatives racists (no matter if the conservative is black, white, Asian) – are typically old, white, liberal democrat progressives.   Look at the videos of the neighbors supporting BLM.  They are mostly “whites” in their million-dollar homes, in all “white” gated communities, raising their hands and saying they have “white privilege,” then lying on the ground and crying or screaming for some reason. Then they roll over, or stand if they can, high five, and go back to eating Georgetown cupcakes and drinking mimosas on Sunday morning.  These “white” people live in “elite” “rich” and totally or mostly “segregated” communities and neighborhoods – and include the most pervasive accusers of racism by others – like Pelosi, Newsom, Schumer, etc. Look for the blacks, Hispanics, and other races besides…whites…in their neighborhoods. They do exist, landscapers, maids, gardeners, etc.

They will come for you!

 So, we must now fight back, for if we say nothing as they knock on our neighbor’s door, cancel them, call them racist, when we know they are innocent, good people, then they will eventually be knocking on your door.  Some simple ways to stand up and fight back.  First, for those companies, businesses and media that fire or force people to resign for ideas they do not espouse – they should be boycotted, called out as akin to Nazi’s and fascists which they are, and asked to explain and justify why they are destroying our first amendment rights.  For the likes of the biased media, they too need to be called out for feeding racism, xenophobia, bigotry, and “generic” racism against any conservative, religious people, gun owners, and those who disagree with them.  Every time a conservative goes on a talk show, they need to highlight the blatant hypocrisy and bias of those fabricators and propagandists who proclaim their “journalist” credentials, rather than sit idly and feeding the false notion that talk show host or reporter is actually credible and unbiased – they are not, and every time conservatives talk to them, they need to call that out.

As for anyone who questions your beliefs, calls you racist or demeans you – refer them to our Constitution – our Bill of Rights – and ask them – are we in America, or are we in some communist country?  Are we able to peacefully discuss differences, or do we murder each other now?  Are we Americans who care for our neighbors, or sheep and lemmings who follow the tyranny of the moment?  Call out the hate, call out the divisiveness, call out their hypocrisy as the programming and propaganda of the left is so deeply engrained, they believe in the malarky, the lies, the misinformation.  The radical left is so brainwashed by now, from preschool to universities they have never learned, or have forgotten, about the melting pot called America. The tremendous giving, aid, kindness, and generosity that Americans have shown one another for centuries.  Remind the lemmings and sheep of the left, that revolutions tend to eat (slaughter) their young, and as Cuomo, Newsom, and others are finding – tyranny and anarchy unleashed knows no bounds. History as noted in the list of genocides clearly demonstrates how the masses were manipulated into destroying their neighbors by the hundreds of millions.  Evil does exist.  Ask your radical left-liberal why then do they seek to let it free?

So, we have moved from a melting pot, ever close to a boiling pot, and to me the reason is very clear – divide and conquer.  Divide and conquer and extinguish – for absolute power in this never-ending Domestic Cognitive War.

Never let a crisis to waste, which also means creating a crisis if needed.  And so, let us watch what the bigoted, hypocritical radical left does next.  With razor-thin majorities in Congress and the Senate, are on a scorched earth path to end the filibuster and push radical legislation like HR-1, stack the SCOTUS and states, and destroy our constitution and rights.  Why must we ask – is there still an army deployed in DC? Why is the SECDEF overriding the national guard to keep them there?  And why are some psychotics, dystopian, want to be dictators leading the charge to gain absolute power – not from outside the capitol, from the inside?

What is truly scary – is that few seem to be aware, care, or see us moving from a melting pot to boiling pot, to identify politics and extremes, speeding towards a self-made crisis and potential slaughter.


The last thing we need is a genocide created, branded, and labeled “made in America.”

© 2021, All Rights Reserved, Edward L Haugland

Published and released by the Stand Up America Us Foundation



[1] List of genocides by death toll – Wikipedia