There’s A Fight Coming. The Whole World Knows There Is A Fight Coming. You Don’t Compromise With Evil, You Destroy it!

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They stole our votes, installed an old man with dementia as the puppet for the Deep State, have their brown/black shirts rioting and looting in the streets, have locked us down and plan on doing it again and finish destroying our lives and our country, yet far too many on our side still want to be polite and continue to try voting our way out of this mess. You don’t compromise with evil, you KILL IT!!!

It’s time for us Patriots in this country to quit sitting back and waiting to see what happens. It’s time to quit waiting for them to show up at our door. The American people have already proven that they can shamelessly continue their crass pursuit of pleasure under the most provocative conditions imaginable, so long as new provocations are introduced gradually enough for them to become accustomed to them. That’s our greatest danger in not acting. We have lost our country, but it is not too late to act. We can still preserve freedom for the future generations. It is time to quit worrying about our paychecks and these comforts of life we have and preserve our freedom and honor. We no longer have the time to waste.

There’s a fight coming. The whole world knows there is a fight coming. You can feel it in the air. You can smell it. It’s that knot in your gut. It’s those hairs standing up on the back of your neck. It’s the reason you no longer sleep. It’s the reason we have to go and do the hard things. But these are the cards we’ve been dealt and it’s time to play them.

I used to say I do not desire to fight. I don’t think anyone does. Now I desire to fight. I desire to put these evil bastards where they belong. I can’t justify any other course of action at this point. We are at war, the enemy is attacking, and we haven’t even begun to fight. So we have a choice, either we fight and possibly die, or we die at the hands of these tyrants.

The Choice is Ours.Wes