Dear Former Fellow Trustee,
Out of great respect for former super bosses Generals (Ret) Begert and Robertson, I am honoring their request and am only writing to Falcon Trustees who are either friends or acquaintances for whom I have email addresses resident on my personal computer.  (This despite three lawyers (all Academy grads by the way) telling me (after reviewing our bylaws and policies) I had a fiduciary responsibility to inform Falcon Trustees of what has occurred at USAFA over the last year and every right to use the FF email address list, as what I have to report should be of interest and concern to every Trustee (since USAFA is the beneficiary of your time, talent and treasure.)) What the lawyers have opined, seems to make logical sense to me as this Marxist-rooted ideological invasion is certainly more worthy of a detailed update than the latest on the chapel reconstruction project.
If you think this language is too strong, I might suggest you perhaps haven’t studied the tenets, the origins, the lineage, the methodology and especially the intent of the Critical Race Theory. Or perhaps you don’t have an appreciation for how deeply it has become engrained–first in our institutions of higher learning, then in many of elements of our Federal Government, while also invading corporate America and now marching into and infecting the two institutions where one would think we would least likely to see this occur—K-12 (the impressionable, not fully developed minds of our young children) and our military (whose members write us a blank check of service with their lives as collateral). 
Who is going to want to serve if one is taught America is inherently evil or irredeemably racist?  (For more information here, I strongly recommend former Lt Col Matthew Lohmeier’s Book Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest and the Unmaking of the American Military.  Matt, as you may know, was a former Space Force Squadron Commander who was relieved of command for publicizing the divisive effects of this neo-Marxist march into the US military.  He was essentially forced to resign after 15 years (no benefits).  While a Major he was the #1 Major (of nearly 800) in all of US Space Force.  That is the kind of talent our military is losing as a result of this “training.” (On the other hand USAFA’s Professor Garcia writes an op ed for the Washington Post essentially bragging she is teaching CRT at USAFA just days after SECDEF Austin says DOD is not teaching CRT, and as far as we know there has been no action taken.  We have asked and been given no response.))
I would respectfully ask you ignore my Letter of Resignation below and focus in on the nine paragraphs I have highlighted that serve as a summary of events we have witnessed this past year just at USAFA.  Unfortunately, these USAFA-centric events are not a “one off.”  Working with Senator Cotton in particular, we (STARRS) have over 500 examples of the divisiveness this kind of instruction and indoctrination is causing across our entire military.  This is often sold as “creating critical thinkers,” but it is clearly implementing CRT methodology–lots of subliminal messages (not teaching about CRT). Combine the USAFA examples below with the fact that the USAFA Board of Visitors (BOV) was suspended just as the new administration assumed power and one could make a case this indoctrination is intentional. No BOV oversight or meeting has occurred this year to date.  (You are probably also aware President Biden, in an unprecedented and possibly illegal move, terminated all President Trump appointees to all Service Academies’ BOVs last month).
My intent in writing this note to you is by no means to suggest you follow my path in resigning from the Falcon Foundation.  Quite to the contrary, I would encourage you to stay engaged and hopefully move the organization into become a strong voice standing up against this poisonous ideology infecting USAFA—an ideology that is clearly driving a wedge into the heart of military cohesiveness.  I wish you success where I have failed.
Whether or not that happens, Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services (STARRS) would welcome you joining our efforts!  Come take a look at us at STARRS.US or contact me either by email or phone.  We now have over 3000 supporters, an active staff of 20 volunteers (all of whom are experts in their discipline), and impressive partnership list to include the Center for Military Readiness, Take Charge America and Prager U in addition to a number of Congressmen and Senators and several media outlets.  Our mission is first to convince military leadership the road they are going down with this ideological indoctrination is a dangerous one—creating division instead of unity and guilt and resentment instead of solidarity.  Secondly, we wish to educate the American populace on the divisiveness being created here as well.  We strongly support the prophetic vision of our founding fathers, the profound wisdom they codified in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and our national motto–E Pluribus Unum, instead of the identity politics of the day and overemphasis on sins of American’s past.
STARRS supporters believe military commissioning sources should be concentrating on developing leaders ready to face the threats of an increasingly dangerous world: the threat from cyber criminals and state-based actors; the threat of a nuclearized Iran; rejuvenated terrorist operations perhaps led by a victorious and resurgent Taliban; and most critically the rising threat from China (this year—seriously threatening Taiwan and developing hypersonic missile capability—after brutally suppressing Hong Kong last year).  Instead, we are told “white extremism” is the greatest threat facing our military, with much time, money, and effort being spent on making the world’s greatest military more “woke”, and, as a result, less capable and more divided.
America has lost hundreds of thousands of lives and spent $ trillions of our national treasure fighting against totalitarian governments over the last 80 years.  Now we seemingly are OK with some of the same kind of divisive ideology finding a home in our military.  Well it is not OK!  Please do what you can to not allow this to happen! Please pass on to fellow trustees you know not listed above! Marx is knocking at the door and some want to let him in.  
Sincerely, Rod
PS   This link below was recently sent to us from Congressman Lamborn’s Office.  It is a video of what so many parents and cadets told us they “suffered through” at the Convocation Ceremony following the Acceptance Parade for the Class of 2025.  Note how “woke” and civilianized our USAFA is becoming.  Worse, however, is Dr Weber’s and Dean Letendre’s praise of leftist activist George Takei’s book–never putting it into context and completely ignoring the overt political overtones and advocacy for open borders in the closing pages.   The link is long, so I have provided a few clips at the “Convocation” attachment above.
President, Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services, Inc