By MG Paul E Vallely

In the United States, the term “deep state” is often used to describe influential decision-making bodies within government, which are relatively permanent and whose policies and long-term plans are unaffected by changing administrations. The term is typically used critically to refer to the lack of influence popular democracy has on these institutions and the decisions they make as directed by puppets of the shadow government. The term was initially coined in a somewhat pejorative sense to refer to a similar relatively invisible state apparatus in Turkey and post-Soviet Russia. While on active duty and three tours in DC, I called “The Deep State” the Bureaucracy. The bureaucracy has metastasized into a four-level deep state.

Anyone who has spent time on Capitol Hill will get the feeling when watching debates in the House or Senate chambers that he or she is seeing a kind of marionette theater, with members of Congress reading carefully vetted talking points about prefabricated issues.  While the public is now aware of the disproportionate influence of powerful corporations and the new techno-crats kike Zuckerberg, Soros, Bezos, and Gates over Washington, few fully appreciate that the United States has, in the last several decades, gradually undergone a process first identified by Aristotle. This process, which the journalist Lawrence Peter Garrett described in the 1930s as a “revolution within the form,” was later championed by Machiavelli.  Our venerable government institutions have outwardly remained the same. Still, they have grown increasingly resistant to the popular will as they become hardwired into corporate, private influence networks with almost unlimited cash to enforce their will.

Even as commentators decry a broken Congress that cannot marshal the money to secure our borders, the will or the competence to repair our roads and bridges, heal our war veterans, or even roll out a healthcare website seems beyond their reach.  There is always enough money and will, and just enough competence, to overthrow foreign governments and to fight unnecessary, long wars in Vietnam, the Middle East, and, of course, Afghanistan.

These paradoxes, both within the government and within the private economy, are related. They are symptoms of a shadow government ruling the United States that pays little heed to the plain words of the Constitution. Its governing philosophy profoundly influences foreign and national security policy and such domestic matters as spending priorities, trade, investment, income inequality, privatization of government services, media presentation of news, and the whole meaning and worth of citizens’ participation in their government. We have come to call this the Deep State.  We use the term to mean a hybrid association of key elements of global financiers and bankers that can effectively control governments without the consent of the governed, as generally expressed through elections.

The Deep State is the big story of our time. It is the red thread that runs through the war on terrorism, the militarization of our foreign policy, the CIA, and the DOJ. However, these isolated cases have not provided a framework for understanding the extent of the shadow government, how it arose, the interactions of its various parts, and the extent to which it influences and controls the leaders we think we choose in elections.

My reflection on our “shadow of government” has come only after my retirement in 1993 and my departure from Washington, D.C.  Unlike the clear majority on Capitol Hill, many leave the swamp for greener pastures. I had no desire to join a lobbying shop, trade association, or think tank. But I needed to put the events I had witnessed in perspective, and I realized that the nation’s capital, where I lived and worked for many years, had its peculiar ecology.

To look upon Washington again with fresh eyes, I sometimes feel as Darwin must have when he first set foot on the Galapagos Islands. From the Pentagon to K Street and from the contractor cube farms in Crystal City to the public policy foundations along Massachusetts Avenue, the terrain and its people are exotic and well worth examining in a rational and common-sense manner. The United States has its capital there, and so does our Deep State. To describe them in the language of physics, they coexist in the same way two subatomic particles can coexist in an entangled quantum state. The characteristics of each particle, or each governmental structure, cannot fully be described independently; instead, we must find a way to describe the system. The Deep State also extends to many States and local governments.,

If you do not know what the Deep State is, then you are part of it. We know, of course, that the liberal Deep State that lurks within our government is and always has been hellbent on destroying President Trump and preventing him from making America great again. And we know for sure that Deep State weasels fabricated the whole Russia and Ukraine HOAX and myth. But the raids on Michael Cohen’s Manhattan office and hotel room confirm one of my long-held suspicions: The Democratic Deep State has sunk to an even more insidious level and is now targeting a president most sneakily and deceitfully possible. Roger Stone’s arrest using early morning Gestapo tactics by the FBI is deplorable.

Gilbert T. Sewall wrote in The Spectator, dated January 19, 2022, “The Deep State is No Conspiracy”. “Theory Aldous Huxley foresaw a congestion of power able to shape and defy popular will. “Under the relentless thrust of accelerating over-population and increasing over-organization and using ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature,” he predicted. “The quaint old forms—elections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the rest—will remain. The underlying substance will be a new kind of non-violent totalitarianism.”

Brave New World’s author says the changes would be almost invisible. “All the traditional names and hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days. Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial,” he continued. “Meanwhile, the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought manufacturers, and mind manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit.”

The Deep State today is Huxley’s prophesy arrived. Like it or not, Americans live inside a power complex and thought machine that radiates from Washington, DC. Concentrated in blue metro counties and states, its moving parts and wheels, as with a clock, enable us to live in the exacting polity, economy, and culture we do.

In lofty circles, it is said that the Deep State is a far-right conspiracy theory, nothing more. The very words elicit an eye roll and a smirk. But what else synchronizes uncountable public agencies and their private-sector partners — wink-wink — in the absence of executive leadership? What has made the wheels of government go round and round this last year, and if we are honest, for an exceptionally long time?

Surface government, elected and appointed, is only its polished clock-face. Television and newspapers report the ticks and tock daily. Right now, this clock face looks like something melting or covered with ants, a surreal dreamscape of Salvador Dali.

The spectacularly inept Harris matters because Biden’s crumbling façade could collapse at any minute. And there she is, the nation’s prospective jeweler-in-chief, the overseer of what Charles Hugh Smith schematizes as “a vast structure that incorporates hard and soft power — military, diplomatic, intelligence, finance, commercial, energy, media, higher education — in a system of global domination and influence.”

The Deep State is not a conspiracy or a plot, but a consortium of shared statist assumptions propelled by high-minded or financial self-interest. K Street’s mercenary lobbyists push boondoggles. True believers and single-interest advocacies pride themselves on their tunnel vision. The actual bandits are few.

The Deep State includes the federal civil service and its satellites in states, counties, and municipalities, funded by and loyal to central power. It comprises the military forces and defense industry; money, banking, credit, and finance; research universities; oil and energy, transportation, housing, food, and utilities; and the all-important electronic ether.

From the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Centers for Disease Control to the S&P 500, progressive monoculture has enveloped segments of the Deep State that previously resisted identity politics. The manufacture and propagation of progressive opinion give the New York Times and Washington Post unique power inside its multifoliate complex. (The Murdoch empire fashions an “acceptable” counter-message.) Message journalists do not know the malign energies they can channel left or right.

Progressive mind managers include Endeavor super agents Ari Emanuel and Mark Shapiro, Def Jam music producer Rick Rubin, and Netflix’s Reed Hastings. Jeff Bezos’s and Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions know no limit. Bill Gates, Tom Steyer, and the MacArthur Foundation are in on the game. The New York Times’s 1619 Project seeks to erase American historical memory.

Woke has been trying for years to drum limited-government nationalists out of public life, calling them white supremacists and deplorables. Highly contestable outlooks on equity, race, acceptable speech, and biology stand inside public life as revealed virtue or expedient virtue. Woke can be a liturgy or a useful hustle. A malleable, celebrity-struck electorate wants its politics fast, simple, and preferably juicy. Junk news gets the eyes and clicks. Social media is trying to get inside your head and knows how to do it better each year.

Promoted and funded by the Deep State, multicultural and therapeutic wrecking engines invade private institutions and endowments, forcing “diversity” makeovers. National courts and nonprofit lawyer-activists codify matters once left to private judgment, families, and churches. Litigation functions to delay justice and to sidestep public will and oversight.

The moral arrogations of our times are said to be about justice and equality. Still, they are about the redistribution of power, wealth, and status at the expense of property holders and taxpayers, targeting white Americans as devils. Claiming moral advantage, the unscrupulous and the predatory have used race, sex, and inequality to damn and destroy their foes.

The Biden administration and its allies conjure a legion of right-wing terrorists. Using health emergencies and fears as a wedge, they engage in psychological and legal warfare against anti-statists and localists, now raising the specter of voter suppression.

Whatever the outcome of current power struggles, the Deep State needs rules and sanctions to protect its material bounty and interests. Government, education, technology, industrial, and financial systems cannot be altered much without seizing the engine. Irreconcilable public disputes, reckless resets, or mass emotional upheavals, and the risk is pandemonium.

As Huxley feared, America’s thought manufacturers and mind manipulators seek to shift authority exclusively in their direction, and “voting rights” is the latest turn in the seizure. Yet inflation and inequality, border implosion, lawbreaking and vagrancy, racial divisions, and medical realities intrude on would-be leftist magic.

“We will not wake up after the lockdown in a new world,” the irrepressible French writer Michel Houellebecq predicted at the onset of Covid. “It will be the same, just a bit worse.”

Two years later, the gas pump tells us to Go Green. The ATM asks us — before we can secure our money — to Celebrate Juneteenth or Save the Planet. Meanwhile, most Americans hope their $100 fast cash will buy something close to what it did a year ago — and that they do not get mugged retrieving it.”

The Deep State must be dissolved as it now exists as the activities of the forming Global Shadow Government (The WEF).   America’s future is a secure Nation that is of the people, for the people, and by the people and not governed by partisan political sycophants and global elitists.

 MG Paul Vallely is Chairman of Stand Up America US Foundation

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