Reality Prism

 A Road Map for Readers


Paul E Vallely, MG US Army (Ret) and John Trudel

The genesis of the Reality Prism is outlined in the preface of the book. There was an epiphany during MG Vallely’s delegation trip to Egypt. The President of Egypt, General El-Sisi posed a question to General Vallely as to why the US cut off military aid to Egypt after the second Revolution. He could not understand why America always seemed to make its national decisions looking through a ‘Political Prism’ versus looking and seeking solutions by looking through a ‘Reality Prism.”
Reality Prism is a memoir, a predictive thriller, recent historical events, a tour through 21st Century geopolitics, and an Endgame. It overviews the ripping apart of our Constitutional Republic by a pack of enemies, traitors, and deep state officials (both parties) who now serve themselves, not those who elected them. The authors showcase the “Awakening of America,” The Global Shadow Government, and how we must stand united.
Communication and media influence in an age of Mind War, Bio-Warfare, cyber security censorship, cancel culture, and false flag deceptions. America faces many external and internal threats that drive to dismantle America as we have known it. We are less free than we were before 1776. Some 30-40% of our population are virtual zombies, locked down, isolated, and fearful. Those who dare speak out are dehumanized. We the People are divided as never before. Reality Prism is about Freedom and Restoring the Republic
Despite a Revolution, a Civil War, a Great Depression, Two World Wars, and a Cold War with nukes, America has never faced the level of threat, chaos, propaganda, and fear we’ve suffered recently. The techniques used include those Hitler used to collapse the Weimer Republic into Nazi Germany (National Socialists), commit mass genocide, and almost take over the world.
We now suffer Mind War, Biowarfare, and other stresses to reduce our population, cripple our military, and destroy our ability to think and function. Robert Malone MD explains Mass Formation Psychosis, and how we, as a society, can possibly get out of it.
Reality Prism discusses what is happening to destroy our Western Civilization, who did it, and what We the People can do to prevent a new Dark Age. We use a mix of predictive fiction and non-fiction to get the message across. Here is a color key to make it easier for readers. Chapters discuss the threats we face. comprehensive and terrifying, but nonetheless true. The New World Order. The Great Reset. Fake News hides such threats. In an age of Mind War, coming horrors are being dismissed as conspiracy theories. You are being kept in fear and diverted by other threats. When you understand what is intended, and from leaders, you’ve trusted, it can be upsetting. A typical comment, “It was so extreme, depressing, and true….”
Chapters are actionable. They suggest what we can and must do to regain our freedom, prosperity, and safety. To take America back. Some chapters are heroic fiction of the type that is now being erased and censored, along with our culture. The Western Hero’s Journey is as old as Beowulf and as new as Star Wars. From 1776 to the days of Tom Clancy, it was a huge category of fiction. No longer. Such tales are now censored.
Released by: The Stand Up America US Foundation