The Fifth Column Sabotage Against The USA and Our Critical Infrastructure

By Tom Marin and Paul Vallely, MG U.S. Army (ret.)
July 2011

The Development and Execution of Joint Operations (both Civilian and Military) to respond to dynamic threats against the United States has now reached a point of criticality. Over the course of the last several years, some Americans are gradually waking up to the fact that our “essence of being” as a nation and as individuals is under a constant state of attack and this attack has been implemented methodically and slowly over time by enemies who despise our way of life. What is occurring to our great country is so heinous that it patronizes each one of us, who we are, our heritage and what we stand for as a nation.

During World War II, America, The Sleeping Giant, as quoted by the Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, woke up; and The Greatest Generation as noted by Tom Brokaw, stood up and went off to fight “The Total Collective Effort of Evil” in their time.

Evil has many forms, and simply stated, it is a word to describe the acts of omission or acts of commission to inflict wanton harm or destruction or, according Wiktionary, a deliberate violation of some accepted moral code of behavior, i.e. a fiduciary obligation. Evil, as defined by The Free Dictionary, is that which causes harm, misfortune, or destruction: as in a leader’s power to do both good and/or evil. Americans responded by waging “total war” against evil perpetrated by German Nazism and Japanese Militaristic Imperialism in which the goals were to subjugate free people and farm resources under a new order of fascism.

The numbers alone reflect the concentrated, focused effort by Americans: 16,596,639 served; 416,837 were killed or missing; and over 683,846 were wounded. For me, the only way to adequately explain this focused and united American effort is to quote Edmund Burke: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. This quote by Burke, an Irish philosopher, captures “the American essence of being” for all our generations, throughout our American history, except maybe for one, the current one…

Right now, we are living in confusing and turbulent times in which the safety and security of our country is at risk. The critical event of the sabotage that occurred on 9-11 is one of many in a timeline of numerous acts of sabotage and terror by people who want to change our way of life and subjugate our citizens to their way of “order and control”. War and sabotage have been utilized as tools throughout history to affect change and to subjugate people.

Our current operating environment is one in which our critical infrastructure and citizenry has been severely weakened due to entangling alliances, which our first American President, George Washington, specifically warned against, deceptive and defective policies enacted by negligent Congressional representation, and the so-called “business practices” of corporate America and Wall Street.

The citizens of America now find themselves in a borderless environment, in more ways than one, an unsafe environment down to the household level, and being “directed” by a bureaucratic entity that has evolved into something that is nothing more than just another “enterprise” that serves itself rather than the citizens that fund it. Current events reported in the news clearly show that our critical infrastructure has been severely compromised. These events combined with the extensive loss of jobs, homes, retirement savings, and the mortgaging of our future to foreign entities have developed into a “perfect storm” of new potential threats that can be implemented and coordinated in multiple stages to take away what is left of our American identity.

Before we review a potential strategy to respond to these emerging threats, we must remember to toast them and say “Thank You!!!” to the enablers and active participants in creating this perfect storm. As we toast and give thanks to these great Americans, we must reassure them of our resolve and that we remember and will hold them accountable for selling US all out and betraying the fiduciary trust we bestowed upon them in the positions they have held and misused their positions in committing negligent acts in order that they could aggrandize themselves at the expense of our entire nation, The United States of America.

So here we are.

We now know how we got here and the situational environment for the United States of America is not good. Our critical infrastructure sectors have been compromised and weakened, our borders are wide open, narcoterrorism is on the rise, and law enforcement and emergency services resources are stretched thin and are impacted from curtailed funding. Furthermore, our military is stretched thin around the world. All of our enemies are aware of this and are lining up and have been for a very long time as the noose tightens and our options from being held hostage are consistently being reduced due to lack of commitment to the American way of life by the elitists in Washington.

It is time for us to prioritize our threats from within our own borders and at our southern border and implement flexible strategies for preparation, response, and mitigation and annihilation of threats. Based on the lack of action demonstrated by the federal government in securing our borders and allowing the drug cartels to have open highways into our country, and inadequate response to disasters such as the BP Oil incident, I believe that it is time for our military, or retired military, to assist as special advisors to train up each states national guard, state Defense Force, and public safety and emergency response personnel so that each state can immediately engage a well coordinated response to any threat or critical event.

We must know our enemy and be aware that they have implemented this approach themselves as they have hired mercenaries, implemented political factions, and even sent members to serve in the military to acquire special operations training. State and Local resources need to be trained in specialized counter insurgency techniques that can adapt and complement law enforcement investigations such as in the area of C4iISR and in Command and Control of critical events. Colonel John Vann, one of the early counter insurgency experts, once stated in a briefing after the Tet Offensive, “It’s about the rice”. As far as our southern border is concerned, it is about the drugs.

Narco-terrorism is linked as a tool for our enemies to assist in destroying us from within as part of the master plan to destroy the American way of life. Also, terrorists have numerous options for low level operations from within our own borders. Due to our open borders, the risk is extremely high for numerous events to take place to overwhelm our resources and system much like what has already been done to our critical infrastructure and fabric.

We also must be aware that our enemies have a new economic blueprint for America, giving away our resources. It is about energy and our property, both physical and intellectual. Also, there will be a new code of law to be utilized to supervise and administer our new non-American world. It is about the United Nations not the United States of America. We must counter each tactical goal and disrupt and demolish the master plan – The New Total Collective Effort of Evil that has been perpetrated against us over a long period of time.

In his article Threat Assessments – Joint Strike Force Combat Operations, Paul Vallely, retired U.S. Army Major General, concluded that “our military must be very creative and be able to adapt, improvise, and be ahead of the curve of future thinking in regards to threats to our national security”. Also, in his recent testimony before the Committee of Science, Space, and Technology at the United States House of Representatives, James Carafano, PhD, noted that DHS Science and Technology Directorate had “limited success in partnering with other federal agencies and international partners” and also demonstrated “the inability to manage complex programs.”

Finally, DHS S+T also demonstrated a “lack of response to customer needs and that the Directorate’s portfolios do not adequately reflect their requirements and are not sufficiently responsive to operational needs.” In addition to the above conclusions by both parties, the situational environment has dramatically changed since the War on Terror began when the American Embassy, United States soil, in Iran was invaded and taken over. This initial act, which may be distant in our minds, was a clear message by our enemies, Muslim extremists, that there will be no borders.

To further understand this, one only needs to see where Shiite and Sunni populations reside and you can see how borders literally bleed away. Also, the historical timeline of critical events have clearly proven that our enemies are consistently maintaining their operational plan. We must now also accept the fact that the enemy is not only at the gate, but thanks to the current administration’s lack of enforcement of existing American Laws to protect Libyan, I mean American citizens, there is no gate.

I would also like to note that I sarcastically disagree with one of Dr. Carafano’s conclusions in regards to DHS in that the agency “failed to convert technologies for use by non-federal customers.” Based on my own personal experience, our national telecommunications infrastructure, our telecommunications and information technology, the intellectual property of businesses, the Defense Industrial Base, and individuals has actually been “successfully converted”, mirrored, imprinted, and stolen by non-federal customers: our “good trading partner, China, and the People Liberations Army military – industrial apparatus.

This was achieved by the lack of compliance, enforcement and accountability to laws of the United States in regard to protecting our citizens, strategic assets and our critical infrastructure. The current situation: “Welcome to the great wide open” both in public cyber, net centric, “cloud” operations and our physical national identity.


So what do we do from here?


  1. – Have a plan for “Total National Security and The Preservation and Protection of our American Identity.”
  • Economic;
  • Social;
  • Education;
  • Law, Civics…amasses Civil and State Judicial talent and power.

(Our current administration’s design is to do the exact opposite of protecting our borders and national identity – and is actually giving away “our secret sauce”) Implement each component of the plan in the shortest amount of time and with the least cost in human and financial capital.

Focus on State Government (Governor, Attorney Generals, and State legislatures) for local level implementation and utilize Congressional Representatives as evangelists of the plan. Everything happens at the last mile. The U.S. government is the people residing within 50 states. If the Congressional Evangelist is not focused on the plan, it should be immediately identified and noted and constantly addressed by the state government and state watchdog groups and local media. (always keep score)

  • Design the plan to be dynamic in achieving both tactical and strategic goals that lead to the accomplishment of the end game
  • Identify resources available to achieve both tactical and strategic goals.
  1. – Implement the plan with a total commitment to National Security and The
  • Preservation and Protection of our American Identity;
  • National identity: infrastructure, borders, heritage;
  • State identity: infrastructure, borders and heritage;
  • Protect American citizens civil rights;
  • Ownership by all.
  1. – Work The Plan
  • Be willing to adapt new tactical strategies without changing the strategic mission;
  • Commit to meeting all objectives and milestones;
  • Transparency: Constantly identify all issues, hard stops, road blocks and impasses and the reasons why objectives are not being met and bring them out immediately for the preservation of resources and meeting the plan’s objectives.
  1. – Utilize full accountability and compliance enforcement using existing laws and be willing to immediately enact new laws at the state level to immediately assist in meeting the plan’s objectives.
  1. – Maintain the Plan in an ongoing dynamic manner that always has America first.

Safety First: Protecting the physical component for Homeland Security

Revise US Military Security Strategy to Joint Strike Force Operations using MG Vallely’s “Lilly Pad” strategy.

  • Special Operations personnel or retired military personnel and professional emergency operations specialists will train state National Guard, State Defense Forces, and law enforcement in coordinated operations.
  • Implement State Virtual Command and Control and Emergency Operations Centers that are securely linked to military Virtual Command and Control Operation Centers (Lilly Pads)
  • Coordinate Special Operations Resources and Virtual Command and Control in order to prevent , mitigate, and respond to a critical event and also to coordinate a criminal law enforcement strike against criminal and terrorist activities within each state’s borders.
  • In order for the dual Lilly Pad implementation to be effective in either a reactive response or criminal law enforcement action, a trusted resource should be utilized to effectively communicate updated intelligence data and incidence response information from the dynamic, ever-changing operating environment of critical event management and planning. We should look to history to identify and utilize an effective “hopper”. In World War II, the United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard were successfully utilized to protect our homeland as the rest of our military went overseas. The combined effort of these joint forces successfully achieved our nation’s goals for homeland defense by effectively communicating intelligence data and incident reports to the military, law enforcement and to international intelligence directorates. Based on the gaps in coordination and communication both in the working operational environment and technological environment, I believe we should implement a similar methodology.
  • The US Navy and US Coast Guard already successfully operate in their environments.
  • Port Security and Drug Interdiction functions mirror law enforcement;
  • There is an established level of trust;
  • The Navy and Coast Guard’s image throughout our history from a civilians perspective, whether it is correct or not, is one that operates outside the parameters of those established in the basement of The DoD establishment at the Pentagon.

This is the type of forward strategic planning and operations that our National Security leaders should be implementing.

Tom Marin and Paul E. Vallely (Chairman Stand Up America).


What is already in place and is going to be implemented.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”
– Edmund Burke