Military “Extremism” Purge May Result in Conservatives Being Driven Out of The US Military

 By Capt Joseph R. John, February 8, 2021, Op Ed # 541

 An order was issued by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that all members of the US Armed Forces must take a 60 day stand down, to address “extremism”, he, Biden, Harris with the stealth direction of Obama are falsely accusing some of the 2+ million service members of harboring“ extremists and white supremacists in the ranks”!  It is unprecedented, unnecessary, and a dangerous practice that will create instability and worry among career members of the US Armed Forces.  

 Supposedly, Biden, Harris, and Obama, who is in involved in the decision-making process of issuing Executive Orders, say they want to end Systemic Racism in America.  Systemic Racism just doesn’t exist in America as it exists in Communist China, Iran, Communist Cuba, Communist Venezuela, and many African and Middle East Countries.  America is the least racist country in the world, yet members of the Biden Administration imply that many members of the US Armed Forces are inherent racists, homophobes, white supremacists, and/or extremists.

 For many years, the US military has been the role model on integration on addressing and overcoming discrimination, and extremism.  The understanding between races within the military has made the U.S. military one of the few places in society where advancement to the most senior ranks has been much less biased than any other integrated workforce.  Some of the Trump supporters on January 6th who wanted to peacefully tour the capitol, and were members of the US military, were also Trump supporters, and there are many videos showing them being welcomed into the US Capitol by Capitol Police Officers. 

 Now the Leftist Main Stream Media are incorrectly labeling them as extremists for being Trump supporters, while thousands of violent ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists have not been arrested or labeled as Domestic Terrorists for the last 12 months.  Some Veterans, Reservists, and Active Duty personnel traveled to Washington to hear President Trump’s speech at the Washington Monument and then went to tour the capitol to show support their support, “Peacefully and Patriotically”,  for the Republican Senators and Representatives who were testifying in Congress to expose the Voter Fraud that occurred in the 2020 Presidential election. 

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security issued on a nationwide terror alert for Washington DC that will last until April 30th. The alert warns of potential terrorist attacks from Americans who are “ideologically motivated” and have “objections to government authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives.”  The language used in this alert suggests that millions of Americans are potential terrorists, Second Amendment supporting, anti-tax, anti-politics, pro-life, and anti-Federal Reserve activists.

Biden, and Harris with the stealth guidance of Obama, ordered the FBI to investigate 26,000 National Guardsmen who were being deployed to Washington, DC to defend Washington, DC and the Biden inauguration.  They insinuated that certain National Guardsmen were “extremists” or “white male supremacists” who might attack the Biden Administration from within (12 of the 26,000 National Guardsmen were sent home as possible extremists).  In December 2020, The Great Pelosi Wall was built by Nancy Pelosi with concertina wire to keep all American Citizens out of the US Capitol complex to remain for an indeterminate time.  The secure wall on the southern border is being compromised by Biden in order to allow Illegal Aliens to enter the US while violating US Immigration Laws, while The Great Pelosi Wall was created to keep American Citizens out of Capitol Hill, as discussed in the video in this link .

To develop searches for extremists in the military would be to develop the kind of political litmus test that Communist Chinese, Communist Cubans, Communist Venezuela, and Marxist Russia employ to control and indoctrinate members of their military.   Members of the US military will believe their personnel and private political views will be under investigative scrutiny that members of the US Armed Forces have never experienced in its 245-year history.  If an individual does not agree with some of the views of their superiors, and they believe that their difference of opinion would negatively affect their chances for promotion and retention, it would negatively affect their morale and it would negatively affect personnel retention of the US Armed Forces; threatened military members would not re-enlist. 

 Military personnel may believe that their conservatives views will be singled out and that they may be weeded out by being passed over for promotions or being released from active duty.  Individuals may not support abortion for religious reasons, not agree with transgender individuals serving in the Armed Forces because of their instability would negatively affect combat effectiveness, not support gay right demonstrations or other political demonstrations on US military bases because it is against military regulations, would not support Black Lives Matter attacks on police officers, and may not support mass COVID-19 vaccinations for all military personnel.  The Biden Administration may warn tip of the spear warriors SEALs, Rangers, US Marines, Paratroopers, and Delta Force members, accusing them of “Toxic Masculinity”, and may try to remove unbiased Conservatives from the US Armed Forces, affecting the Combat Effectiveness of the US Armed Forces.    

 Communist China has infiltrated US colleges, corporations, and the political system with hard core trained Communist Instructors.  The Socialist indoctrination of public school students with the Common Core Curriculum has resulted in 52% of the youth in the Republic preferring Socialism to Democracy.  Communist China developed major Communist indoctrination centers, The Confusion Institutes, on 81 US campuses, staffed by Communist Chinese Instructors who have been converting college students to Socialism.  A percentage of the students indoctrinated on college campuses, and the American youth working in Chinese Communist owned businesses in the US, will join the US Military and they, in turn, will spread the Socialist doctrine they support to other members of the US Armed Forces.   The US Armed Forces would become much less conservative, and much more accepting of Socialism; Communist China’s ultimate goal.

 Americans are still being told by Big Tech, the Leftist Main Stream Media, the Socialist Democrat Party, and Communist Chinese Front Groups that there are so many White Extremist Groups in the United States and that they have been causing unrest and rioting over the last year.  The steady drumbeat being promoted is that White Supremacists made unlawful entry into the US Capitol on January 6th.  The truth, according to the FBI, is that the January 6th riot in the US Capitol was planned weeks in advance, by Socialist Democrats, ANTIFA, and Marxists.  On January 6th, there were many eye witness reports and videos of a four bus ANTIFA caravan, escorted into Washington, DC by police, that ANTIFA demonstrators in those buses dressed in red MAGA clothing were unloaded, and those ANTIFA rioters led the violent assault on the US Capital; Trump supporters at the capitol were yelling out in multiple recorded videos that the violent rioters were not Trump supporters. 

 Americans are being told that the Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys, BGF, Param Lituris, Severin Citizens, Alf, and other White Supremacist Groups are responsible for the rioting in the streets.  As a former FBI Intelligence Analyst, whose duty it was to report and track all domestic terrorists, we covered motorcycle gangs, drug organizations, European Kindred, White Aryan Resistance, KKK, but I can state with certainty that we never heard of most of these White Extremist Groups that the Socialist Democrats say threaten the nation.  Those White Extremist Groups, listed in the first line above, were probably created, indoctrinated, and trained in the Sunshine Movement which is funded by Nazi collaborator George Soros, yet the true radical anarchists, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic terrorist involvement in the violent riots have been carefully covered up by the Leftist Main Stream Media and Big Tech.

 To get a real appreciation for the potential problem of extremism within the 2 million active-duty US military personnel, and the 26 million Veterans throughout the nation; after intensive investigation, the FBI is investigating 68 “suspected” cases of domestic extremism.   However, for the last 12 months, thousands of ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists and Black Lives Matter Marxists have created $2 billion in destruction nationally, vandalized and looted thousands of businesses in 200+ Democrat Controlled Sanctuary Cities, while over 500 American citizens lost their lives in those riots, yet there were relatively few arrests, prosecutions, convictions, or sentencing of rioters.  During the riots, hundreds of police cruisers were torched, over 2000 injured Police Officers were hospitalized (some were blinded), and about 50 Police Officers were assassinated in ambushes or were killed during the riots (ANTIFA is well known for inflicting head injuries with heavy metal objects to kill Police Officers). 

 The same type of violent rioting by ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists are continuing today in Portland, Seattle, Washington, DC, and Minneapolis, with very few arrests, prosecutions, convictions, and sentencing (ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists are often bailed out of jails the morning after their arrests, so they can continue rioting on the next day).  The FBI should not be focusing their efforts on a relative few extremist investigations out of millions of Veterans and active-duty military personnel, they should be arresting, charging, and convicting thousands of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorist who has been inflicting life-threatening injuries on Police Officers, vandalizing and looting small business, and perpetrating arson.

 Biden Administration Secretary of Defense, General Lloyd Austin, and the FBI have been threatening the US Armed Forces, that if they are associated with members of any White Extremist Groups, that they could be dismissed from active duty.  Secretary of Defense Austin conveniently never cautioned members of the military, not to be associated with ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter Marxists, the Communist Party USA, The Marxist Leninist Workers Party-Front —“Answer”, The Communist Party’s Progressive “Unity Fund”, the hardcore Marxist Leninist “World Workers Party”, the Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorists Organization, MICHA, the New Black Panther Party, LA RAZA, the Pro-Communist Casa de Maryland, the Weatherman Underground, The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorists, The Communist Party USA, Color of Change  (destroying hundreds of historic statues of individuals), Indivisible, Ultra Violet, By Any Means Necessary, The Democrat Socialists of America, etc., and that they too could be removed from active duty.  It appears that there is a double standard because no such warning has ever been issued by Secretary of Defense Austin.

 The below-listed article was written by a former Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy who believes the goal of the extremism purge is to make the US Armed Forces less conservative, and more accepting of Socialism.

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