Please review this important update for all Americans from the staff of SUA. Another staged act of sabotage is coming upon US. We must prepare for this disaster and all of its ramifications.

From Fox News:


By 2018, the cost of Obamacare’s lowest price plan will be “unaffordable” in 47 of 50 major cities as defined by the Affordable Care Act’s own definition, according to an analysis from eHealth, Inc.

According to the analysis :

  • “In 47 of 50 cities surveyed, the lowest-priced plan would be officially unaffordable under Obamacare affordability standards for families earning 401% of the federal poverty level (about $82,000 per year in the contiguous US, making them ineligible for Obamacare subsidies).”
  • “Among these, the average three-person household would need to earn an additional $28,939 per year before the lowest-cost plan becomes affordable, according to Obamacare rules.”
  • On average, a family of three would have to earn a six-figure salary—or $110,823.32—for coverage to be affordable.


Feeling played…set up…2018 is coming soon…

Gruber made millions.




 Start the tax late!!! 2018 here we come.





You have to pass the bill before you can read it.

You have to buy the house before you can inspect it.





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