Guest Editorial by George Mcclellan

Last week, following the deaths of three US soldiers in Jordan by an Iranian proxy drone attack, the term “The Biden Doctrine” came up on a news blog site. It was in the form of a question, and the speaker could not articulate it. I’ll give it a go, but first, we must accept that whatever his doctrine is, it’s a Progressive scheme to do something that’s not good for America and get away with it. In all my years of watching the Progressive Democrats purposely work to destroy America, I can only guess that the Biden Policy falls under the standard Democrat rubric for doing nothing, like: ‘let’s wait and see,’ ‘were still investigating the facts,’ ‘we have no concrete evidence of direct Iranian involvement,’ and their standard fall back point: ‘admit nothing, deny everything and blame somebody else,’ usually Trump.

These latest three soldiers killed at their posts while the Middle East is broiling into war must be added to Biden’s death count. If we add the thirteen servicemen killed in Kabul by his precipitous and unreasoned Afghanistan pullout, it comes to sixteen. That’s sixteen more than died in Donald Trump’s term. We are also reminded that forty-three other soldiers were wounded in the attack, several severe enough to be med-evacuated to the military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. Does Biden’s policy include showing up at Dover AFB when the three killed soldiers are returned so he can shed crocodile tears while consulting his wristwatch to see if it’s time for his ice cream?

We want to know what Biden intends to do: retaliate against Iran, ignore their offense, blame somebody else, or, as Clinton did after the blue dress affaire, lob a missile or two into a baby milk factory? To get the Iranian’s attention, the proper targets would be the Iranian Navy or Iran’s only petroleum export loading port. Unlike Ronald Reagan, who immediately destroyed half of the Iranian navy when they got out of hand, Biden has no clue what to do next, and any military commander who does won’t risk doing what needs to be done. Indeed, we don’t expect anything like that from Joe. The war drums are getting louder in the Middle East, and the growing tension can’t be ignored. Without elaboration, Biden told reporters: ”I don’t think we need a broader war in the Middle East. That’s not what I’m looking for.

Now, I’ve got to ask for a show of hands for all who believe Biden was told by his senior White House advisers to say that because that’s what he’s getting! Biden is a Democrat and, therefore, a warmonger. Continuing, Biden added: “I do hold…. them (IRAN) responsible in the sense that they’re supplying the weapons.” Menacingly, Biden said he already knew his response and that it would be at “the time and manner of our choosing.” We await in breathless anticipation. We can guess he was told not to telegraph his (their) intentions lest Iran prepare a counter-response against it.

I’d bet Iran already knows because ol’ Joe has been in their pocket since Obama was president. Otherwise, why would he give them several billion dollars knowing they hate America’s great Satin, hate Jews, and will use those funds to reinforce their proxy Islamic terrorist groups against all things not Islamic? Also, I wonder why John Kerry suddenly quit his gig as Carbon Czar of Biden’s Green New Deal. What does he know that we don’t? Perhaps Kerry was served a dose of reality as Biden’s foreign policy collapses into an unrecognizable mess. Appeasing Iran’s mullahs won’t improve their conduct.

We’ve just learned that a United Nations outfit, UNRWA, dedicated to supplying humanitarian relief for Palestinians since 1949 and funded mainly by the US, was staffed by Hamas members who were peripherally involved in the attack against Israel on 7 Oct 23. When that information was revealed, indecisive Joe Biden announced he would immediately stop further funding of UNRWA except, according to a State Dept. spokesman, Biden’s funding pause only applies to new funding, not funds already promised before their terrorism involvement was discovered. So, the UNRAW will still be getting American taxpayer dollars to re-arm Hamas. Biden’s Doctrine, therefore, is a mishmash of loser ideas designed to show American weakness to the world. It is a philosophy that reveals the true intent of the Democrats and uni party (GOP) members as true warmongers. Nikki Haley is one. She wants to escalate the air strikes against the Houthis while the anti-Trump neocon RINOs have plans to precipitate a sustained military campaign there against them. That is a sure plan to escalate mid-east hostilities. There must be significant profits to be made in preparing for war.

As to the Houthis, even after days of serious pounding so far, US, British, and French assets have failed to stop the rain of Houthis missiles targeting ships in the Red Sea. Yemen, still in peace with Saudi Arabia, doesn’t yet fear pressure from that side. Our open-ended operation against the Houthis could derail Yemen’s fragile peace and draw us into another quagmire like Ukraine’s to defend Saudi Arabia. With all that, Biden’s Doctrine becomes clear: Give up and let them have all they want. Because Biden has created this problem, how can we expect him to solve it when he refuses to accept accountability? Except for him to blame Trump for leaving him with that mess. They think we’re all stupid!

Remember a few years ago when Russia first moved troops into Ukraine after the Winter Olympics? Obama famously said he told Putin to: “Just cut it out!” Oh, be still my quaking heart. Just two weeks ago, Joe Biden was asked about our lack of deterrence toward Iran’s terror sponsors, and he said, “I’ve already delivered the message to Iran. They know not to do anything.” Do they? Didn’t they add three dead American servicemen to Joe’s body count? “A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody” …. Thomas Paine

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