by George Mcclellan

It was a great line from the movie The Usual Suspects, when con man Kevin Spacey tells Customs Agent Kujan and the rest of us, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Think about that as you watch our America unravel beset as it is with chaos, confusion, discord, and hatred orchestrated by what can best be described as the pure evil of the Democrat Party. Their conduct, contrary to the US Constitution, is bent on dividing our nation into winners and losers that are easier to control. They are using the more straightforward phrase, “victims and oppressors,” with Democrats picking the winners. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion have replaced fairness and honesty, so you white people need not apply!

Young Americans have been brainwashed to abandon the morals they grew up with in favor of secularist ideas of success without effort, sex without guilt, pornography for personal pleasure, transgenderism so pedophiles can brutalize little children, legalizing commercial theft without penalty (less than $900.00), the willful murder of babies for population control, and intrusive “Big Brother” government snooping into the activities of Americans who do not subscribe to the aforementioned personal pleasures not found in scripture, codes of conduct or schools of ethics. A government that burdens its citizens with a surveillance state arrests petitioners looking for a redress of their grievances, organizes insurrections to blame their political opponents for crimes against the state, and runs a gulag-style prison system for misdemeanor offenses. Have I missed something? It is time for a change before blood is spilled to rectify the matter. Although slow and cumbersome, the mechanism for replacing bad government is in place. They would work better if we didn’t meet resistance from career politicians, but that’s how it is now. Foolish people are in charge. Americans need to experience a return of faith in God. But, back to the devil.

This is supposed because there is some deity called the Devil, aka ‘Evil.’ Most folks raised in Christian homes know that the devil can quote scripture as good as God because to know your enemy, you must study him thoroughly. But, like the movie Con Man said: “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Sadly, it’s young Christians getting the worst attacks from the secular left. Not only has the devil been tempting people since the Garden of Eden, he uses God’s words to manipulate and lead believers astray. The media do not widely address it, but it is worth considering the growing plight of the Church of Rome. By all accounts, Pope Francis talks, acts, and behaves like a Marxist. By adopting holy encyclicals such as “Fiducia Supplicants,” he is rendering as under the fabric of the Catholic Church. Is he the last Pope? That can’t be good unless you’re a Democrat worshipper. I won’t quote scripture here simply because I make no claims of being a Biblical scholar and don’t want folks reading this article to fall asleep. Real Christians will know what I’m talking about. Whether a deity or not, evil still plays the game, and more often than not, people see but do not comprehend what they are being sold: a bill of goods. Modern communications, as well as weak, “Woke” Christian pastors determined to keep their tax-free status, continue to allow the spread of the evil propaganda that is adversely affecting our culture, and they shouldn’t!

Americans who don’t want to get involved in issues of morality are wearing protective blinders, thinking everyone is good at heart, like the poor Palestinians. But they’re not! Islam calls nonbelievers “Infidels,” and we used to call them “Heathens” because they don’t accept Christ. Okay, we have a difference of opinion here but, they use Biblical scripture against us, claiming Christians and Westerners in general lack good judgment, patience, kindness, tolerance, and mercy and, we are struck dumb without a response except to agree and give in. We no longer see Islamics as Heathens but as victims because that’s what the devil Democrats need: more victims. Ya can’t have victims without oppressors, and that’s us. It’s a shame I must use a movie line to make a point, but there it is. There’s nothing for it. At least, unlike the Democrats, it’s not necessary to lie, cheat, or steal to make a point.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.

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