A growing number of Flag Officers call for top military resignations

Currently, 90 retired Generals and Admirals (Flag Officers) signed a letter calling for the
resignation of the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
(CJCS) based on their key roles involving events surrounding the disastrous withdrawal from
Afghanistan. The hasty retreat has leU an unknown number of Americans stranded in
dangerous areas controlled by a brutal enemy along with Afghans who supported American
As the principal military advisors to the Commander In Chief (CINC)/President, the SECDEF and
CJCS were the two top military officials in a posi6on to recommend against the dangerous
withdrawal in the strongest possible terms. If they did everything within their authority to stop
the hasty withdrawal and the President did not accept their recommenda6ons, then knowing
the disastrous consequences looming, the re6red flag officer signers believe these top military
advisors should have resigned as a matter of conscience and public statement.
The consequences of this disaster are enormous and will reverberate for decades beginning
with the safety of Americans and Afghans who are unable to move safely to evacua6on points;
therefore, being de facto hostages of the Taliban. The death and torture of Afghans have already begun and will result in a human tragedy of major propor6ons. In addi6on, the loss of billions of dollars in our advanced military equipment and supplies falling into the hands of our enemies is catastrophic. The damage to the reputa6on of the United States is indescribable. We will be seen for many years as an unreliable partner in any mul6na6onal agreement or opera6on. Trust in the United States is irreparably damaged.
Moreover, now our adversaries are emboldened to move against America due to the weakness displayed in Afghanistan. China benefits the most followed by Russia, Pakistan, Iran, North
Korea and others. Terrorists around the world are energized and can pass freely into our
The country through our open border with Mexico and among the inadequately vetted Afghan refugees.
For these reasons, the letter calls on the SECDEF General Aus6n and the CJCS General Milley to resign. A fundamental principle in the military is holding those in charge responsible and accountable for their actions or inactions. There must be accountability at all levels for this tragic and avoidable debacle.
The entire letter demanding resigna6ons and the growing list of signers can be found at