Guest Editorial by George Mcclellan

Antiques, meaning old furniture, clocks, and perhaps family heirlooms like Joe Biden, are usually fun to possess, but there can be no joy in retaining senile Joe Biden. When we discover, to our dismay, that the piece we got is junk, even from its conception, it must be let go. Junk antiques have no intrinsic value except to remind us how we got taken when we bought them. Why the Progressive Democrat Party saw fit to drag out antique Joe Biden, a senile politician of no value to his craft, simply shows the collective surrender by a group of idiots to accept the fallacy of unsustainable political promises. How’s Build Back Better going for us?

The worst of it is the Progressive bottom feeders keep trying to sell us the idea of their antique president having the best policies for our country when our country, because of his policies, is mainlining economically to the point of near insolvency. In other words, we can’t afford a continuation of Joe’s “Build Back Better” scheme when nothing has been built or rebuilt after three years, and nothing, but absolutely nothing, is remotely better except for all the new jokes about Joe’s condition! If the economy was doing so great and Americans were satisfied, they wouldn’t have to keep telling us how good it is daily, would they? It’s also a grievous wrong to tax Americans who work to earn a living and give it to people who refuse to work. That especially applies to the millions of Illegals Joe invited here, no matter how the government wants to call them: undocumented Democrat voters, refugees fleeing their homelands, or unregistered farm workers and, as they cross the border illegally, they are still criminals and not deserving of any financial support except a ticket home.

I can already see the little grey cells whirling in the corrupted brains of the “naysayers” telling us that Trump is also too old. I’ve said it before: he isn’t too old, and neither is Joe Biden. The difference is the senility their age brings. Biden is, and Trump isn’t! Even with a visible level of senility, Joe is still a danger because he thinks and acts only in his best interests, not the country’s. That begs the question: What makes the Progressive-Democrats believe they can pull off this scheme to change America again and make it stick fundamentally? They’ll try for sure. We see their game plan already at work at the local and state levels, where voter shenanigans in some state primary elections have already been exposed, even using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to accomplish their goal, the total and complete destruction of the outsider Donald Trump. Suppose we understand that the Progressives have pre-planned this judicial assault on our rights by emplacing Governors, Secretaries of State, District Attorney, and voter election boards with Progressives to adjust our attitudes about who’s in charge. In that case, we can focus our efforts and money on where it needs to go, electing constitutionally supported candidates.

Conservatives appear to be getting their act together, but the RINO leadership hasn’t got the word yet that Donald Trump is the GOP, and the neocons, no matter how much money they pour into Nikki Haley’s effort to replace him, are out of touch. Suppose they must join the Progressive Democrats to destroy Trump because he isn’t one of them. I trust they realize they could bring America to the point of conflict by supporting Trump’s defeat if they succeed. Joe Biden has brought America to the end of collapse, socially, economically, and militarily, and the American people are getting weary of it. Americans are getting tired of unelected bureaucrats making decisions for them, including imposing higher costs to accomplish fallacious schemes that praise unsupportable notions that won’t work, like EVs, the Ukraine war, and stopping Iran from going nuclear. China and North Korea are already there. What to do? Joe doesn’t know!

How does the conservative movement convince young Americans to support conservatism without offering solutions to their future needs, like affordable housing, education that counts, and affordable energy, when GOP thinking is directed to maintaining the Neocon apparatus of the deep state where only politicians who agree can prosper? They can’t; that’s why we need Donald Trump. We know his success record, which beats Joe Biden’s a long way.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.

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