By Denise Simon

It is with indisputable clarity that minions of the Obama administration are expanding the battlefield in America. A battlefield derived from the Cloward/Piven, Saul Alinsky game plan. Just now, Hilary Rosen took a chapter out of that book and assaulted Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann. The words were meant to blatantly diminish Ann Romney’s value and worth as a working-woman, a mother, and as a wife, simply over the fact that Ann Romney does not have a job which earns a paycheck.

It was a scud missile strike, not only on Ann, but to all non-paycheck earning females since they supposedly dont contribute to commerce, or that dreaded word, capitalism, which is most hypocritical of the whole battleground.

Hilary Rosen - What is a working Mom, and who defines it, who determines the importance? Class warfare exposed, hypocrisy of the left!

Ann and Mitt Romney raised several successful sons, many grand-children, and in addition, Ann battled cancer successfully, and on top of that, she suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.

What part of that life does the word “work” not cover? The left claims a lock on the so-called “working woman” category? What is work?

Perhaps in Hilary Rosen’s busy schedule as a corporate capitalist, she forgets that it is the wife and the mother that hires re-modeling contractors, the babysitters, the repairs to the home, the one that volunteers at the school and in the community, and is often the manager in charge of spending based on household income.

It is the female that multitasks with laundry, assisting in school work, working with teachers, and not only car-pools, but runs a veritable livery service.

Yes, single moms do the same, juggling work to pay the way, but work comes in a wide variety of versions, scope and scale vary, but it is all work none-the-less. It is work regardless of income, and some have it far worse, or more daunting than others.

Yet, who decides, who defines…is it the left that makes these distinctions, why distinctions anyway? Is this just more class warfare rearing its ugly head? Of course it is, but is much worse, its win at all cost!

It is more often than not that the mother buys the greeting cards and gifts and does the wrapping to boot for all the family’s social occasions and family affairs. It is the lady of the household that cleans, cooks, and shops. It is the mom who who is the home nurse, the child-psychologist…no matter what the circumstances are.

Hilary Rosen bought into the liberal battle, the mantra of class warfare, and the vortex of the Obama administration. An administration which is lead by another woman,  Valerie Jarrett, who received Rosen more than 30 times for White House visits. More than the current CIA Director, David Petreaus.

What is more curious is that Valerie Jarrett, Iranian born, of parents who provided well, who is not only the Senior Advisor and confidant to Barack and Michelle, but is also a long, long time friend. But as a working-woman, she was also a slumlord in Chicago, who lost tons of property.

So which woman worked, which was successful? What are the distinctions? Which jobs are honorable?

Jarrett is a socialist, and most of all, she is the Obama Czar for the Office of Urban Affairs and is the White House Council on Women and Girls detailed in Executive Order # 13506. Is her position more important than Ann Romney’s and by whose measure; Hilary Rosen and the DNC, Media matters, The Center for American Progress?

As for Hilary Rosen, she found her arrogance and self inflicted worth by rubbing shoulders with self proclaimed movers and shakers. Hilary was the Editor-at-Large for the Huffington Post, she is the co-founder of Rock the Vote, the Chairman and CEO of Recording Industry of America. She has been paid well, and especially so by British Petroleum as the hired consultant to lead the PR and communications after the disastrous Gulf Spill.

One of Hilary’s martini buddies is Anita Dunn, the same person of  the now famous: ‘two of my favorite people are Mother Teresa and Mao Tse Tung‘ fame. Anita Dunn was another Czar under Obama and left for other pursuits as did her husband, who was the long time legal council for Barack Obama before his assumption of the White House and for the next two years.

The largest objective of Anita’s husband, Robert Bauer, was to stone-wall all the requests and demands for Obama’s personal history, like his college transcripts and what passport was used to travel to Pakistan. So, despite Jay Carney’s protestations, Rosen is in the inner most of Obama circles.

Every person out there today has a mom and with that, the best defense is a good offense against Rosen and her like-minded friends, the holier-than-thou, the I am a “working woman” icon like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Anita Dunn. Yet, the Obama administration pays women 18% less than men within like pay scales. How does that jive with their narrative?

Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary and ‘chief-cover-our-mistakes’ spokesperson, touts Barack Obama as the only president that has taken positive measures to prove a female’s worth and value by passing the “Lily Ledbetter Law”, yet the paychecks for women under his regime reveal otherwise. Let’s also count how many women serve this administration versus the previous Bush administration.

This attack on women is an additional war the White House and its crony operatives have waged in three years. They defined it, they launched it, and they are owning this failure like some many that have been executed prior. The problem is, this campaign that Obama created set the stage for just such lunacy from its trusted policy advisers, advice and counsel meant only to continue to pin blame and fault upon which they are more guilty of themselves.

The left often applies the ‘guilt transference’ ploy, the ‘make them look worse’ philosophy of attack, far too often, but this time, it blew up in their faces, not just Hilary Rosen’s. The left plays a vicious game of hockey, elbows and knees flying, while the stay-at-home-Moms, not wearing pads and protection, get hip-checked into the glass. They play these cheap shot games for what?

Yes, Rosen apologized, but only after doubling and tripling down, then left-handedly apologizing. Talk about damage control – and hypocrisy.

Its a win at all cost strategy, Saul would be so proud!


UPDATE: 9:00 PM PDT – Rosen and her mate, did a lifestyle make a difference – was jealousy and the ideology of LGBT a motive?

To infuse more intrigue into the Hilary Rosen ground game, it should be noted that jealousy seems to have played a very large part in this RPG attack on Ann Romney and the women in America much like her. Rosen, for her own ideological reasons, obviously resents the Ann Romney’s of the USA for enjoying the support role of a man who earned family wealth for the sake of children and family. Core American values versus what…?

Ann represents a successful woman who has a long relationship with a thriving family while Rosen’s relationship failed with Elizabeth Birch, her mate with whom they adopted twins. Birch then went on to be a professional LGBT lobbyist, while Rosen followed the politics and money…all without the binding ties to keep their own family together. Choices, and resentment, again warfare of values, warfare of class, warfare of perceptions.

Ann Romney like millions of women nationwide, successfully built her own Camelot, with a loving husband, many children, and even more grandchildren. Rosen and Birch find their success in their paychecks and careers, mostly for ideological reasons it seems, touting causes and politics and when they turn around to see what they have built, it is only measured in money and causes supported by liberals.

Choices determine the family values quotient – “it is about the children”, another co-opted leftist line, remember the other Hillary of “It takes a Village” fame?