The Glacial Group – Montana

 2020 General Election Endorsement Series 2.0

The focus of Part 2 is on the conservative juggernaut in the greater Flathead, home of key party leaders and the heartbeat of Montana’s constitutional conservatives.  Factors that encompass the Glacial Groups endorsements focus on past voting records (when applicable), rankings by myriad of conservative organizations, endorsements, stances on the United States and Montana Constitution’s and US Amendments with an emphasis on the 1st, 2nd and 10th Amendments, pro-life, and stand in opposition to the CSKT Compact.

There are four conservative Montana Senate candidates that we are endorsing at this time.  They include:  Carl Glimm (SD2), Keith Regier (SD3), Bob Brown (SD7), Bob Keenan (SD), Mark Blasdel (SD) and our plus one from the Bitterroot, Theresa Manzella (SD44).

Carl Glimm (SD2) has served four terms in the House where he chaired the House Appropriations Committee last session and is ranked the #1 conservative by Legistats.

Keith Regier (SD3). Keith currently chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Ethics Committee.

Bob Brown, (SD7). Bob has served three sessions in the House where he chairs the House Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee.

A special endorsement goes south to Theresa Manzella (SD44).  Theresa is a strong Constitutional Conservative who soundly defeated a so-called Solutions Caucus liberal Lieutenant, Nancy Ballance.  Theresa has spent the three previous sessions in the House earning 100% ratings from the NRA, Montana Shooting Sports Association, the Montana Family Foundation, the United Property Owners of Montana, and an A rating with Legistats.  She has also received the Keeper of the 10th award and the Conservative Achievement Award.


In addition, two Flathead Valley conservative stalwarts, Sen. Mark Blasdel (SD4) and Sen. Bob Keenan (SD5) have earned our respect and recognition for all they continue to do for the Party. They are in an off cycle and not on the ballot this year.

Conservative House candidates representing the Flathead bring a wide range of experiences to the ticket this year with a mix of veteran and first time candidates.  Veteran candidates include:

Matt Regier, HD 4; John Fuller, HD8; Mark Noland, HD 10; and Derek Skees, HD11.  Their efforts and voting records demonstrate that they strongly support the constitutions of Montana and the United States, and the Republican Party Platform.

Rep. Matt Regier (HD4).  Matt is running unopposed in HD4. He currently Chairs the Judicial Branch, Law Enforcement, and Justice Committee and is the Vice Chair of the Legislative Administration Committee.

Rep. John Fuller (HD8).  John is running unopposed in HD8.  As a retired educator, he serves on three committees including the Education Committee.  John is also the Chairman of the Flathead County Republican Central Committee.

Rep. Mark Noland (HD 10).  Mark is running for his fourth and final term.  He has Chaired the Business and Labor Committee since 2017.  Mark is a fiscal conservative who is a small business owner and entrepreneur.

Rep. Derek Skees (HD11).  Derek is running unopposed in HD11.  He is also running for a fourth term.  Derek Chairs the Rules Committee and is the Vice Chair for the Ethics Committee and Energy, Technology, and Federal Relations Committee.

Four newcomers with conservative traits and have a passion in defending our Constitutional Republic include: Braxton Mitchell, HD3; Catherine Owens, HD5; Amy Regier, HD6; and Paul Fielder HD13.

Braxton Mitchell (HD3). Braxton is a young man from the Columbia Falls area brings energy and conservative values to the race.  He has been a leader and positive influence with young people at the local and national levels working with several organizations.  Braxton also is focused on protecting property rights, public lands and the 2nd Amendment.

Catherine Owens (HD5).  Catherine has methodically taken on the liberal incumbent in Whitefish and HD5 by building a broad grass roots conservative movement.  Her temperament and dedication is impressive to say the least.  Catherine’s key issues on lower property taxes by coming up with creative ways to generate revenue, protecting our public lands and water.

Amy Regier (HD6). Amy is a Registered Nurse and became a “giant slayer” when she trounced long time establishment moderate Bruce Tutvedt in the Primary.  She is running on family values, lower property taxes, ensure access to public lands, and support of the 2nd Amendment

Paul Fielder (HD13). Paul brings a wealth of experience and conservative values to the ballot as a constitutional conservative. His candor and drive as a results oriented individual will prove invaluable to his constituents and the entire State.

Three other races that are critical for conservatives to win are the Flathead County Commission, Clerk of District Court, and the Public Service Commission, District 4.

Brad Abell, Flathead County Commissioner, District 1.  Abell is the right fit for the Flathead County Commission and whose impact will be immediately felt.  He comes with the job with a wide range of common sense skill sets as a blue collar roots and entrepreneur.  Brad’s conservative traits and support for law and order will compliment those of the other two commissioners making the Flathead team the strongest and most unified in recent memory.

Peg Allison, Clerk of District Court.  Peg is unopposed during this general election.  Still, she has earned our full endorsement given her solid record in the position over the years.

Jennifer Fielder, Montana Public Service Commission, District 4.  As a constitutional conservative, Senator Fielder is the obvious selection for this race.  Not only does Jennifer have the qualitative and quantitative skill sets, she brings specific intangibles that can unite a fractured commission.  Jennifer is a proven leader who has an uncanny ability to take complex technical issues and translate them into action.

Contact: Ed Byrne