Editor’s Note – Its not surprising that two close friends of Stand Up America wrote about the unconscionable demands for a prisoner swap with Egypt. Why, because its just amazing that uncivil leaders demand that civil leaders trade prisoners as if they were equally guilty and are morally equivalent wrong-doers.

The same tired old story emerges. Leaders of dictatorships, corrupt governments, and ideological zealots demand that the most civilized societies of the world must honor their illegitimate power as if it is also morally equivalent.

This classic ‘battle of sovereign equality’ is pathetic, and we all know it, even the corrupt political manipulators of information like Russia and China know this as they defend these reprobates.

The greatest examples seem to always flow from Israel/Palestinian swaps; one kidnapped soldier is returned for thousands of convicted criminals and terrorists (Murderers) who are genuinely evil. Nations speak to each other in these corrupt terms and it is time we called a spade, a spade.

The NGO detainees in Egypt traded for a known, and convicted, under civil rules, not dictatorial rules, who attempted to kill thousands? How wonderfully equal, that is in the minds of crazy evil people, and we kowtow…time to say NO!

How about we do this Egypt? …no more aid, at all…oh, and while you are at it, we are coming to repossess all the military equipment you bought with our tax payers’ money we gave you when you were mildly more civil.

What Egypt ? No way, you say? …well, we say you have no say! …go ahead…make our day! Now that is a good reason to go to war! These people only respect and understand one thing – a left upper-cut to the jaw, and swift follow-up straight right hand to the nose. In the east, its the nose bleeder who gives… now that would be leadership Americans can get behind!

Still waiting for a diplomatic victory for the good-guys!

Releasing the Blind Sheikh?

It is too early to tell, but not too early to be very worried.

The Blind Sheik - Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman - 1993 World Trade Center Bombing

By Andrew C. McCarthy

National Review

The Arabic-language newspaper al-Arabiya reported on Tuesday that the Obama administration has offered to release Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman to Egypt. Abdel Rahman is the infamous “Blind Sheikh” who was convicted in 1995 for masterminding a terrorist war against the United States that included the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a plot to bomb New York City landmarks. According to the late Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda’s founder, Abdel Rahman is also responsible for the fatwa — the necessary Islamic edict — that green-lighted the 9/11 attacks.

The alleged offer to release Abdel Rahman is said to be an effort to end the impasse over 16 American “civil-society activists” (including the son of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood) being detained by Egypt’s interim government. The Blind Sheikh, the report says, would be part of a prisoner exchange: 50 Egyptians swapped for the Americans whose organizations are said to have received foreign funding in violation of Egyptian law. (See my post from last week on efforts by senior Republican senators to secure the Americans’ release.) Speculation that a quid pro quo may be in place has intensified because, in recent days, Egyptian authorities suddenly adjourned the trial of the Americans and lifted the travel ban against seven of them, including Sam LaHood — freeing them to return to the U.S.

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Egypt Demands Prisoner Swap: Terrorist Detainees for NGO Civilians

By Andrew G. Bostom

Andrew Breitbart’s Big Peace

Are the bitter fruits of Senator John McCain’s “diligent diplomacy” a humiliating prisoner “exchange”—innocent US NGO workers, for hardened jihadists, including the notorious “Blind Sheikh” Umar ‘Abd-al-Rahman, who orchestrated the murderous 1993 World Trade Center bombing?

My colleague at Translating Jihad has fully translated an Arabic Al-Arabiya story entitled (pathognomonically), “ ‘Umar ‘Abd-al-Rahman at Forefront of Egyptian-American Prisoner Exchange Deal.”

The Egyptian government began taking steps to respond with the American offer to release 50 Egyptians being held in American prisons–including Shaykh ‘Umar ‘Abd-al-Rahman—in exchange for the release of 19 Americans accused in the case of foreign funding of civil society organizations. This is according to what was confirmed by Major General Muhammad Hani Zahir, an expert in military studies and international counterterrorism.

Zahir in comments to the newspaper ‘al-Masriyun’ said it was necessary for Egypt to exploit America’s weak position, especially after condemning its citizens in cases affecting Egyptian sovereignty over its territory. He added that Egypt should not permit this exchange to take place unless the American administration agrees to release more than 500 Egyptians being held in American prisons, of whom the Egyptian foreign ministry knows nothing.

If the crux of this story is accurate, it will represent a modern variant of capitulation to the anti-modern dictates of jihad warfare. Jihad, this ancient, but vibrant Islamic institution grounded upon hatred of the non-Muslim infidel, has long used captured infidels—including, prominently, non-combatants seized as “booty” during endless, unprovoked incursions into the lands of the infidel—to ransom in exchange for captured murderous jihadists.

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