By Karl Bernhardt

Guest Editorial:

A brief explanation of why we are seeing the significant combination of MSM, RINOs, Intel leadership, former Trump officials turned backstabbing traitor, foreign enemies (Chinese Communists and Russia), etc., all turned against Trump and the ‘MAGA’ faction.   First, let’s talk about the mainstream media:  The mainstream media journalists are instructed by their senior management.  So, the question becomes, why did the media moguls go rogue liberal?  They could have quickly gone rogue conservative, but they didn’t.  There were a few exceptions, but the majority went highly liberal.  Why?

I believe this answer goes back to the Vietnam War era.  Before the Vietnam War heated up, the media was either agnostic or even leaning conservative (during the post-WWII Truman/ Eisenhower era because of the growing ‘Cold War’).  The massive anxiety that the Cold War generated affected the soccer moms and the general ‘Leave It to Beaver’ American population to be lock-step conservative.  Recall Walter Cronkite was initially pro-war (in the late 1950s and early 1960s) and then became antiwar in his perspective (his Tet Offensive misinformed broadcasts informing the public that the US had lost the Vietnam War (totally untrue) were the culminating point in turning the US public against the war – his rationale was that if the US was ‘winning’ then the massive battle should not have happened – he was an absolute war strategy novice not having a clue as to how the DoD managed the war on the ground – but he was also probably aware that LBJ was micromanaging the war and that was a failure in the making so Cronkite was right in the end).


The LBJ Civil Rights legislation of the mid-1960s (which pivoted the Democrat Party from segregationist to pro-minority rights and then turned the Republican Party to pro-big business) was another pivotal moment.  The media moguls paid attention to this pivot.

The other impact was the swing of the college professors from neutral to pro-Communist as the 1960s/ 1970s/ 1980s evolved (these new college staff were the result of pot-smoking former war protestors becoming professors and adopting the Marxist agenda – remember Karl Marx was an intellectual and the co-opted US professors naturally gravitated to his teachings after they became anti-US in their outlook).  The media moguls knew this and examined this trend privately, knowing the outcome would produce more liberal college graduates over the next several decades.  They thought ahead as most smart businessmen do.  They started turning their journalist staff to a natural liberal progressive perspective (hiring young intellectuals who were also former anti-war protestors as journalists).  This didn’t happen overnight, but over time, it was not picked up by the conservative mainstream population at the time (the soccer moms were content to go along in their comfortable lifestyle while their hubbies toiled away at work).  But the soccer moms are voters.  Each news organization, if successful, turns to its constituency’s interests in its reporting, and it knows that the soccer mom crowd could be influenced.

This explains to a degree why the current mainstream media is so progressive (a result of the ‘Big Bang’ aftereffect of the Vietnam War aftermath). Our mainstream media will not change their Communist progressive agenda until some significant impact occurs to change the mainstream mogul’s forward-thinking outlook. Right now, nothing has appeared to influence their changing direction.

This is why a potential Trump win in 2024 is critically important to the media moguls.  If Trump wins, the MAGA crowd could dominate the ‘soccer mom’ crowd and change the forward direction from progressive to conservative.  They pay particular attention to that potential trend change.  This would portend a change in their future hiring practices to hire more conservative-minded journalists.  They are keeping a close eye on this (the recent failed effort by MSNBC executive management to hire Rona McDaniel, former RNC Chair, is a perfect example).  They support the Biden re-election effort to keep their staff churn to a minimum.  But if the alternate outcome happens, then they need to scramble to possibly change their journalist staff make-up and try to stay ahead of the bow wave (but they need time to do that with advance time and a Trump win is like an earthquake, no time to change).  That simple.  So, this is all business as it affects the mainstream mogul empires and their focus on their viewing constituency.  Keep this in mind as we go forward to the fall time.

The Chinese Communist Party and Russian influence to further that agenda will also continue until that is firewalled out (and it may not be—and the moguls know this). The media moguls are watching all this as well. So, media moguls privately and carefully watch the continued influence of outside actors in our election process. So much for the current mainstream media bias.

So, the next group is the RINOs.  The Trump group is effectively flushing them out.  First, it was out of the RNC and then out of Congress.  These RINOs are backstabbing ‘keep the Republican Party run by the industrialists’ and managing their personal wealth Republicans.  They try to keep the blue-collar and minority entrants out (so they can keep the majority vote).  That simple.  If the union and minority voters were to enter the Republican Party, their vote would be diluted in the party hierarchy.  That simple.

But Trump’s attraction to the minority crowd and his attraction to the union vote is a direct threat to their continued control of the Republican Party.  Trump hears them (and they know that).  And the RINO-led industrialists are not happy about that.  So, they are pushing back in a big way.  The RINOs are now a real threat to the Republican Party, changing to become a Party of the masses.  This war will continue until Trump wins the next election.  Then, they will wilt away into the background (but not disappear) and become silent manipulators.  And the new Republican Party will become the Republican Party of Lincoln and the Party of the oppressed (whoever they are).

This is another real pivot point, like in the 1960s! The Democratic Party has been a Party of the masses since the 1960s. Now, it is on the cusp of becoming a Party of the Democratic elites (whom the industrialists may gravitate around) while the Republican Party becomes a Party of the masses. Just keep informed about who Biden courts. That will be informative. His election team is having a terrible day as they face this pivot.

So, the next group, the Intel leadership, is very much involved in this election. They are heavily involved in this election, not just from the perspective of an informed Agency. However, from the perspective of generating a desired outcome, they will be involved in keeping the current liberal regime in charge. Now that the Biden laptop has been outed, they are intent on generating the next misinformed intel-related newsworthy announcement against Trump before the election.

They will do nothing short of assassination (they did that with JFK), so why not (if the right circumstances emerge) develop a super-secret plan to assassinate him or RFK, Jr.  Or both?  Only in the right circumstances as a last resort to keep them out of the limelight.

Former Trump officials:  You can’t keep this behind the curtain.  Why didn’t the administration keep the former officials from blabbing the free world?  So, were no ‘non-disclosure agreements’ affected?  So, what did the Trump staff do when Trump fired former officials?  Other Presidents did the same thing and didn’t get revealing disclosure pronouncements or tell-all books.  So why did Trump?  Something wasn’t done right to keep them quiet.  That needs to be fixed.  So, these guys were pissed that they got fired?  So why did they suddenly go rogue anti-Trump?  This needs to be addressed for another Trump administration.

Intel leadership:  Why did the central Intel leadership go against Trump so hard?  They are typically the ones who know more about the ‘secret’ understanding of affairs.  Maybe they didn’t follow the same protocol that the mainstream did.  Are they more acutely aware of the direction of the populace than the public at large?  So, they go with the flow.  Stay relevant.  Keep the community aligned with the elite community.  Maybe keep them aligned with the party in power?  They know where their butter is breaded on and are intent on self-preservation.

Foreign enemies:  This is a real problem as the various enemies have varying desires.  The Chinese want to take over the management of the world’s finances from the US.  They intend to regain their lost territories in Russia and western Pacific US territories.  That is a relatively simple process.  They want to expand their territorial expanse to grow their growing population along the Pacific coastline (currently 94% of the Chinese population).  They have already co-opted Russia (with mass illegal migration northward into Pacific Russian territory).  A lightning-quick strike against US military assets in the western Pacific will take care of controlling the Chinese coastline.  Growing the Pacific control by the Chinese Communists expands their ability to enable their growing population to develop along the Pacific coast without discrimination.  That is not hard to understand, but it is not portrayed in mainstream media.  That simple.

So, the other foreign enemies are on the cusp:  Russia is a regional power for Europe.  But they claim international status based upon their nuclear warhead power (but they do span their territory to the Pacific Ocean).  The Russians are a constant regional European power but claim to be a worldwide power based on their ICBM nuclear delivery capability.  Will they influence the next election?  Yes.  But not in the most prominent way.  The Chinese will employ invasive software to change the votes collected.  The current effort to move to paper ballots and deter electronic interference is a small novice effort at this point.

North Korea is a regional power that attempts to be a world power based on its developing nuclear Warhead complement.  But that is far from being confirmed at this point.  They may still have just a developing warhead capability.

Former Trump officials backstabbing their leader:  This is an ongoing problem.  Trump needs to have an orchestrated team in place to vet truly loyal patriots, not RINOs in secret.  His team last time was bereft of separating RINOs from truly patriots.  I know that the Heritage Foundation was working on that.  Are there any others?  Keep his team entirely focused, and do not be ready to backstab him.

The Iranians and Israel:  Both are endemic to the following US administration (although the Israeli government is pre-disposed to a Trump Administration).  The Muslims in the US are hard on to influence the next election.  Will they vote for Trump?  They are really against Biden at this time, but that could change.  The liberal Jews are not for Trump (incredible).  There are many of them, but do they outweigh the more conservative Jews for Trump?  A lot to keep in mind.

In conclusion, the wherewithal for a Trump win is just a minor conclusion.  It is not guaranteed.  The world order seems to outclass the domestic US election.



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