America is in its ‘darkest before the dawn’ stage now

I am not a defeatist, but the road to victory often begins with a dismal start.  It was so in World War 2, when the Germans and Japanese steamrolled American and British forces in every battle for the first months of the conflict.  We suffered terrible and costly initial defeats, but in the end, we won.

So it is now, politically speaking, on the domestic front.  We have suffered defeat.  Our president has been driven from the White House by a cabal of leftist criminals, by a powerful array of infiltrators and saboteurs and their accomplices in the media, in education, and in the dark state.  There is no usefulness in sugarcoating it.  The Republic is now in more danger than at any time since the Civil War.

It is fruitless to recount how we got here.  Others have retraced the trail from Roe v. Wade to the opening of our borders, to same-sex “marriage,” and to the Supreme Court’s decision to not even look at the massive evidence of electoral fraud.  The question now is not how we got here, but what can we do to rescue the Republic?

At present, not much.  Be prepared for more defeats and for darker days ahead.  The sun will rise again, but not before much damage, and much suffering, has been wrought by the forces of evil.

Evil.  It is not a word to be used lightly.  However, we have every reason to regard our enemies not as mere adversaries with a difference of opinion, but as invaders who intend to utterly destroy us.  As hyperbolic as that sounds, the assault on our American values proves the case.

Exhibit number one comes to us from the Bible, from the Book of the Revelation, Chapter 13:  “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

Being able neither to buy nor to sell results in exclusion from the economy — unemployment, poverty, and eventual starvation.  This is the first step that our present-day enemies are already enacting with what we call, the cancel culture.  The left is making no secret of this.  Leftists have openly announced that they intend to destroy not only President Trump, not only the members of his administration, but even anyone who has ever voiced support for him.

Leftist ideology is a hodgepodge of various and sundry dogmas so complex that only those who have been indoctrinated from childhood can make any sense of them.  Worse yet, some of these positions contradict each other, requiring willful doublethink:  the ability to switch from one opinion to its opposite as the situation arises.  For example, it is now considered politically incorrect to advise women as to how to avoid situations that could lead to rape, because the sole responsibility of prevention is supposed to be on the would-be rapist, not his intended victim.  This is in opposition to the idea of empowering women to make their own decisions and to control their own lives.

One might liken the evil empire, which is real, and is growing as we watch, to a mighty oak tree, majestic in its outward appearance, but full of rot within.  For a time, that towering oak tree seems invincible to any onslaught from without, but eventually, consumed by decay, it falls of its own weight.

We must live, for a time, in the valley of the shadow of evil.  There is no way around it, but only through it.  We must recognize that all the historical precedents by which tyranny can be overcome no longer apply.  There is no political solution; there is no military remedy.  No one, but no one, can predict the future course of events, because there has never been anything quite like this.  Never before has a just nation been completely and thoroughly saturated with internal forces devoted to its destruction, even though that will destroy the very forces arrayed against it.

Even so, we will survive.  Terrible times will test our faith, and many will fail that test.  We are called upon not to kill or destroy, but to continue to practice the virtues that our faith reveals to us.  Republican democracy is not a failed experiment.  It is being subjected to a furnace that will separate the weak from the strong, the patriot from the fair-weather soldier.

More than this, I cannot say; I cannot foretell, I cannot advise, except for this:  be strong, Americans, and know for a certainty that the victory has already been won for us, by Him with Whom all things are possible.