By George Mcclellan

Three monumental post-WWII presidential events have impacted America and have changed it forever. The first was President Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System, which allowed Americans the freedom to move about the country, igniting at the same time the manufacturing industry, especially in the production of quality automobiles, which, in turn, promoted growth in the petroleum energy and other ancillary businesses filling the growing needs those business’s required. And America prospered! Because of the Interstate Highway System, what was once thought to be regional products quickly became available in all corners of the country. And that’s just the start. Competition bloomed for automobile transportation, and that challenged the AirLine industry with all its innovative additions for passenger speed and comfort while also challenging the slower railroads that eventually dropped their once dependable, safe, slow, and comfortable passenger service to become, instead, significant haulers of America products in competition with the trucking industry. And America flourished!

The Second Presidential “good deed” adversely impacted America and will for generations, if not forever, by electing Barack Obama as president, allowing him to “Fundamentally Change America.” Since the tawdry Vietnam business, the Left has been working diligently to corrupt Americans to arrive at this very point. To have reelected him for a second term was like throwing gasoline on a fire. This mistake was followed closely by the third and probably the most consequential of all presidential “Good Deeds,” Joe Biden’s throwing open the country’s borders, inviting in millions of non-Americans to compete in the American labor market or, if not, otherwise enjoy the fruits of other Americans labor. At the same time, Biden is hopefully creating a vast base of new Democrat voters. It might not be going to plan, but it’s here now, changing whether we like it. The Progressives blame the increase in crime on American streets on the lack of good police practices. They then deny the obvious, and we tend to believe them because we’re afraid to complain. That was Joe’s good deed for all Americans. Isn’t he wonderful? That he is senile and incompetent proves the evil that is the Democrat party. They only need a dumb figurehead. Kamala Harris is next!

WWII was the most singular event that brought all the different cultures that came to America before and after together as one to enjoy the opportunities offered and safeguarded by our Constitution. The “E Pluribus Unum” idea worked for thirty or fewer years in the sunshine of individual achievement and self-earned prosperity. This lasted until our involvement in the debacle that was the Vietnam War and shredded that comity. What allowed my generation to expand our horizons and travel freely beyond the borders of our states to see and learn about how other Americans lived is an era that is fast diminishing. We have allowed political ‘do-gooder’ “experts,” educated political thinkers not experienced in business, commerce, or economics, to tell us how wrong our world was and how it could be better for all if we only did it their way. The nation will prosper with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Now, our streets are filled with perverts freely demonstrating their crafts to our little children, Islamic jihadists freely threatening Americans with violence, and BLM hoodlums demanding reparations for past crimes. Thanks to Obama and Joe Biden and the new world order bankers that support them, “E. Pluribus Unum” is being swept away to be replaced by uneducated criminal cretins from other countries who never experienced the joys of self-fulfillment without some strong-willed personality like Hitler, Mussolini or Tojo guiding them, including now, even multiple Islamic imans who don’t see Western values as we do because their ideas of freedom must comport to what is written in the Qur’an, words spoken by an Arab camel rider in 570 AD. Through Democrat’s compliance, they are strangling our national discourse, shredding our 1st amendment rights, and are in the process of creating the very totalitarian states we destroyed in WWII, except Stalin. We can do better than that! We must because they are not going to stop. After all, Donald Trump looms on the horizon for four more years. America’s future is in dire peril; only we can save it. We must save it for our children and beyond.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, get involved.

Help save America.

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