October 2, 2021 277th Edition
We Are At War!
A Class War
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“Peace through strength, prosperity through liberty”
Writer & Editor: Ray DiLorenzo
The heard voice perishes, but the written letter remains.
Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely served 32 years in the Army, having retired as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific.
We Are At War!
A Class War
Ray DiLorenzo
We are at war! And the first casualty is always the truth, truth as to what is going on. This war is global. It is not conventional, but it will be the deadliest war in human history. It is a declared war on the middle class, but the middle class is not fully aware yet. People feel it but can’t put their fingers on it. Don’t look to the government, the UN, or the global establishment for truth, they are the perpetrators. Don’t look to science, they have been bought. Don’t look to academia, they have been submerged for decades in socialist propaganda. Don’t look to the media, they know less about truth than most people. Don’t ask Big Tech or Corporate America, they have suppressed all truth and are in it up to their eyeballs. And finally, don’t look to the churches, most are trying their best to ignore all the signs and just survive.
To find any truth of what is going on today you have to dig and dig deep, probably using some untainted sources from before this phony pandemic. There, I said it, as Mark Levin would say.
I will put a star after every salient point so that you can connect the dots yourself.
How long are we going to have to take part in this COVID charade? The flu has mysteriously disappeared and now we MUST take a jab contrary to everything we’ve learned from the Nuremberg trials.* WHY? Why hasn’t the CDC stopped the vaccine even though thousands of deaths have been reported, with many more thousands unreported?* Normally the CDC would stop a vaccine after 50 deaths.* In 1976, 9 states halted the swine flu vaccine after just 3 deaths.* At any other time in history, the vaccine would have been pulled long before now.
But, vaccines are not the core of what we are dealing with. This is a class war, unlike anything we have ever seen before. The potential casualties could be in the billions.
The Elites are pulling up the ladder, not allowing would-be contenders to do any more climbing. They are sociopaths, parasites, unwilling to share in any prosperity. This manufactured virus that has been allowed to escape has infected millions, and a gene serum that modifies one’s DNA, masquerading as a vaccine, is to limit and control the ‘lessor humans’, the ‘useless eaters.*
The middle class, historically, is a new phenomenon, forever linked to the new world, America. It has made America what it is…a place to raise yourself out of poverty and rise to prosperity. Although capitalism’s birth was in England, it was in America that it took off. It previously had always been the rich vs. the poor, no matter the country. With our Constitution guaranteeing freedoms under God that no other country ever recognized…it was a perfect match.
Yes, it sounds fantastic, but stick with me.
I will put together what we know to be true, much of it given to me by a doctor:
  • COVID-19 is a blood and blood vessel disease. It infects the lining of human blood vessels, causing them to leak into the lungs.
  • Current treatment protocols have been shown to be harmful to patients.* The use of ventilators, in many cases, will cause severe induced lung injury and/or death.*
  • Various non-vaccine treatments have been suppressed by the media and the medical establishment in favor of ‘vaccines’ and expensive drugs.* The use of Remdesivir at $3,200/dose has proven ineffective. The use of HCQ and/or Ivermectin has been proven effective for mere pennies.*
  • Authorities have denied the value of natural immunity despite proof to the contrary. Natural immunity has been shown to be effective for all strains.*
  • The current serums (COVID vax) will do more harm than good.* The antigen these vaccines are based on is SARS-CoV-2 Spike, a toxic protein. They create blood clots. That’s why heart attacks and strokes are on the rise. The spike protein also induces disease all by itself without the body of the virus present…lung disease, heart disease, vascular disease, brain disease. It is a toxin! If you were vaccinated and then you get exposed to CV19, you will have a far worse time, and become much more ill than if you had not taken the JAB. It’s what India is now experiencing.
  • There is a concerted effort to hide the number of deaths caused by the vaccine. The CDC numbers are immensely underreported.*
  • There is a vast criminal conspiracy that directly links Dr. Fauci and Moderna to the Wuhan Lab.*
  • Before the pandemic, Moderna stock was at $46/share. It is now $345.*
  • COVID-19 researchers are directly linked to scientists involved in brain-computer interface technology…the ability to control individuals from an external device.*
  • Independent researchers have discovered mysterious nanoparticles inside the vaccines that are not supposed to be there (nanotechnology is used in communications, computers, electronics, chemistry).*
A theory accepted by a growing number of observers, including this writer, is that the pandemic is being used as an excuse to destroy the vast middle class, limit their population and transform Western political and economic society to further enrich the rich and reassure their wealth and power. The pandemic has already transferred trillions of dollars from the American public to the already rich and special interests, further eroding the middle class.* All in anticipation of widespread automation, food shortages, joblessness, ‘excess population’.* The idea of equity they are now pushing at the expense of equality will fit perfectly in their plan.*
Has anyone ever seen a more dogged political class, and their bootlickers, as determined as this group is to push a ‘vaccine’ for a disease with a 99% survival rate?* Can anyone make sense of opening our borders, letting in millions of poor, uneducated, unvaccinated people, many of whom have the disease, into our country while demanding WE be vaccinated?* Is there anyone who thinks the great damage to the middle class these last two years is mere coincidence?*
The people remaining, the poor and formerly middle class will be the worker bees that will be guaranteed an income, housing, and necessities. The poor will be glad for it…a re-emerged serf system (New World Order).* Just what the Left has been screaming for.* No more property, personal or otherwise.* No more privacy…Biden wants all transactions over $600 reported.* You will rent everything.* No more capitalism, No more family businesses, No more single-family homes. No more food herds that ‘destroy’ the environment.* No more hunting.* No more living in rural areas.* No air conditioning, internal combustion vehicles.* Guns confiscated.* No more Constitution.* No more religion, but the approved universal religion.* Don’t believe it? Look it up.
The actions of the billionaire, George Soros, and the Left, with their war on capitalism, begins to make sense.* The Elite, who no longer are willing to share and the Left, with their degrees in philosophy and Liberal Arts, many of whom never took part in the economy, demand the middle class, especially among political opponents, just go away.
There is indeed a war taking place. It is becoming more obvious by the day. Those with eyes to see will see it. This dissolution of traditional society is being hidden by much distraction… the pandemic, vaccines, open borders, taxes, inflation, climate change, the aftereffects of Afghanistan, the environment. The Left has always been serious about the environment. They do want to make it better…for them. It does not include you! You have been had.