First Steps for Surviving What’s Coming Our Way

Well, that didn’t take long. The Harris/Trotsky administration’s opening salvo of executive orders stopping the Keystone Pipeline, allowing Chinese access to the US power grid, destroying women’s sports, and declaring diabetic Americans as collateral damage is only a precursor to the anti-terrorism and gun control laws targeting some seventy-four million voters.

So, what are you and your family’s first steps as this barbed wire curtain swiftly envelops our formerly constitutional Republic? (We do not have a constitutional Republic while there are still thousands military troops occupying our nation’s capital. We are now enduring a Kabuki government as we are being force-fed a well-crafted MSM fantasy of a lawfully and joyously elected national presidency.)

Progressive Marxist–Leninists regimes all have a few common themes as they consolidate power. These include the criminalization of free speech, free assembly, elimination of a free press and religious freedoms, and a sustained and brutal attack on the civilian ownership of firearms. For Americans these are more than a coordinated attack of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, this is a deliberate design to eradicate these rights in perpetuity. Swell, huh?

Other common themes of despotic regimes include stringent governmental rationing of health care, energy, education, food, and transportation, now presented in the guise of “saving the planet.” Tyranny also needs bogeymen to blame, lots and lots of bogeymen; hoarders, saboteurs, racists, undesirables, expendables, gun owners, libertarians, conservatives, family values Trump supporters, and GOP voters… the list is mind-numbingly endless. And every despotic regime gleefully blames Jews for their failures.  When the stock market tumbles, and consumer shortages emerge, all Jews will again be blamed because, you know, it’s that frog and scorpion… you know, the thing.

So here are some common-sense rules for living in a repressive Marxist regime.

Print these rules out, make a bunch of copies for your family and friends, and read it when you are stressed, frightened, upset, and angry.

Rule #1. Observe, but don’t absorb the madness.

Rule #2.  Prepare for the inevitable shortages of a progressive Marxist economy.

Rule #3. Don’t believe anything the MSM media tells you. They are not your friend. Investigate alternative sources of information. Stay off social media.

Rule #4. Prepare your family’s digital ark for safekeeping the past.

Rule #5. Identify one other person you can trust with your life besides a family member. Discuss your plans, fears and hope for the future with this person. There may come a time when you will need a true friend.

Rule #6. Have a plan B, and a plan C for moving and storing your supplies away from the prying eyes of government and from nosy friends and neighbors.

Rule # 7. Stay well under the radar of federal, state and local governmental entities, social media, and educational institutions. Pay your taxes, put on an impassive face to the world, and trust no one who is not well known to you.

Rule #8. See Rule #1.

Oh….where was I? So here is a basic non-Second Amendment related, list of what you and your family should consider socking away for the inevitable progressive Marxist shortages ahead. All of these items should be purchased in multiple stores, just a few items at time over the next year. Please don’t clear any shelves, let others have an opportunity to also purchase these items.

How much to buy? A 12–18-month supply of most of these items should suffice for the first round of national shortages. Twelve to fifteen months from now, toss some grass into the air and see what direction the political and financial winds are blowing. You will know what to do next.

  1. Over the counter medications – aspirin, Acetaminophen, peroxide, antacids, multi-vitamins, vitamin C and D, bandages, cold, allergy and cough medicine, foot care, and microwavable heating pads
  2. Soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream, toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, tampons and condoms, toilet paper and paper towels.
  3. If you are life dependent on prescription medications, talk to your doctor about building a 12-month cushion of those important medications.
  4. Matches, Bic lighters, fire starters of all types, chain saw supplies, axes, and seasoned firewood if you have a working fireplace or wood stove.
  5. Batteries, flashlights, windup emergency portable radios –AM/FM and shortwave, kerosene lanterns and supplies, plus three solar chargers for your cell phones and tablets.
  6. Trade and barter items – booze, canned or freeze-dried food, coffee and tea, spices, chocolate, pocket knives, matches, flashlights and headlamps, reams of paper and printer ink, chain saws, wood splinters and solar powered cookers.
  7. An electrical generator with some on-site fuel. Plus, plenty of extension cords.
  8. General hardware – tarps, rope and twine, canvas straps, work gloves, chains, wire, glue, light bulbs, lock and keys, lubricants, lumber and knives with replaceable blades.
  9. Garden supplies – seeds, fertilizer, hoses, and hand tools.
  10.  Food for 8-12 months, plus water filtration devices for 12-18 months of water consumption. Plan on filtering a minimum of 2 gallons per person per day.
  11.  Pet food, pet medications and litter box/poop bags for your pet.
  12.  Sanitation supplies  — portable toilets with disposable liner bags.
  13.  Extra climate appropriate clothing, especially socks, shoes and undergarments.
  14.  Computer supplies — paper and ink for you printers, back up keyboards and mice, ethernet cables, power strips and charging cords.
  15.  Buy American if and when you can.
  16.  Supplies for your hobbies, crafts and outside interests, especially if you’re a hobby/home seller of your goods and services.
  17.  Have a bike with a basket, and spare parts.