Stand Up America will be publishing a series of historical, background reviews on Syria and Iran: *


First Release: Formation of the FSA

MG Paul Vallely, U.S. Army (ret)





Formation of the FSA

More than five years have passed since January, 2011 when peaceful protests erupted in the streets of Syria against the Bashar Assad regime. They rallied around a central theme “the people seek the downfall of the government under Assad”.

Assad responded with bullets. This harsh response prompted many Syrian army officers to join this popular movement and later form the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in August 2011. Colonel Riadh (whom MG Vallely met with in 2012) announced the formation of the FSA – groups of officers, senior government officials, and members of the Army joined. Extensive defections from the government occurred.

As the prospect of a true revolution toppling Assad grew, the clerical regime in Iran began deploying  its military to Syria.Hossein Hamedani , the senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was dispatched from Tehran with command level officers. Two months later, the FSA captured 48 IRGC commanders/officers.

Iran then considered Syria as the 35th province and a strategic province within Iran.  The Mullahs believed they could not lose Syria as Tehran would be lost.


* “How Iran Fuels the Syrian War” – NCRI

The next release will focus on the Iran financial/cost investment in Syria.