Interview with Jerry Molen, producer of “2016”

Premiering in Houston, July 13, 2012, Full, nationwide release on July 27, 2012 – Official Website

By Scott W. Winchell, Editor-in-Chief, Stand Up America

Gerald R. (Jerry) Molen, Oscar-winning Hollywood co-producer for “Shindler’s List” and producer of a host of other great films such as: “Jurassic Park” and, “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, “Twister”, “Minority Report”, “Hook”, and “Rain Man”, to name a few, is now producing a film with a much different aim. This new project is not for entertainment, but rather, for education. Educating America about who Obama really is.

This new project is a documentary entitled “2016”. It is based on the book from noted writer, Dinesh D’Souza entitled: “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” with additional input from a new book coming out in August titled, appropriately, “Obama’s America”. The film is due for release on July 27th and distribution will be wide; you will be able to see it in your local theaters. The project was co-written and co-directed by Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan.

The interview:

I met Jerry and his wife Pat many years ago, through MG Paul Vallely, founder of Stand Up America (SUA). Over the years, we have enjoyed many good times together over meals, on a cruise with family, and we have had many discussions regarding the status of America and its decline from what the founding fathers originally intended. This is something of major concern to Jerry and we here at SUA. When I heard of this new project, I knew we had to ‘talk’ once again.

My first question to Jerry was, “why”? “Why venture into the political sphere, especially during this campaign season?” He said: “I am not looking for another payday, just about doing what is best for America.”

Jerry went on: “Obama has placed a very heavy burden on our kids. These types only think of themselves and are not concerned with how it affects others despite what they say.”

“There are very real questions about this man, and it does not add up,” he continued. “There are very real concerns about what he really stands for, what he may do if he were re-elected.”

I asked why the project was entitled “2016”? He responded quickly, and with some verve: “We see dangers ahead, and we wonder what America will look like in 2016 if he does get to fulfill his agenda. There are signs that his goals are not what is in the best interest of Americans – it’s something far different.”

Jerry described how they were approaching the movie, slated to be documentary length at about an hour and a half, “Dinesh D’Souza’s book’s are its basis. Dinesh traveled the world, documenting everything…filmed on actual locations. It’s about facts…no conjecture…no spin…no pre-conceived notions…just about the truth.”

I then asked about the process, and how he approaches his duties as producer. He said: “Like all my movies, it’s my job to create the environment, provide the tools, to allow the director and his team to be creative. They have a totally free hand in creativity. That is how to tell the story.” He added, “Then we go to editing, find out what worked and what didn’t, what is missing, how can we make sure the whole story is true to fact, and facts tell the story for us.”

Timing was the next question, to which I asked: “You are aware that Obama and his supporters will be in attack mode, and that the timing will be questioned.” He responded: “Of course it’s about the election – that is the point – America needs to see who Obama really is, and that is what “2016” is all about. We have to show the country, from his own writings, words, and deeds, who he really is.”

“People in America have very real fears, they are scared, and it’s not just the Republicans, or the conservatives – it also includes ‘Reagan Democrats’, independents, and even many main-stream Democrats,” he declared.

Jerry talked about Obama’s ‘anti-colonial’ roots, the roots of his father, and the dreams of his father. Jerry continued: “He is changing everything, and he is not wrapping his arms around the constitution as he does. He is changing things from the perspective that America is at fault.” He followed that up by describing something he abhors, being called the “Ugly American.” Continuing: “Obama has shown that he subscribes to that idea through his writings and words, and that his roots and ideas are more like non-Americans – that we are imperialists.”

Jerry described how wrong that is by quoting Colin Powell who responded to the question of empire building by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 2003: “Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.”

Jerry added: “He is so bent on changing everything, and people are bending to his will. They even changed the first game of the NFL season to accommodate his keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention.” He continued: “DVD’s of the movie will be released between the party conventions. Americans have to see who he really is.”

He closed by telling me of the top three dangers of a second term for Obama:

  1. His direct assault on the Constitution by end-running Congress whenever he doesn’t get his way. It is not an Imperial Presidency.
  2. The vast number of Executive Orders used to put his progressive agenda into practice
  3. The lack of transparency. Another broken promise where transparency has given way to secrecy and behind closed door dealings that get revealed to the people AFTER the fact.

In closing, he reiterated: “…this is not about muck-raking, it’s a factual documentary, and we are going to show, in a very high quality format, created by some the finest professionals in the business, what and who Obama really is.”

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