Dear Members of the MacArthur Society of West Point Graduates,

As we each ready our families and homes for Christmas and the Holidays, it makes me reflect on the times our troops missed holidays with their families. Many of you missed your own share of Christmases, Thanksgivings, birthdays, kids’ sports games, and maybe even the birth of a child when duty called. I remember a particular Christmas “feast” where I had to dust around to find a spot under a big green “GP-Medium”. Looking back, it was an honor to be there on those missions.

Today, the mission continues. Each one of us joined the MacArthur Society (MS) because we actively embrace our sacred duty as members of the Long Grey Line to be the caretakers of West Point. Duty compels each of us to address the unprecedented problems at our Alma Mater.

Thank you for being a MS member and putting your faith in us. You will be pleased to hear our report that we at the MacArthur Society have made significant progress in laying the groundwork for long-term reform at West Point. Ultimately, the vision of the MacArthur Society is to be the respected “West Point watchdog” for generations to come. We are on our way.

I will send you updates once or twice per month, so please watch for our emails! Below is a summary of our major initiatives and their progress:

Joint Service Borman Commission 2.0 (Borman 2.0)

The MacArthur Society and like-minded alumni from the U.S. Naval Academy (Calvert Task Group) and the U.S. Air Force Academy ( propose that if a conservative President is elected in 2024, a Presidential Executive Order be issued on day one for a blue-ribbon commission for reforming all of the nation’s Service Academies. We have designated this commission “Borman 2.0” after the 1976 effort led by astronaut, Air Force Pilot, and West Point graduate Frank Borman that was created in response to the West Point scandal that year in which 153 cadets resigned or were expelled for cheating on an electrical engineering exam.

Today’s situation at West Point and all of our Service Academies is much more dire:

  • Cultural Marxism, Critical Race Theory and Sexual Identity Politics have been imposed on the curriculum and culture;
  • so-called “Respect Officers” (political commissars) enforce adherence to woke ideology;
  • instances of drug abuse and sexual assault have been covered up;
  • the Honor System has been degraded to the point where lying, cheating and stealing are tolerated;
  • preferential treatment is provided to athletes; and
  • academy leadership and administration have become unaccountable to public inquiry and oversight, with Freedom of Information Act requests and religious exemptions to vaccine mandates slow-walked or completely ignored.

Congressional Support

We are pleased to report that U.S. Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL) has shown great interest in our proposed Borman 2.0 Commission, and we are working diligently to line up further Congressional support. MacArthur Society Board Members and volunteers are presently drafting specific plans and areas of inquiry for the Commission.

New MS Website

We are grateful for MS Board Member Dave Jackson for creating our current website. His work helped MS to get a running start and for MS to take the initiative. We have sought a website designer to take MS to the next phase of excellence and impact, which will require more funding.

My Request of You, Fellow MacArthur Society Members

Talent. Give perhaps 5-10 hours of your time per week to help create the Borman 2.0 initiative with research and writing support.

Membership Development. The AOG no longer provides class email lists, so we are hampered in membership development and must rely on other graduates to contact their friends and classmates and urge them to join MS. Please help by forwarding to a friend. The MacArthur Society aims to partner with any fellow American you know who loves our troops and wants America to win its wars. Thank you for sharing this email!

Expanding Our Reach. We will be expanding our reach beyond West Point alumni. Long-term reformation of West Point appeals to all Americans who love our troops and want America to win its wars, so we invite you to share this and future emails from MS to those you know who also love our troops and want America to win its wars.

Donations. Your donations will support both MS administration and Borman 2.0 2024 staffing. We anticipate getting funding for Borman 2.0 in 2025, but funding for a “skeleton staff” in 2024 to create the framework and a limited amount of detail will be critical the success of MS and Borman 2.0.