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Paul E. Vallely MG US Army (Ret)


Ray Dilorenzo

The Globalist Left

Destroyers of Civilization

July 24, 2023

 The Climate Change hoax will Destroy Western Civilization

“97% of scientists agree with whoever is funding them.”

What does it mean when entire governments of major Western powers transform themselves, in unison, mind you, from legitimate, responsible governments to misbegotten, autocratic, bastardized versions of what they once were?  Is there some centralized power emerging that is dictating new policy?  Is there some impending event coming down the road that has them getting ready for some expected catastrophe?

Are all the freakish exercises mere diversions?

Countries in Europe are ordering thousands of farms that produce food to sell off their property because of unproven, unscientific claims that climate change or carbon emissions will cause ‘untold suffering and death’ and will destroy the planet and mankind in just 12 years or seven years, or maybe 10, or 20 years.  At the same time, we are warned of coming food shortages.  What insanity is this?

Their version of ‘sustainability’ sounds more important than whether you live or die.

There’s a worldwide move by radical leftists to normalize pedophilia.  The hit movie, Sound of Freedom, has been ignored, criticized, and denounced by the Left en masse.  Why would anyone condemn and expose many people in Hollywood, the entertainment industry, border security, the media, and even the federal government (that lost track of 85,000 migrant children) know to be true?  Who are they protecting?

There are organizations around the world that advocate for pedophilia.  They’re in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, the UK, Switzerland, and the U.S… Western countries all.   Wikipedia

The Left in Europe has allowed migration to a point where cultures are being destroyed, and millions of migrants refuse to assimilate.  Many are militant, instead wanting to change the culture of their host country.

Migration policy in the United States took on a much more devious approach.  The Biden government said the borders were secure yet opened them wide.  They made a policy decision to lie, which has become quite the daily routine.

When is the last time the government told us the truth about COVID, where it came from, the vaccines, why people are still dying, many are healthy, young, and vaccinated?  Every day we read about people in the prime of life dying suddenly….in the classroom, on the job, on the athletic field, immediately after the vax.  SDS, Sudden Death Syndrome, or SAD, Sudden Adult Death is now on the lips of people who have never heard of it.

When you say, you trust science, who do you trust?  Do you trust the scientists that depend on government and private funding for their livelihoods?  Do you trust the science that George Soros funds?  Do you trust the science funded by Bill Gates or the Clinton Foundation?  Do you trust the science funded by the World Economic Forum, the UN, the CDC, and the World Health Organization?  They all have agendas.  And their agenda is more important than your well-being.

The Democrat Party, in just a few years, has destroyed the Executive Branch, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Secret Service, the Internal Revenue Service, the Intelligence Community, and the Defense Department, and is working hard to destroy the Judicial Branch.  Half of the Legislative Branch looks to be populated by patients of a halfway house.

The Left in both America and in Europe have destroyed city after city.  They are turning our streets into garbage bins and giving over whole neighborhoods to the depraved or stubborn foreigners refusing to integrate.

The Democrat Party has eroded patriotism to a point where the ‘rainbow flag’ has replaced the stars and stripes.  No country can survive hatred from within.

Out of nowhere, homosexuality is now perfectly normal, ‘changing’ your sex, or at least pretending, is acceptable and sometimes encouraged, even if it’s from a small child with fantasies.  And, in many circles, we must take part in the pretense.  Many grade school teachers, second mothers and fathers to many of us growing up, have become peddlers of every form of depravity.

The Left is destroying womanhood and manhood. They have killed women’s sports, even women’s beauty contests.  A man won Miss Netherlands and could win Miss Universe.  And where are all the feminists? All the Gloria Steinem?  They’re silent.

Trust in government has always been a matter of fluctuation.  In Europe and North America, the gap between politicians and citizens is vast and growing.  Trust in the UK government has been doggedly low these past thirty years.  France is close to civil war over French culture and those migrants that refuse to accept it.  To many, these migrants are considered a 5th column waiting for orders to storm the castle.

Sadly, to most people, their government no longer reflects their values.  That can indeed be said of the government here in America and Canada.  But Canadians seem to have more patience and concession than we do in the United States.  The Canadian truckers have signaled that their tolerance may be ending, especially since many in our neighbor to the north have concluded that their PM and many around him are Marxists.

There is no more denying it: the Left in Europe and here in America has indeed changed society, or at least, they are forcing change, not for the better.  Our government has turned against us!

You don’t demand radical change on the most incredible country mankind has ever known, or Western Civilization, for that matter.   You reinforce it.  You make life easier, not more difficult.  You don’t censor.  You don’t lecture that a difference of opinion is hate speech. You encourage belief…the most basic of Western values. You don’t dictate technology change, especially when you don’t have an affordable, viable substitute.  You leave it up to the marketplace. And leave climate change to God, not junk science.

We will have peace and prosperity only when our governments concede that they are the people’s servants, not our betters.   Identify the Marxists, for which there are many. And show the door to those in government who disagree.