By George Mcclellan

Well, it has not taken long for the SHTF after Israel restarted its retaliatory decimation of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip. It outpaced Joe Biden’s ability to try to establish restraint over Israel’s devastating response to the cowardly Hamas attack against them. In desperation, to not offend America’s Pro Hamas coalition already dividing the spoils of weakness, Biden’s handlers sent forth his foreign policy experts, Tony Blinken and Kamal Harris, to warn, convince, or threaten Israel to cease their military destruction of Gaza, ‘for the children’s sake,’ or else. Or else what? Even the UN’s General Secretary is involving himself under Article 99 for “Peace and Humanity.” Israel is in a fight for its life, and the Israelis have become wolves, and wolves don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep!

In our own Congress, Muslim sycophants immediately went into defense mode, denying the Hamas atrocities against Israel as Jewish lies before spouting a “they had it coming” excuse to justify the unpremeditated attacks of rapes and murders. There should be no room in a Constitutional Republic that permits the participation of Islam. None! The Squad’s pro-Hamas position flies into the face of Jewish-American members of Congress and their staff, as well as Christians, Jews, and moral people everywhere. Who but a kook would stand up and cheer Hamas atrocities? Chuckie Schumer (D-NY), Democrat Senate majority leader and a Jew, cannot support any Democrat who takes an antisemitic position, especially rabid ones promoting violence, and therein hangs the “fly trap” in which Democrats are stuck. Are they, or are they not antisemitic? Hamas is an evil that launched its destruction by the IDF, and no genocidal comparison can be made to the kinetic response of the IDF’s plan to destroy Hamas entirely and the premeditated violence Hamas committed against Israeli women and children. We showed no favor to Germany or Japan; neither should the IDF show favor to Hamas.

US Muslim Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-Mn) led the others in “the squad to double down on their pro-Palestinian screeds, claiming that Israel’s attacks against Hamas were genocidal and, therefore, “War Crimes.” Of course, the extermination of pests is genocidal. Why shouldn’t it be? She, and the other “Squad” wing nuts have shoved the Democrat party into another crisis of accountability. As if Joe Biden didn’t have enough problems about his incompetence, his party is facing the prospect of disintegration because it can’t serve two masters, support Marxist policies of DEI, sexual perversion, and gender transformation of America’s little children, or show total support of Islamic atrocities against world Jewry. Oh, woe, what to do? On top of all that, Biden’s reelection poll numbers have tanked so low that panic has set in to save the Party from the same political wasteland where Republicans are headed. It might be an opportunity for Constitutionalism to reassert itself.

The Democrats are in a quandary, but they always seem to come out of their mess okay. They always do. Not so the Republicans, who are in a death spiral of their own making because they stupidly won’t think ahead. Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced he was quitting only a day after those idiots dumped George Santos. Don’t we feel better about our leadership that has brought us down to a one-vote majority? New House Speaker Johnson changed his position on pursuing Biden’s impeachment effort after Florida’s Democratic Party canceled their state’s Democrat Primary just so Joe Biden could become the candidate. If you can’t win, change the rules so you can. Other Democrat contenders might take grave exception to being kept out of Florida’s campaigning, but the Democrats plot and plan to win, and we do not. Sheep lead us! Obama doesn’t want to see another failed four years under Joe Biden, and Obama, even as wicked as he is, is a far more skillful politician than Joe could ever be. So, we await with bated breath the dismal outcome.

It’s all a charade, anyway. The Republican House, soon down to one vote and counting after dumping pro-Republican voter George Santos, is still contemplating articles of impeachment against Joe Biden early next year. Not if we lose the House because of feckless stupidity. The evidence against Joe Biden’s criminality is indisputable and can’t be ignored unless both houses of Congress become Democrats again, in which case it will be ignored. The GOP has become accustomed to being the “red-headed stepchild” of the deep state. It is not that Conservatives cannot win; they will not; they don’t know how! The RINOs and Never Trumpers are fixated on keeping Trump off the ballot because they already know what he is going to do to them, and it frightens them. The RINOs want Nikki Haley. She appears to be one of them; Ron DeSantis does not. The Never Trump RINOs are paralyzed from the neck down, frozen into TDS unless both houses of Congress are Democrats again. inaction lest their names be deleted from the cocktail circuit of who’s important in DC and who isn’t.

Remember, Freedom is the Goal; the Constitution is the Way. Now, Go Get ‘Em!

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