By George Mcclellan

There are political severe realignments underway in America between our two desperate political parties trying to stay relevant but, more importantly, between America’s once taken-for-granted but now failing role of world leadership due to Joe’s foreign policy ineptness, being made all but redundant. As is evident, Joe’s foreign policy decisions have driven American diplomacy off the world stage, leaving it no longer trusted by its allies or having any influential voice in developing world situations. Joe has mired us in Ukraine and Gaza and sees no way out. Apart from his open border fiasco, Taiwan must loom as Joe’s next foreign policy disaster.

I’m not sure who arranged it, but Emperor Ji of China came to a spruced-up in San Francisco last week to attend an Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation gathering that included a private meeting with our senile, dysfunctional president at another location. California Governor Newsom, after visiting Ji in China and polishing the emperor’s boots with his tongue, managed to spruce up the Great City on the Bay of its derelicts and dredges of failed Progressive politics, cleaned up the drug needles, the human excrement, and the cheap tents so Ji, when he arrived wouldn’t know how desperate California had become. Do you think Newsome’s clean-up act fooled Emperor Ji for one moment?

But, there was another realignment summit taking place between world leaders to which neither Joe Biden or Anthony Blinken were invited. It was a China-sponsored Middle East Summit held in Beijing with officials from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine. Saudi Arabia, the country with whom President Donald Trump arranged the Abraham Accords, a mutual prosperity plan between Israel and several other Arab emirates, including one or two in North Africa that Joe Biden, in his ineffable wisdom, canceled immediately he was sworn into office. China seized the opportunity to elbow Joe Biden off the world stage and it worked, in spades. Of concern to Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal al-Saud was an end to the fighting between Hamas and Israel. He claimed Israeli ‘genocide.’ Used in the wrong context, the word “genocide,” the wholesale eradication of a race, naturally resurrects the political policies of Germany’s National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi) of the 1930s.

Nazis wanted to eradicate the Jews, but they also tried to hide it. The term Genocide, as practiced and proclaimed by Islam, is their ‘final solution’ for Jews, and they’re not trying to hide it. Doesn’t: “From the River to the Sea, Palestine must be free” mean total eradication of the existing population? Prince Faisal’s genocide comment was meant to refer to Israel’s response by the IDF attacking and killing Palestinians in their campaign to root out Hamas and destroy them.
In that summit that Biden wasn’t invited to, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China is a “good friend and brother of Arab and Muslim countries” (sure they are) and that China has always supported the Palestinian people. So, China is taking over America’s role, not as a leader of the free world, but as a Dictator of the enslaved world. No one asked China’s minister Wang Yi about his country’s policy of genocide against its own Muslim Uyghurs. They are all hypocrites, but who cares? Certainly not the Chinese. They want world power!

At the beginning of Trump’s presidency, the Arab countries fell all over themselves, rushing to meet with Trump to find a solution to the Israel-Hamas impasse. Short of a two-country solution that Hamas didn’t want, Trump’s solution was sharing economic success. Bingo! Biden ruined it, of course, so today, following the Hamas genocidal attack against Israel, Arabs see Joe’s tepid backing of Israel and resupplying the IDF with ammunition for their campaign of eradicating Hamas as disqualifying for the US to be further involved. Enter Emperor Ji again, who previously saw Biden’s weakness, negotiated peace and harmony between Iran and

Saudi Arabia, placing himself as the defacto mediator for the Middle East. In the eyes of the world, Joe Biden’s America was shoved into a dark closet with the door slammed shut. America no longer has a serious voice in Middle East affairs until Trump returns. What’s Biden’s solution to regain Arab support? Import Palestinians into America as political refugees. No, no, no! Didn’t China’s Wang Yi say: “China has always supported the Palestinian people.” Let China take in all those Terrorist families and sort them out, but not here. Joe’s done enough damage realigning the fabric of America’s culture.

Back to our own political party’s realignments. Democrats have painted themselves into a corner. They are moved by public opinion, so when the streets are flooded by pro-Palestine supporters, they must take the Antisemitic stand against Israel and for Hamas and the poor Palestinians who are suffering at the retaliatory hands of the IDF. A pity! Senate Majority Leader Chuckie Schumer, a Democrat, and a Jew, is very quiet on the subject, but he can’t have it both ways. If he saw the Hamas brutality in the videos taken of the bodies of dead terrorists and wasn’t shocked to his very core, then he’s inhuman to the extreme. American Jews and Democrat politicians who individually or collectively support Hamas for any reason constitute the heights of hypocrisy that middle Americans should not endure. The realignment is underway. Soon, the GOP’s aging neocons, just like the Democrat Joe Biden, will be gone, leaving an American treasury depleted of the resources needed to return America to its world greatness.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, get involved.
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