The Grand Illusion

Monday, February 08, 2021


The federal government is illegitimate. I can unwind that all you want, but it’s a fact. It’s a fact to such an extent that they have put up a twelve-foot-high fence around the capitol with razor wire crowning the structure. They’ve posted twenty-thousand troops near at hand in case too many of us figure it out. They are afraid of us and they should be. If I had defied the will of the people and installed a mentally deficient old man instead of the people’s choice, I’d be worried about the anger of the American people, too.

This country is coasting on an illusion. There is no federal government, or state governments at this stage, except for the original thirteen, who were not created by the Constitution. The states might maintain their borders and government to the degree that the people of that state agree to play nice. All federal laws, however, are moot. Most state laws that were required to replicate the federal laws likewise are moot, except to the extent that those state governments agree to maintain them.

This is all very simple. There was election fraud. The discussion is over. Between Mike Lindell’s documentary, released videos of illegal activity, thousands upon thousands of eyewitness testimony backed up by affidavits to that effect, the 22 court cases where Trump prevailed and the Time Magazine article that admitted how it was done, at least on the public perception and media manipulation side of the ledger. The science is SETTLED on election fraud.

They don’t want you to talk about election fraud, because that is the one topic that most can agree on and it is the one that literally pulls the nation apart. Most people haven’t done the deep dive, yet. They know there was fraud and expected the government officials to live up to their oaths and do their duty, but they all abdicated. Why? Because they all know instinctively that to recognize it is to dissolve the government.

All of those sitting in congress right now know the gig is up. They remain because if they can stay there long enough, project authority without having it, they can obtain it just the same. This is why they all talk about preserving “democracy” by taking their position. It is their justification for keeping everyone quiet about what we all saw take place. The question is: whose “democracy?” Certainly, not the people’s republic.

It’s why they feel completely free to violate every tenet of the Constitution, because if the election was fraudulent, they know they have conquered the republic and operate now as a democracy where cheating the vote is honored. The power brokers are those who can deliver the most ballots, not the most votes. It’s a much simpler political climate for them, but it absolutely destroys the power of the people. They don’t even need to raise more money to get their message out to more voters, all they have to do is hire more “vote harvesters.”

I am hoping to convince you to keep the pressure up on the stolen election. Refuse to be bullied into denouncing it. Right now, it’s your only shot at surviving the next year. They are coming for you (HR 1). They are coming for your guns (HR127). They are coming for your children. These pedophiles are insatiable.


Since introducing the Autonomous County Project a few weeks ago, I held a seminar, played Lies of Omission and had a discussion about establishing an autonomous county. County commissioners have reviewed the film and introduced language to establish a Second Amendment sanctuary in at least one county. Not as a result exactly, but it played a part in their decision. Okay, not enough for me. All it takes at that point is a Supreme Court decision and their Second Amendment sanctuary is no more, but it’s a start.

Stop thinking about the Supreme Court, it is just as corrupt as any other federal agency. None of them are legitimate, because the Constitution is null and void. The people running this government under its condition of invalidity only need your silence to snuff you out. That’s all they need. The whole functioning of the federal government right now is a ruse. It is a bluff that you have to call.

Here’s how it works: the United States Government, like ALL governments, operates with the consent of the governed. Even in the greatest of tyrannies, it is the silence of the people that allows them to stay in power. So, tyrannies maintain that silence at all costs. If the people of the United States had wanted to disband the government a long time ago, they could have done it and still can. It just takes a lot of people and a lot of noise to accomplish it. This is what they know.


The pandemic had to do with getting Trump out of office. But, that was not its primary purpose. The primary purpose was to see if the people could be bullied into conceding to authority that was obviously and intentionally unconstitutional. The purpose of that was to see if they could cheat as much as they had to steal the election. It was to see if the American people could be ruled after they had been denied their choice for president. They let the corruption of the Supreme Court be televised to rise above even that limitation. The Supreme Court responded favorably (probably as a deal with the senate) to forestall packing the court. It was so the usurpers and conspirators could then pursue the radical leftist agenda with only the force of 20,000 National Guard troops.


They won. At least in the early stages. But, all of this hinges on your silence, your acquiescence. I suggest putting pressure on your county and your state to rebel. Many of the people at the state level don’t play by the federal rules and have respect for the Constitution. In a lot of cases they can be counted on to rule on the law, not their sentiments.

It all hinges on the illusion and that illusion can be broken in ANY state court that challenges the authority of the federal government to act now that it is in violation of the Constitution. It can rule to ignore executive orders or any other federal law. They can require the congress to prove their authority by establishing that the federal election was conducted under the Constitution and the constitutions of the six states in question (though I would go further and demand proof that ALL states had conducted their elections under their constitutions because that could affect the balance in the House and Senate). If it cannot prove the election was appropriately and legally accomplished, (which they can’t), the assumption is that it was NOT and the congress has no authority to pass laws and Joe Biden lacks the authority to sign them.

If the election was held improperly, the government that relies on the consent of the governed to convey authority to its institutions through free and fair elections is lost. Including the Supreme Court. They, not the courts and not the people, put the whole system in jeopardy.

They are already trying to use the legal sleight of hand. The Supreme Court will rule on court cases concerning the election and it will rule against Trump and declare the election valid. It does not change the truth, but they will try it. They might even rule in Trump’s favor on one or two that they can afford to lose, if they maintain that it would not have changed the outcome. It’s still all a ruse to get you to shut up. That’s all they want. That’s all they need.


The remedy for this situation would be one of several possibilities: 1) a revote; 2) an honest (and that’s a big word in this discussion) tabulation that accounts for every ballot and for any that had not been maintained, requires a revote in that precinct up to and including a statewide revote; 3) a moratorium on new laws until a new election can be held; 4) secession and reorganization under the existing Constitution with a chance to further amend it to eliminate the possibility of future vote fraud; 5) secession with each state sending a delegation to create a new constitution; 6) secession and free-for-all.

The federal government can forestall all of it by coming clean and holding a new election properly, letting the chips fall where they.

What they cannot be allowed to do, if you value freedom of ANY sort, is to maintain this illusion of authority.

I cannot say this clearly enough. All it takes is your VOICE. Battle back against the narrative that this election was held properly and the outcome was just. Destroy that and you destroy their efforts even this late in the game. Challenge them in court. It doesn’t matter the outcome. Raise the authority of the federal government that is operating against the will of the people as expressed by the legal and righteous votes cast, but not counted.

People, you are living the life of a slave and if it doesn’t feel that way yet, wait. You have the power to break free, just use it.