The Ruination of America


Colonel Andrew P O’Meara, Jr. US Army (Ret)

Fellow Classmates of West Point and the Long Gray Line

The civil war that ruins the country has been heightened by a coup that has brought an illegitimate pretender to power. It is a sign of the gravity of the crisis that threatens the Republic. All that has gone before is put at risk. In view of the threat to our Republic, please permit me to express my thanks for the times we have served together.

It has been our privilege to have served on the side of the angels for all our days defending the US Constitution. What an enormous blessing to have served in defense of liberty, freedom, and Democracy. Our cause ennobled our service.

Ours was a blessed generation, like the ones that went before. We served out of love – love of God and country. Sadly, it is a blessing that American soldiers no longer experience serving under a misguided administration that claims to be post-constitutional (Constitution outdated). Today American soldiers are indoctrinated with hate as opposed to love. WOKE leaders have adopted a socialist strategy, destroyed our monuments (heritage), and demanded cadets at the Academy adhere to intolerant Critical Race Theory – a deplorable Marxist doctrine.

Soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are taught to hate those who voted for Donald J. Trump. Americans sporting a Make America Great Again cap are labeled terrorists. Why? Because we swore to defend the US Constitution, they are determined to eliminate it. They pose a grave threat to our Republic that they seek to transform fundamentally.

The country is locked in a struggle with the Left to displace the free market economy, overthrow the representative government, and replace it with an authoritarian socialist regime. Although the Socialist radicals attack our way of life, the outcome remains uncertain. In these uncertain times, we battle the same radicals Dostoevsky called devils.

The Democratic Party acts as a united front controlled by the Left to wage war on our Constitution and our Republic. It is a daunting challenge. Nonetheless, a socialist victory remains far from certain. They need public support to win. It is the support that is beyond their reach.

We defend the Constitution and are confident that this is the Lord’s fight. The battle is a struggle between good and evil. As the Lord blessed the Pilgrims who first settled in North America, we are also blessed who follow in their footsteps. The Lord sustains His people and gives us the strength to preserve His kingdom on earth. We fear not.

We celebrate a GOP victory in Congress despite widespread cheating by student radicals calling themselves Antifa, who burn, slay, and destroy. Whereas they trash our past, we, the people, work to preserve the Constitutional Order, oppose the destructive policy, and support law enforcement officers.

Our rejection of evil and resistance to Marxist radicals defeat their socialist agenda. Without public obedience and support, they are finished. We thank the Lord for the prayers answered. Blessings of faith, hope, and love reward our fidelity.

Thanks to all my fellow Americans and Classmates of West Point for your faithful service defending the Constitution and Duty, Honor, and Country!

In God, we trust.

Andrew P. O’Meara, Jr., Co. F-1, USCC

Author of Liberty Vs. Tyranny