The Real Systemic Racism of the Democrat Party –

the Party of Slavery, KKK, and Teen Age Knife Fights


Edward L. Haugland

Guest Editorial

April 24, 2021

 The legacy of Valarie Jarret, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden…and the whole the Democratic Party is the destruction of the family, American values, our freedoms, and our constitution.  The saddest part is that conservatives know this, the American people see it, yet we sit mostly silent. We for some ungodly reason allow liberal progressives to push mis/disinformation and false narratives about how America is systemically racist with impunity and without response – as the left use tactics of intimidation, name calling, personal and legal attacks, and targeted subjugation of those who do not comply, compete or reject their divisive, bigoted, and racist narratives and lies.

We must remember, the facts speak loudly, but someone must give voice to them – many must give voice to them before we silence ourselves into an Orwellian dystopian and tyrannical society the left seeks.

What has happened to America?

Let us remember a few key things from our past.  We had what was called a family – a mother, father, sisters, brothers, aunts, grandparents, etc.  We had a male and a female.  We had laws, we had religion, and we had a constitution to which lawmakers tried to fulfill.  The laws, religion, and constitution guided our actions so that those in the majority or minority would be work together, via peaceful measures, debate, etc. to resolve ideological differences.  We had a government funding process that was somewhat constrained and tilted towards limited government – and a national debt that was big but manageable. And individuals in society were mostly accountable to themselves, and if not, others would call them out.  Our free press reported on abuses of power and held tyrants to account across the world, and at home held the corrupt to account. Economic growth and opportunity were available to all – whether they realized it or not. Immigrants came here mostly legally, and many of those who grasped the opportunities which America afforded all – found success. An Americans melded together to call out those who abused others for race, religion, or other – as our country continued to mature.  We enjoyed sports for sports, family for family and unity for unity.

The sacrifices out of WWI, WWII melded our will, our patriotism, our love of neighbors.  We were a true melting pot of opportunity and shining light on the hill of freedom for the oppressed around the world. But starting in the 1960s that began to change, albeit slowly at first, then very rapidly in the last 20 years from 2000 to today. What is the difference today?

To many, mostly a large segment of the population we refer to as the “left,” we no longer have a mother and father, but something in between, none, some or one.   We no longer can appreciate and enjoy our freedoms, because we have some sort of equity and need to absolve ourselves of our historical past sins. That is unless you are a democrat or woke.  Our constitution and laws are ignored and broken with impunity by the like of BLM, Antifa, and the woke.  Those who profess religious values are attacked and labeled, but most Christians, while other religions are not so attacked.  Our national debt has soared so high, so fast – in some instances for an emergency – but mostly to line the pockets of shovel-ready pockets and building a dependency on government that is so successful that people stop seeking work.  The family is shattered while the left applauded single mothers, fatherless homes as we watched the poverty rate among such families soar like our national debt.  Our free press is no longer, bought and paid for by the left, they are a biased set of propaganda whores who push false narratives, hide the truth, hold no miscreants to account, yet are willing to destroy lives with lies and misinformation.  And laws are now just pieces of paper, as we see the left let in millions of illegals, drugs that fuel the opioid crisis that all forgot, and stuff these millions into the darkness and shadows of already impoverished neighborhoods.  What was once somewhat under control – drugs, murder, assault, arson, looting, abuse, neglect – are now spreading across America purposefully.  And our shining light on the hill, is dimming.

To the left, as there is no longer left and radical left – they are now mostly all radical – we can no longer enjoy our freedoms and values America lives and breathed daily, we are now taught about how bad, sinful, and racist America is by those who lead the party of the KKK, the party of slavery, and who continue to care less about black deaths unless they are politically expedient – meaning they can blame them on the police or a boogeyman.  The left has taken over our education systems and uses our preschool to universities as indoctrination centers.  They focus on dividing us by race, religion, economic class etc.  The left ignores all other murders, assaults, deaths, looting, arson, and asks their supporters (as Maxine Waters noted) to get in people’s faces, become more confrontational.  Those businesses burned, people assaulted or murdered are in the democratic party view – necessary collateral damage.

If you are black and conservative – you are called out publicly as being no longer black by the likes of the old “white” privileged left-wing guy in the white house.  You are labeled as Uncle Tom. And if you are white, no matter your station in life, no matter what you do in your life, if you do not buy into and support the left and their policies – you are racist.

False Narratives and Perceptions

American can no longer be seen, at least in the eyes of Democrats, as that shining light of freedom on the hill for which billions seek to become part of and enjoy freedoms, liberty, and opportunities unlike any other country in the world.  They seek to destroy it, take it down, and let other nations that promote genocide and communism take the lead.  To the left ensuring our climate is not changed is more important than living in freedom, providing security, and ensuring opportunity.  Ensuring climate that the looney left will never be able to control as the millions of years before us have shown dramatic changes in climate. But again, such facts are ignored by the left as they create “crises” to use to destroy our culture, values, laws, and constitution to advance control, subjugation, and tyranny.

America, according to democrats, must absolve ourselves of our sins, our past, cancel our culture, embrace BLM, Antifa, and other radical left principals – or be shunned, abused, called out as a racist etc.

But we see with our own eyes and ears and learn every day how democrats call anything or anyone that does something different than their prescribed daily duty – as racist.  We see how they have taken a few bad police out of tens of thousands and amplified via lies, propaganda, and disinformation that there is systemic racism in our police and law enforcement community – despite police having one of the most diverse set of races.  The divide grows as people buy into these false narratives, not bothering to look at the actual numbers and facts.  The most damage to the family unit has fell upon the black community. But the damage is significant across whites, Hispanics, and other races – it’s just not convenient to talk about – because if people were to realize that poor and disadvantaged people from inner cities to the country have many of the same challenges in overcoming dysfunctional environments, then we’d be able to come together and realize this is not a black or white issue – it is an American issue that is a major problem because of the left’s policies and politics.

Collateral Damage

But the left does not care – you and those disadvantaged are collateral damage.  What you will not hear, see or speak about is the massive destruction of the black family starting in the 1950s.  The democrats’ policies, starting right after the civil rights act was passed against democrat wishes, and was successfully passed BECAUSE of white Republican voters, have resulted in systemic – poverty, drug abuse, incarceration, abortion, fatherless families, abuse, foster homes, homelessness, etc.  I am but one of many voices who have spoken about this issue over the years – including Patrick Moynihan, when there were still some on the left who cared to fix the problems.[1]

Not too many years ago, a person by the name of Barack Obama spoke about the decay of the black family, fatherless families, the fact of leading to huge percentages of likely incarceration etc.   But today there is no talk of such issues, only systemic racism, and it is coming from predominately white, liberal, rich elites.  Sort of reminds of us the era of “Gone with the Wind” – as mostly rich white, democrat, slave owners ruled and governed and murdered blacks at will.

But today, there is silence about the root cause of black issues – including the democrat’ obstruction and denial of school choice while they send their own kids to private schools.  We no longer hear the facts and reality of the situation that is the root cause of the issues we see nationwide with the black community.  Why?

The democrats, upon seeing the civil rights act passed, undertook a concerted effort to destroy opportunity, family, and independence of blacks – under the guise of serving as the champions of the black community. They seethed at the prospect of successful blacks, with equal rights.  So, they adopted the tactics of the communists and fascists in pushing false narratives that created a boogeyman, created a crisis when needed, and vilified those who disagreed.  They found such tactics worked well, especially as conservatives did not work together as a team and were easily intimidated by such tactics.  The left realized if they controlled the narrative – all else would follow.

The Democrat’s Stereotype

They were rather successful in fooling most Americans that the democratic party cared about the poor, blacks and disadvantaged.  But you never heard of the rest of America’s poor and disadvantaged – only blacks.  We do not talk about the massive effect of democrat policies of government dependency on ALL of America. Why?

Because it does not fit the false narrative and democrats’ stereotype of blacks.  A stereotype that paints black Americans as being in need, not able to help themselves, requiring the support of the government, being systematically disadvantaged, etc.  A portrait that paints blacks as not having the opportunity, being systematically disadvantaged by a racist society, etc.  And what was astonishing is that most Americans bought into this false portrayal.  We know this not to be true, and it is truly a racist view, yet many Americans by this stereotype pushed by democrats.  The left pushes this because it is their means to maintain control, ensure a steady voter block, regardless of the facts, regardless of the impacts and truth that it is in mostly liberal progressive cities we see the effects of democratic policies and governance daily. But the once-free press does not report on those impacts – only on the boogeyman and crisis events the left wishes you to focus on.  As the mainstream media ignores the poverty, abuse, murders, assaults, etc. in the liberal cities that occur in the tens of thousands – to focus on a false narrative of systemic police abuse.

If you are looking for systemic racism, follow the policy roadmap since the early 1960s after the Republicans ensured the passage of the Civil Rights Act – which was opposed by the party of slavery.      In case you forget, that would be the Democrat Party.  Since that time, the opportunity, education, jobs, etc. have all been displaced by policies that promoted massive government dependency at the expense of the family structure that would truly be enabling.  The impacts were and remain dramatic with lesser education, opportunities, employment, but massive increases in incarceration, murders, and destroyed families. Remember the science! We must follow the science!  Well, the science shows that if you are raised in a single-parent family you are five or six times more likely to live in poverty.  But max nix to the democrats – you poor kids, white, black, or Hispanic are just necessary collateral damage.  As with government dependency – the left knows they have a perpetual vote for the meager support the government offers over the real opportunities that are there for all.

Therefore, there is no real discussion of the problems. It is covered by the false narrative and stereotype of blacks the left has painted. Again, even though the left social policies have negative impacts on all races across America.  We never talk about the white poor or underprivileged, yet they do exist in large numbers because it does not fit the narrative of oppression and stereotype the left wants us to see.

None of the “woke” democrat hypocrites wants to really talk about the problems that plague the black communities – which by the way are the most disenfranchised, poverty-stricken, crime-infested, murderous, drug abused, etc. in liberal…progressive cities…like Barack’s hometown…Chicago. Obama did do so at one time but quickly learned his place in the party of group think socialism, as the main goal has always been pure power.

Doing nothing & condemning progress

Eric Holder exemplifies hypocrisy.  A former attorney general who said America is afraid to talk about real issues of race. Really?  He sure was a big mouth while in Obama’s administration, but since then he has been mostly silent.  Probably because he has gotten the money he wanted, attention, and does not want to upset his cash cow, liberal fascist racist friends.  As AG he did nothing to advance the opportunities for blacks.

If there was “systemic” racism by the police, it did not just appear since Joe Biden was fraudulently elected did it!  it sure did not just happen in the last few years, but that is what the left wishes you to think.  What ever happened to the three useless senators (Harris, Biden, Obama) who could have spent their careers to attacking this problem?  One is now president and two others both became president.  What did they do during his eight years as the Biden served as the first Black American President?  What in fact did the first Black American President do for blacks? Where and what was Harris doing? Silence. Crickets. Not woke yet.  The left’s tactics – all blame, no game.  What the black community and most Americans failed to notice is that Barack Obama and Biden – like their democrat party friends – do not really care about black America.  Remember, they had the house, senate, and presidency – and did NOTHING for the black community.

Even the black community eventually noticed.  Trump highlighted this even more as he showed it is not only possible but hugely beneficial to advance ALL Americans, to unite, to be proud of our country and what we could do for one another.  But that was anathema to the left, and hence Trump needed to be destroyed before word got and people started paying attention to the facts.  So, the left painted Trump and anyone who supported him, even many blacks, as…racists.  But why?

It is because they view blacks as useful idiots, tools, and pawns to be used to energize and ensure the mostly white, democrat party, is re-elected every two and four years. Obama was just another lemming of the left, who said lots of words, without action, meaning, or impact. He did not have the spine, nor fortitude to address the “real” issues – because the “real issue” would require that Eric Holder, his Attorney General, and his fellow Democrats acknowledge their lies, pandering and deception.

This whole charade of the Democratic party is to drive a false narrative about systemic racism in the police, in America, and YOU!  it is a deception, fed by disinformation, meant to drive division – to gain more power, money they will use to expand suppression, control, and socialism.

Simply another sacrifice and everyday knife-fight

The grand illusion and deflection the democrats use is out of the same age-old playbook of pandering racism.  They deflect attention from the policies they pushed that destroyed black culture, family, and opportunity.  They do so in a manner like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro, and other dictators to ensure they remain in control, maintain, and expand their power, and control the narrative by censoring, attacking, and assaulting those who speak the truth.

Pelosi, and her friend Valarie Jarrett, as well as most Democrats, view all blacks impacted, murdered, destroyed as necessary “collateral damage.” How do we know? Listen carefully to mommy dearest Pelosi’s recent statement on the murder of Mr. Floyd when she stated his murder was “a sacrifice?”  Sacrifice?  Mommy dearest quickly retracted her statement. But it spoke so much of the truth about the REAL intentions and view of the likes of Nancy Pelosi – an old, white, rich, and privileged woman (which should require according to BLM and Antifa and MSM her immediate apologies, resignation, and restitution from her own fund’s reparations to blacks – but of course that only applies to that outside of the party of slavery).  Talk about a Freudian slip – as mommy dearest let her true views known.

Yes George, you, and the other blacks like the…

  • Several to ten thousand plus blacks murdered each year.
  • Tens of thousands aborted.
  • Hundreds of thousands not allowed to go to the school of their choice.
  • Millions on government welfare.

You, Mr. George Floyd, and the rest of the black community are viewed as pawns, your murders, deaths, incarceration, etc. viewed as necessary “collateral damage.” Why else would a woman named Valerie Jarrett, the former senior advisor to the first black American president – Barack Obama – tell us that the policeman should not have shot a young black woman ready to slaughter another young black woman?  Instead, the obviously mentally challenged Jarrett – referred to the attempted murder as just a “knife fight?” As if knife fights are normal amongst teenagers.  The easiest way to exemplify how Democrats, including black democrats, view black deaths, murder, incarceration, poverty, etc. is captured in Valerie Jarrett’s recent tweet.

As a so called intellectual “elite” of the democratic party, Valerie Jarret tweeted “A teenage Black girl named Ma’Khia Bryant was killed because a police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times to break up a knife fight. Demand accountability. Fight for justice. #BlackLivesMatter. [2]”  Wow!

Let us look at what this means. If you are black, seeking to slaughter other blacks – the left apparently says, “go ahead.” Use a knife, use a gun, car, or hammer.  It matters not. These “teenage knife fights” are considered normal…normal…let me repeat…normal in the “black” community by the left. Not by all Americans.  Let them knife fight, stab, shoot or murder each other. Nothing is wrong with that from the view of Valerie.  A schoolyard fight! Where one young kid stabs and slaughters another like a pig on the street.  Valerie exemplifies the view of the democrats have of the black community – despite being black – as necessary collateral damage.  Why else do we not see her, Holder, Obama, Biden, Harris, and every hypocrite democrat out in the streets calling for a drastic change when we hear weekly about the murder of little kids. Little black children, shot in the head or body, and their grandmothers – by other blacks – while the children played, were at a McDonald’s or sitting on their porches. Why else does the leader of BLM buy a multimillion-dollar house in a “white” neighborhood? And why is it that most liberal elite democrats live in gated communities, with few blacks, no homeless shelters, and use mostly private schools while denying such choice to the truly disadvantaged?  It is about power and control.

But of course – democrats…let me repeat…democrats view this as normal, acceptable, and collateral damage. Its just black kids being black kids in their view – again, necessary collateral damage.  None of their fears, murders, or dysfunctional society is relevant to democrats – as they do not live within those communities. The democrats like to “use” those communities to ensure their re-election, but they never solve the real issues – which again occur overwhelmingly in democrat progressive liberal cities.

And so now we understand why Democrats ignore the several to ten thousand black-on-black murders each year. Because in Valerie Jarrett’s world – blacks just kill each other in normal daily knife fights – so the left tells Americans to stop caring, to stop bothering to care, and focus on the real evil by getting rid of the racist police.

The democrats have decimated the black community by destroying the people, culture, opportunities, and independence and replaced it with a more pervasive, expansive, and destructive plantation of the 21st century.  The Democrats have done so with a purpose – a sole purpose – to gain power, absolute power, and money.  And conservatives are also to blame – as they sit there, doing nothing, and not espousing the facts with a rare exception because they do not like confrontation, to get painted as a racist, etc.  Too bad, you have been painted anyway – it is time to speak the truth and show us as elected leaders how to bring out the facts, how to tell the truth, and how to lead.

Why do I care, why should we care? Because no child, of any color, should have to grow up in and live in the cultural dysfunction that democratic policies create.  The dirty little secret the democrats will not tell you – and I repeat myself with purpose – is that their policies have the same negative impact and effect on all races. But they like to use the black community as their pawns because it is easier to call people racist if they try to change those policies.

Facts, truth, justice and ending the systemic racism of the democrat party

Do not believe me. Look at our own government statistics on poverty, welfare, crime, murders, incarceration, etc. and you will see that in the early 80’s blacks where by race a majority on welfare, but by numbers were dwarfed by whites.  Today, the numbers are about equal. That tells anyone with half a brain, that the decline of the black community accelerated from 1980 to 2021 – and it also explains why the democrats – the party of slavery-like to paint a false narrative that they ‘care’ about blacks.

The reality is and remains if you are willing to look at the facts, that the democrat party of slavery remains true to its foundation.  It has found several left-wing lemmings across the black community who are willing to sell out their own race for position and power. And it tells you the real story about where the true systemic racism exists in our country and why.

We remain in a critical Domestic #Cognitivewar – a mostly ideological war between the left who desire tyranny and the right who fight for freedom.  It is a war of ideas, information, and narratives.  And today – the democrats are winning, while their constituents believe their fabrication and propaganda as they die on the streets every night.  The left’s false narrative and false perception are now a reality to many.

If we are to ensure our national security, true equality for all, and end the real systemic racism of the democratic party – we need leaders who are willing to voice the facts, push back on the mainstream media’s lies, and call out the hypocrisy and lies of the left.

Tyranny, like racism, expands when it is not confronted.  Freedom is not free, nor does it come without sacrifice.  It is time for America to begin to wake up, push back on the woke, and take back and build the America many of us know but the left wishes you not to see.  America we know where families are key, religion guide us to be kind and help to others, we follow the laws and uphold the constitution, and we ensure all legal citizens and immigrants can realize the American dream – but also realize that opportunity does not equate to a guarantee of success.  That requires sacrifice, dedication, sweat equity and accountability to yourself and others.

Let us stop repeating the false narratives and lies of the left – and start pointing out the real systemic racism pervasive in the democratic party, the party of the KKK, the party of slavery.  In this era of cancel culture, one would think, of all the names to change – the first would have been the name of the democratic party – for many reasons.  That the left attacked everything else in America ‘s history that advanced freedom, opportunity and equality while keeping the name of the party of slavery – should’ve been a big clue.

© 2021, All Rights Reserved, Edward L Haugland

Released and Distributed by the Stand-Up America US Foundation


[2] Valerie Jarrett blames officer who shot knife wielding teen |