By George Mcclellan

A disaster looms on the horizon for the Democrat Party. Joe Biden’s debate performance signaled the inevitable right turn of American politics. Now, too, the “Cat’s out of the Bag,” so to speak, after his disastrous performance left the world pondering America’s future. World leaders were already clued in after Joe’s appearance at the recent G-7 conference, the NATO talks, and the Normandy D-Day observance. But we were repeatedly warned that Biden was an incompetent fool. We wondered about that, and after he debated with Donald Trump last night, he removed all doubt. What was exposed was what the media has hidden from us since the 2020 elections ushered in the most incompetent politician ever as leader of the free world. The clues of potential disaster have been out there since Joe was a Senator, revealed as a plagiarist and a hair-sniffing potential pedophile, yet he was pushed into the vice presidency. Knowing he was a loose cannon; Democrats still saw Joe as Obama’s VP as the only option to eliminate Bernie Sanders and to keep power after Obama’s second term ended. And it has come back to bite them.

Missing from the cacophony of post-debate criticisms and “I told you so’s” about the future of American politics and what hope is left for the free world if it remains in Democrat hands is the word: “Pitiful” and it’s all the Democrat’s own fault. Their convention, soon to get underway in Chicago, will be another visual disaster for their Party. Hordes of pre-approved Pro-Palestinian Jihadists will descend on the convention site, turning Chicago’s streets into a battleground for jIhad. The Party faithful, already confused and despaired, will have to decide how to replace Joe and with whom. There’s only one possible choice, and that’s VP Kamala Harris. Deny a half-black woman her chance and replace her with another incompetent white political loser like California’s Governor Gavin Newsome, and the Democrat party will never see the end of their woes as a great majority of black women will go berserk.


Democrats have made a habit of choosing poorly. They saw a potential advantage, certainly not a danger, to making Joe Obama’s Vice President. Then they permitted Kamala Harris, aware she’s an idiot as well, to be Joe’s VP. In hindsight, for Democrats, making two consecutive poor VP decisions is just another day at work and no bar to their agenda. She’s there, she’s the VP, and you can bet she’ll be the 2024 Democrat candidate for President unless they can figure out another way to get rid of them both at the same time. In any event, that’s a Democrat problem and I’m glad they’re having it. The cards are stacked against them big time, and while many hate the idea of another term for Donald Trump, they hate the idea of a Kamala Harris presidency more. They may not vote and see where the chips may fall.

Nevertheless, we can be hopeful that November’s election will see the awful, debasing Biden presidency come to its lasting and inevitable end early. America’s long national nightmare of favoring Jihadist violence on our streets, the cruel immigration policies of an open border that allows the spread of unvetted illegal immigrants to rape and murderer Americas children across the land; the end of collaboration with China’s Emperor Ji, Ukraine’s Burisma Energy and Iran’s terrorism will end. Trump’s priority is to restore faith in government where truth and facts are not treated with disdain. Trump must watch his back because the only question that remains is how the Republicans will again screw up this last chance for their salvation. They are very close to being replaced by a far more conservative electorate than the RINOs now in charge, who are determined to make America great again. Good riddance!

Also, we can hope that Joe’s disastrous performance signals the end of his and Obama’s preposterous Green Energy schemes. They imposed them on us under the faulty scheme that climate change was dooming the whole world, except China and India, of course, to extinction. It isn’t, of course, but spreading fear of climate disaster adversely affects not only the American economy but also the world’s fair trade economy.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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